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11eyes – Sin, Punishment, and Atonement Girl (Eleven Eyes Tsumi to Batsu to Aga no Shojo) is Lass‘ fourth adult game software released on April 25, 2008. At the Bishoujo Game Awards 2008, it won the Gold Award for the theme song award and the Silver Award for the BGM Award.

From August 2009, the manga version 11eyes – Sin, Punishment and Atonement Girl by Naoto Ayano has been serialized on monthly Comp Ace. From October of the same year, the TV anime 11eyes was broadcast.

directed byMasami Shimoda
Series compositionKenichi Kanemaki
Character DesignShoji Hara
musicShoichiro Sakamoto
Animation productionVideo studio
Licensed bySentai Filmworks in North America and MVM Films in United Kingdom
ProductionRainbow School
BroadcasterIndependent UHF stations
Broadcast periodOctober 6, 2009-December 22, 2009
Number of storiesAll 12 episodes + OVA 1 episode
DrawingNaoto Ayano
publisherKadokawa Shoten
Publication magazineComp Ace
Announcement issueOctober 2009-November 2010
Presentation periodAugust 26, 2009-September 25, 2010
Number of turnsAll 3 volumes
11eyes anime highlights
11eyes anime poster
11eyes anime poster

Overview of 11eyes

This is the first Lass work to have the main character’s visuals set. Since the number of works that set the hero as one hero has increased, in order to respond to such requests, the visual is set for the hero in this work.

A new system Cross Vision Mode that draws a story from a viewpoint other than the main character at the same time is adopted. It is devised so that the story can be understood more deeply.

Some of the settings such as character and world view are the previous work of the company, and are linked to the first work of Lass Number Series and 3days Beyond the Filling Time.

On April 2, 2009, the Xbox 360 version of 11eyes CrossOver was released as a consumer port version from 5PB. Also, on January 28, 2010, the PlayStation Portable version 11eyes CrossOver will be released from 5PB.

Also, from December 17, 2009, a mobile phone application version (without character voice) has been distributed by the forbidden gal game.

On June 21, 2010, the production of the fan disk 11eyes -Resona Forma was announced. The official website was temporarily opened. Initially scheduled to be released on March 25, 2011 , the release was postponed to April 15, 2011 due to the impact of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake.

11eyes anime opening theme
11eyes anime opening theme

Story of 11eyes

Satsuki, who lived a mediocre life, suddenly wanders into an eerie different world with his childhood friend Yuka Mizunase. A huge jet-black moon in the eerily red sky that resembles the color of blood.

In the world of “Red Night”, Yuka is taken aback. In addition, a strange monster appears around them and attacks them. The battle for the lives of the drivers begins!

Main story – Sin, punishment and redemption girl

The main character, Satsuki, who has been living a lazy life since losing his sister. He is suddenly drawn into a world where the whole area is dyed red with his childhood friend Yuka Minase.
Then, he meets four other boys and girls who are also drawn into the world. He discovers the existence of black knights who are trying to annihilate them. The battle begins with the Black Knights, who have given their lives to survive, to end the Red Night.

Additional scenario: empty mirror world

Additional scenarios for Xbox 360 and PSP. An alternative story depicting an incident that occurred in Ayamegaoka at the same time as the main story. Some of the characters in the main story have also appeared, and in the main story. Shiori Momono and Kaori Natsuki, who were treated as sub-characters, have appeared as capture heroines.

The main character, Osamu Amami, concealed that he was a modern magician who fused the current science and technology with magic. He spent his days away from the surroundings. At that time, rumors began to flow in the city that whatever sees the doppelganger goes missing. Then, he hears from his classmate Tadashi Teruya that Kaori Natsuki met Doppelganger. Osamu, who sensed his intuition and disturbing signs as a modern magician, secretly began investigating the disappearance case.

One night, he feels uncomfortable and goes to the scene, where he encounters a scene where Mio Hongno, the class chairperson, and Momono Sugi, dressed in a monastic suit, are fighting.

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Characters of 11eyes series

The voice actors in charge are in the order of PC version, Xbox 360, PSP, TV anime version.

