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In September 2019, Miki Yoshikawa debuted the series as a one-shot in Weekly Shonen Magazine. As a part of a campaign where readers could choose which of three one-shots would be serialized by casting a vote. On January 29, 2020, the Weekly Shonen Magazine started serializing the series. The manga is now available to read online.

On May 15, 2020, the first tank-bon volume was published. On June 11, 2020, a teaser trailer for the show was published. Siblings Yuma and Maaya Uchida provided the voices for the video. Thirteen volumes have been published as of July 2022.

Since January 29, 2020, A Couple of Cuckoos has been serialized in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Weekly releases of the manga are made. Release Day for Volume 1 is May 15, 2020.

Every week, a new chapter of A Couple of Cuckoos is published online. The manga chapters can, however, occasionally be delayed.

Another NameKakkou no Iinazuke
Written ByMiki Yoshikawa
ReleasedJan 29, 2020 – present (as of August 2022)
Volumes13 (as of August 2022)
ThemeComedy, Romance, Harem, Shounen, School Life, Slice of Life, Arranged Marriage, Cohabitation, Social Gap, Social Media
CharactersNagi Umino, Erika Amano, Sachi Umino, Hiro Segawa, Ai Mochizuki, Yōhei Umino, Namie Umino, Sōichirō Amano, Ritsuko Amano, Shion Asuma
Chapters121 (as of August 2022)
MagazineShonen Magazine Comics
Highlights of A Couple Of Cuckoos manga

Background of A Couple Of Cuckoos manga

With the exception of Nagi, a solemn and shy young man who only cares about his studies, the members of the Umino family are all quite similar: they are all extremely active and enthusiastic.

Like his younger sister Sachi, who is a reflection of her outgoing parents, he is the exact antithesis of that person. Therefore, it shouldn’t be shocking that Nagi was switched with another child at birth.

Erika Amano, a young social media sensation, is encountered by Nagi as he travels to see his real parents. He finds out about Erika’s forced marriage while spending the day with her.

Later on that day, Nagi finds out that Erika’s fiancé is actually him, thus they can be recognised as members of each other’s families.

A poster from the manga
A poster from the manga

Nagi’s biological father sets up for the engaged couple to begin living together in an effort to strengthen their love! No matter what their parents do, Nagi won’t agree to marry Erika.

That’s because he already has Hiro Segawa in his sights, who is both attractive and intellectual.

Where To Read A Couple Of Cuckoos Manga Online?

A Couple of Cuckoos’ manga adaptation has had a relatively small number of releases so far. Even so, as of the time of this writing, the English release has reached Volume 15 released on December 16, 2022. Beyond those volumes, release dates are not yet known.

Physical print volumes of A Couple of Cuckoos are not currently available, although that could change in the future. The manga is still accessible online digitally, and in many cases, digital volumes are still less expensive than printed editions.

These digital A Couple of Cuckoos volumes are available to interested rom-com manga readers at Barnes & Noble’s online store with the Nook e-reader feature, as well as with Amazon.com’s Kindle & comiXology system.

Currently, you may read the manga all volumes and chapters for free on several third party websites. The images are present in high definition on most of these sites for a comfortable reading.

You may find some of these links here, here and here. Browse through the chapters using the navigation button and scroll through the page in order to read the scan images.

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Characters appearing in A Couple Of Cuckoos Manga

Below is the brief summary of the main characters featured in the manga series.

Nagi Umino

A second-placed student in his grade in his second year at Megurogawa Academy. He was raised by a different family despite being the biological son of a hotel magnate due to a mix-up that occurred after his birth. He plans to confess to Hiro Segawa, a classmate he has a crush on, once he surpasses her in the academic standings.

Erika Amano

A well-known Instagram star who is the biological daughter of Nagi’s foster parents. She first encounters him while filming at a park, and in order to avoid an arranged marriage, she forces him to pose as her boyfriend.

She was unaware that her parents had set up her engagement to Nagi and their living together in a single home. She is compelled to move to Nagi’s school after her school finds the photos she took with him.