Boys and girls drawn into the red night

Suddenly, boys and girls are drawn into an unidentified phenomenon, Red Night. Escape and fight against the oncoming dark spirits and black knights. And fight alongside your friends to survive the red night. All of them are strangers. The watchword is For Friends and Tomorrow!

In fact, except for Sasuke and Yuka, they are all people from different parallel worlds. Originally they were beings that could never be met, but by having a piece of emptiness, they came together because their worlds overlapped by the red night. Therefore, there is a contradiction in perception because there are different parts of each world.

Kakeru Satsuki

The protagonist of this work. Born on July 18. Height 179 cm, weight 63 kg.
He has been living a lazy life since his sister committed suicide five years ago. His hobby is reading on the roof of the school. He rarely hangs out with people and doesn’t invite people from himself, so when he does that, he is surprised by those around him. The right eye, which is always worn with an eye patch, is born with iris heterochromia. The color is different from that of humans, and he has lost vision. It is later revealed to be the Eye of Aion.

He has no memory of his parents and grew up with his sister and Yuka in the facility Ayame-en. After that, he left the facility and lived with his sister. After the death of his sister, he was taken in by the Minase family. He now lives alone with the help of the Minase family. Part of his living expenses are covered by part-time work at the café Ziberiada.

He has feelings for Yuka who is close to his family, and tries to protect her even though he himself is protected by Misuzu. From the middle of the story onwards, he learns swordsmanship and has more opportunities to fight by borrowing a lightning bolt from Misuzu.

He’s the seventh person who shouldn’t have been on a red night. The existence itself is irregular. The cause was that Liu’s eyes had the same origin as Lieselotte’s magic stone, and Yuka. This contained a piece of magic stone, was nearby when she was dragged into the Yukai. Even for the Black Knight, it is not originally subject to attack, and the manipulation declares that there is no point in killing you.

Satsuki Kakeru character in 11eyes
Satsuki Kakeru character in 11eyes

Yuka Minase

Yuka Minase is Kakeru’s childhood best friend. They grew up at the orphanage where they met. After Kakeru’s sister’s suicide, she make him feel better. Both Kakeru and Yuka spend time together and they attend the same high school. Other characters in the series believe that she might be his girlfriend as they are close to each other.

Afterwards she realizes that she has the powers to nullify others’ powers. The power is named as Hand of Glory by Yuka and Kukuri. However, this is the false belief of her and associates. She later remembers why the event in the Ayame orphanage happened. Yuka finds out that her power had become activated and she did not know how to handle that. This had lead to the bloody event at the orphanage. It lead to the orphans to go mad and started to kill others.

Yuka explains that her powers to negate which saved Kakeru and Kukuri. This lead to a strange memory in her mind that she never went to the orphanage after getting adopted. Liselotte, uses her relationship with the fragments, informs Yuka that her power is Phantasmagoria. This is a sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream. It is a special technique or spell used by Liselotte herself.

This power allows her to bring out worst memories of others. She says that her power appears to neutralise others because those who are touched by Phantasmagoria lose their will to keep their power unknowingly, making it look as if the power is nullified. While she is aware of her power, she uses it to keep Kakeru to herself. Yuka creates illusory world by using the power over others. Yuka eventually fades away and is absorbed by Liselotte when she expends all of her energy building the perfect world.

Minase Yuka character in 11eyes
Minase Yuka character in 11eyes

Misuzu Kusakabe

Heir to a powerful family of Onmyoujis, she manages to fight the Dark Knights, and saves Kakeru and Yuka on the first Purple Night. She trains Kakeru and passes on family power to him just by giving him her blood. Natural leader of the Fragments group, she develops the strategies to follow, and her mansion serves as headquarters.

She is destabilized by her confrontation with Superbia, who is actually Misao Kusakabe, the former “glory”, long gone, of her family and against whom she is very far from being the weight. Shiori Momono having revealed the truth about the nature of the Fragments, she pushes for an alliance with the Dark Knights and helps Kakeru in his final fight.

Sad to see that Kakeru lost Yuka she decided to put her feelings for Kakeru to save Yuka from death something difficult. She had intimate relations with Kakeru to save Yuka because according to what she said, only two people who share the blood of her rank and unite under the bonds of marriage will allow them to create a portal for the world of the purple night.

Kusakabe Misuzu character in 11eyes
Kusakabe Misuzu character in 11eyes

Kukuri Tachibana

A strange girl who has the particularity of being the exact lookalike of Kakeru’s late sister. In reality, it is an angel called Abraxas who took on this appearance because of Yuka’s imaginative power. She would have done this to make Kakeru happy because she looks a lot like her sister.

She possesses the capacity to materialize her soul into the shape of a shackled angel. The angel is called as Abraxas. Abraxas uses chains with razor blades to assault and has healing abilities.

She is the adopted daughter of a well-known local novelist, from whom she received her surname. Kukuri has forgotten everything more than 5 years ago. She was 13 years old and her voice was also changed at this point.

For communication purpose, she uses a sketchbook. Shuu implies in one episode of 11eyes CrossOver that her power is unique and extremely difficult for wizards to duplicate. Kukuri’s lost memories are represented by the chains on Abraxas. The chains are also Abraxas’ power seals.

Yuka’s power allows her to reclaim her memories and free Abraxas in the final battle. She shows herself to be Satsuki Kukuri, Kakeru’s sister from another world. Kakeru was killed in an experiment in her original reality, prompting her to go insane and destroy an entire facility. She was then transferred to this alternate reality.

Her parents aren’t dead, she confesses, but Kakeru, Yuka, and she were deserted because of their powers. She also discloses that the Ayame orphanage is actually a research facility for children with special powers. The facility’s founder is one of Misuzu’s maternal relatives.

Abraxas’ name is Demiurge when he is unchained, and he has godlike abilities. Her left eye can see into the past, and her right eye has the power comparable to Aeon’s eye of precognition. She also possesses the ability to generate ideas on her own (i.e., creating stuff from nothing). Kukuri is the only girl character in the game who has a different act ending.

Tachibana Kukuri character in 11eyes
Tachibana Kukuri character in 11eyes

Yukiko Hirohara

A shy and clumsy young girl, she reveals an extraordinary fighting ability when she takes off her glasses. She is also immortal and invulnerable (thanks to her regenerative powers). Yukiko loses these specificities at the same time as her Fragment, and is then killed by Liselette. Misuzu, Kakeru and Yuka find her in the parallel universe in which they are transferred at the end of the anime, but she does not recognize them in this world. Yukiko is in love with Takahisa Tajima, whom she is forced to kill when he loses his mind and control of his powers, sowing destruction in his path.

Hirohara Yukiko character in 11eyes
Hirohara Yukiko character in 11eyes

Takahisa Tajima

A former street child, he is taken in by Saiko Akamine, the high school nurse, who takes care of him as if he were her own son. Tough, grumpy, lonely, he is reluctant to mingle with the Fragments group, and fails to confess his feelings to Yukiko, despite Saiko’s pressure to do so.

He is the master of a formidable power of fire. He loses his mind when Saiko is killed by Superbia, and destroys everything in his path, which obliges, death in the soul, Yukiko to kill him.

He is present in the final parallel universe, but, like Yukiko, he does not recognize Kakeru, Yuka and Misuzu.

Black Knights

An enemy with a denser presence than the dark spirit that appeared in red night. Unlike the dark spirit, he has reason and is not only human in terms of emotions, but his power is also much stronger. They call them pieces of emptiness and attack them with the aim of annihilating them.

The names of the individual are derived from the latin seven deadly sins, but no one controls the lust of color. His true identity is an apostle belonging to a certain institution. For them, uttering their true name means destruction as well as releasing their true power.

In the chorus part of the theme song of the PC version, they sing their names. Also, the official website says that they will post details of them in the “Characters” section from time to time, but it has not been written yet.

The voice actors of the Black Knights other than Invidia and Spervia are the actors on the left in both the PC and Xbox 360 versions.