She made the decision to open an Instagram account in an effort to find the person she was seeking for.

Sachi Umino

Erika’s biological sister and Nagi’s adoptive sister. She runs away from home and moves into the house where Nagi and Erika are staying because she is afraid that Nagi will abandon her.

Later in the series, she makes the decision to strive for acceptance into Nagi and Erika’s school after completing junior high. She has affections for Nagi as well, which have grown since she discovered they are not blood relatives.

Hiro Segawa 

First-place finisher in her grade is Nagi’s classmate. She is a miko who also resides in a temple. Erika and she later become friends.

She is also engaged to another man, it is subsequently discovered. Later, it appears that she has begun to feel a connection to Nagi.

Ai Mochizuki

Childhood friend of Nagi who, as a result of her father’s employment, relocated to China when she was young and comes back to Japan for Nagi. She is also a well-known vocalist online.

Since she was a young child, she has adored Nagi so much that she has photographs of him all over her room.

Yōhei Umino

The adoptive father of Nagi. Father of Erika and Sachi biologically. Together, he and his wife Namie manage a restaurant.

Namie Umino

The adoptive mother of Nagi. Mother of Erika and Sachi by birth. She co-owns a restaurant with her spouse Yhei.

Sōichirō Amano

Adoptive father of Erika. The biological father of Nagi. He is the proprietor of a chain of hotels.

Ritsuko Amano

The adoptive mother of Erika. The biological mother of Nagi. She is a producer for television.

Volumes and Chapter releases and their description

Volume 1

Nagi Umino and Erika Amano were switched at birth, and when their families reunited 16 years later, they fell involuntarily in love. But Nagi already has a crush on Hiro Segawa, to whom he plans to confess after beating her in the academic standing.

The two had to live together in the coed housing unit and were compelled to get to know one another over the course of the days. In order to take on Hiro in the impending test, Nagi prepared by studying.

He unexpectedly won the exam, although Hiro’s absence was to blame, which she confronted and Nagi afterwards challenged to a rematch in the subsequent test.

Having regained his confidence, he returned to his studies and successfully defeated Hiro.

List of chapters

  • Be My Boyfriend!
  • I Don’t Intend on Getting Married
  • We Won’t so Much as Look at Each Other
  • I’ll Never Lose to You!!!
  • Are You Some Kind of Idiot!?
  • Will You Go out With Me…?

Volume 2

After being mistaken for a baby, Nagi Umino, a second-year high school student, now attends a prominent private school. Erika Amano is a super-lady high school student who I met one day. She is travelling to see her daughter-in-law and is being coerced into pretending to be her boyfriend.

The two of them, however, had no way of understanding at the time. Nagi is the adult who mistook Erica for her, and Erica is engaged to Nagi. “Mistake child” opens this life-spanning love comedy.

List of chapters

  • Thank You for Everything!
  • You Two Seriously Look Alike
  • Can We Spend Our Mornings Together…?
  • You’re Not Too Bad Yourself
  • Aren’t You Two Perfect for Each Other?
  • You Do Live Alone, Right?
  • I Felt Like You Could Handle It, Umino-Kun
  • Maybe… My Destiny Could Change?
  • Are You Worried About Them?
A couple of cuckoos chapter 10 youre not too bad yourself
A couple of cuckoos chapter 10 youre not too bad yourself

Volume 3

To get Sachi back to their parents’ house, Nagi and Sachi are fighting bitterly. Sachi, however, was unable to simply state her desire to spend more time with Nagi.

Hiro Segawa and Erica are moving swiftly toward the desiring person they are meeting for an amusement park date. The triangle of love is intensifying!

List of chapters

  • Get Your Head on Straight and Face Your Problems!
  • Is He Just Going to Go and Get Married?
  • How Many People Have You Had Confess to You!?
  • The Current Calls to Me!
  • Because I Knew You’d Tag Along With Me, Umino-Kun
  • But He Has a Fiancee! That’s So Sleazy!
  • If You’re Gonna “Run Away”, Then Let’s Do It Right!
  • Stop Treating Me Like Your Little Sister
  • Just Pretend That Didn’t Happen…!