On the official anime website, the backstory black knight no honobo no anime impression manga (hereinafter referred to as “honobono”) by elephant seal. He worked on the creature design in this work, is serialized. Because this is a gag line, the character’s settings have been changed significantly.


The black knights’ leader, who is hell-bent on crushing the “fragments.” 14 saints known as “George of the Rainbow” from Index and he is one of them. He was dispatched with his henchmen to remove Liselotte Werckmeister, Index’s top priority threat.

After a seemingly losing battle with her at Ayame’s Hill 70 years ago. He used his final resort, the forbidden technique Contract of the Rainbow, to separate Liselotte’s soul and the fragment of Emerald Tablet within her into seven parts in order to weaken her.


It is the second Black Knight to be killed. It is killed by Kakeru Ira has a greasy muscular body with ravenous, slanted crimson eyes.

His forearms have scythes imbedded in them. His area of expertise is Chinese martial arts. He is an apostle of Index and a subordinate of George of the Rainbow at the same time. Sebastian of the Holy Bone is the name of his index.


She is the only Black Knight who is female. Aside from Superbia, and the only one with flying wings. She wields a sword that looks like a spine and is designed for long-range attacks. The knight who was killed for the fourth time. She intends to blow herself up and kill everyone in Kakeru’s group in the process.

Yuka’s awakened power prevents her from succeeding, and Yukiko murders her by stabbing her in the forehead. Elaine of the Dragon Skeleton is her Index, and she is a junior of George of the Rainbow. It is shown in the game that she adores Sebastian.


The group’s magician. He’s on the hunt for the bearer of Aeon’s eye, and his weapons are scrolls. Kukuri easily kills him, but one of its head parts, Scholastica, tries to leave. Shiori, on the other hand, kills it. In the game, Misuzu uses Doujikiri to cut off his two-parted head, and Scholastica dies instead, while Acedia is slain by Shiori later.

Scholastica is Acedia’s sister, and the two share the same body. Benedict of the Bookshelf is the name of his Index. Shiori reveals that Benedict and George are members of her family tree. When Shiori kills him, she refers to him as her prototype.


He belongs to the Black Knights. Gula’s appearance is that of a gigantic overweight male with a club. He’s also the first to pass away. Misuzu assassinated him. In the plot and among the Black Knights, he plays a minor part. Samson of the Holy Club is the name of his Index.


After Avaritia, she is the most strong Black Knight. She fights with two Japanese swords that look a lot like Misuzu’s. She is the sole Black Knight who does not have any ties to Index. She is, in fact, Kusakabe Misao, the Kusakabe onmyoji whom Misuzu admires.

Her two swords were among Kusakabe’s possessions, she reveals. In addition to Misuzu’s swords, she wields Onikiri and Kumokiri, which were originally known as Kusakabe’s Seven Swords. Misuzu’s swords became Kusakabe’s Five Treasures after she took the two swords and fled her clan.

She looks down on all of the “fragments” and Kakeru in the game, save Shiori, because Shiori is the only one who can battle her.

They are called after the 7 Cardinal Sins

Sub characters of 11eyes

Shiori Momono

She is a “conventional magician” who generally has a book with her. She was first dismissive of classmates who approached her in class, but she ultimately opened up to Kaori and Tadashi and started to admire them for their pleasant demeanour.

Her true identity is that of an follower of Index, the world’s most powerful magical organization with 11eyes and 3days. Ursula of the Bookshelf, according to Index, is her real name. She moved to Kakeru’s school to keep an eye on the issue and report it to Index.

The reason for her job was the sudden departure of the previous warden. She wields enormous power and is a contender for the next 14 saints, Index’s highest authorities.

Kaori Natsuki

She is Yuka and Kakeru’s best friend, and she is frequently seen beating Tadashi due to his behaviour. Yuka and Kakeru are classmates of hers. In 11eyes CrossOver, she is one of the main heroines. Her participation in 11eyes CrossOver is owing to the fact that she is a doppelganger’s target.

Tadashi Teruya

Yuka and Kakeru’s good pal, who is frequently hit by Kaori. In the story, he plays the perverted friend and the class clown. Yuka and Kakeru are classmates of his.

Saeko Akamine

The school’s physician. Takahisa’s current protector. She was the leader of an all-girl gang named “Kurenai Tenyo” in her adolescence.

Lisette Weltall

She is the girl in the crystal. Lisette is inextricably linked to the realm of the Red Night. She has a dissociative identity known as Liselotte Werckmeister. She is generally decent at heart. Liselotte is the true master of the “Red Night.” Lisette was raped and nearly killed as a youngster, and Liselotte was born as a result of the experience.


Velad or Vlad is another name for him. He’s the enigmatic figure who appears in Kakeru’s visions and wields the Eye of Aeon. He is revealed to be Drasuvania’s King. Liselotte’s lover, he was. She resolved to utilise the “Black Moon” to destroy the planet as a result of his death.

Additional Characters that appear in 11eyes CrossOver

Shū Amami 

11eyes CrossOver’s main character. He is referred to as a modern magician, someone who uses technology such as cell phones to connect to servers. They can access the spiritual plane rather than a book of magic spells and invocations to activate their sorceries.

This was apparently a unique method devised by his granddad. Yuka, Kakeru, Shione, and Mio are all in the same class as him.

Shione Azuma

Yuka, Kakeru, Mio, and Shu are all in the same class as her. She revealed to Shu that she had a crush on him. She was, however, turned down because Shu was frightened that his life as a magician would endanger her.

Mio Kouno

Another character who has access to “modern magic.” Her father was Shu’s grandfather’s student, and he explained her knowledge to her in Shu’s distinctive magic manner.

Yuka, Kakeru, Shione, and Shu are all in the same class as her.

Kanae Kuroshiba

Takahisa’s classmate. Frequently spotted with a book. Kanae is the main adversary of 11eyes CrossOver in secret. She is a formidable witch who has been alive for more than a century. She is even more strong than Shiori, and with just a finger snap, she can summon her koyu kekkai.

Kanae seems to be aware of the Red Night and its intent, but she keeps it a secret from anybody other than Shiori.

She is a member of the Thule Society, a magical organisation founded by the Nazis during World War II. It is comprised of seven immensely powerful dark art users who hate Index and attempt to assassinate him.

With Liselotte, she has a Kirakishou-Suigintou complex.

New characters in fandisc 11eyes Resona Forma


The Holy Office of Index’s creator and present pope. She has been the leader of Index for about a millennia, making her 11eyes’ oldest character. As a result, some Index apostles dubbed her Great Mother Johanna out of admiration.

Johanna is also known for gathering magical things from all around the world in order to keep them from falling into the incorrect hands. Getting her the moniker Johanna of the Vault.

The God’s Name Tablet, the largest portion of the Emerald Tablet discovered, appears to be the most valuable and powerful object she gathered.

Sophia Measley

Shiori’s artificial body was created by Sophia Measley and she is Index’s top researcher. She used to be a member of the Thule Society, but solely for the purpose of receiving cash for her studies. Sophia was not very committed to the group. She joined Index after Germany’s defeat in 1945.

Ema Tajima

Takahisa’s younger sister and a first-year student at Kouryoukan Academy. Her father assaulted her frequently as a youngster, and her elder brother Takahisa was the sole person who truly cared about her.

They were forced to relocate to Ayame Garden after Takahisa accidentally burned down the house with his newly awakened abilities while attempting to save his sister from their father.

Takahisa, on the other hand, fled the orphanage not long after, fearing that his ability would murder his sister as it had killed his father.

11eyes Video Games and Media

11eyes ~Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo~

It was first released on April 25, 2008 for Personal Computers.

11eyes Crossover

This is a reworked version of the original. Adult content was deleted, but new storylines and characters were added.

On April 2, 2009, the Xbox 360 version was released, followed by PSP version on January 28, 2010, and the iOS version on December 2, 2010.

11eyes -Resona Forma-

A collection of bonus content released by a game publisher following the successful launch of one of its titles released for PC on April 15, 2011

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