Volume 4

Erika went out Nagi to get rid of the sickness after seeing Hiro & Nagi’s date and shockedly admitted! Additional challenges attack the agitated calm!

Due to a significant shift in grades, there is a crisis of cohabitation removal. Nagi also went to a place where marriage relationships were common during the summer festival. The romantic triangle is about to get serious!!

List of chapters

  • You’re Still My Little Sister, but…
  • I Can’t Let Things End Like This!
  • You Never Let Me See You Smile
  • What Does It Mean to “Like” Someone?
  • It Doesn’t Change Your Value as a Person!
  • You’re off Your Game, Huh?
  • My Destiny Has Always Been to Do Whatever My Father Says
  • Mountains Are Meant to Be Climbed
  • I’ll Never Forget This Summer!
A couple of cuckoos chapter 32 mountains are meant to be climbed
A couple of cuckoos chapter 32 mountains are meant to be climbed

Volume 5

Hiro, Erika’s sweetheart, has learned about their “marriage relationship”! Although Hiro couldn’t help but be shocked, he told Erica that he too had a bride and they joined in a celebratory “marriage alliance”!

On the other hand, Sachi appears to have misgivings about Hiro. There are ups and downs in the study camp, and the love triangle can’t be stopped!

List of chapters

  • We’ve Got No Choice but to Reveal Our Secret!
  • I Know It! She Does Have A Dark Side!
  • We’ve Got the Whole Family Right Here!
  • Oh Yeah? I Don’t Know if I Like That
  • Let’s Back Each Other Up!
  • It Wouldn’t Be Crazy if Something Did Happen!
  • I’m So Glad I Met You
  • That Study Camp Meant So Much to You…
  • Who Is It?

Volume 6

Nagi Umino rushes into Hotel King Erica Papa to learn the truth after Erika Amano breaks the news of her brother’s existence to her. My concerns are only increased by the unexpected retaliation, though.

On a bicycle date with Hiro on a boat trip (of course, in a swimsuit) with 3 heroines, even such a moyamoya will be completely overpowered! Start of the best summer!

List of chapters

  • So on That Day…
  • Haven’t You Figured It Out Yet?
  • I Wanna Be an Adult Already!
  • If I Asked You to Marry Me…
  • It Felt Like Something Changed My Destiny
  • What’s Between Us Is Our Little Secret
  • Do It Again, and I’ll Put a Curse on You… Okay?
  • A Relationship That Doesn’t Change? There’s No Such Thing
  • Would You Mind if I Take Him…?

Volume 7

Nagi and Hiro miss their train on the way back from their thrilling beach excursion and wind up spending the night in a hotel.

When Hiro later leaves his residence to join the other three at their home, Nagi is shocked! The summer love rectangle continues to heat up!

List of chapters

  • When We Meet Him, I’ll Be There With You
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
  • That Makes You My Accomplice, Umino-kun!
  • Is It So Wrong for Me to Be Bad…?
  • What’s Important Is That You Two Are Happy
  • I Get to Live With Hiro-chan?
  • Who Was Umino-kun’s First Crush?
  • Why On Earth Are We Living Together…?
  • Execute Operation: Nurse Erika-chan Back to Health!

Volume 8

List of chapters

  • I’m Never Getting Married!
  • We’ll Make Our Destiny!
  • Never Speak to Me Ever Again…!
  • Do You Remember What Happened Back Then?
  • Without Me, You’re Just Completely Hopeless!
  • Nagi Confessed to You, Right?
  • Won’t You Walk Me Home?
  • Just Who Does He Take After, I Wonder!?
  • Multiply That Feeling By a Hundred
A couple of cuckoos chapter 67 wont you walk me home
A couple of cuckoos chapter 67 wont you walk me home

Volume 9

List of chapters

  • What’s With This Mood…?
  • In That Case, What’s Your Conclusion!?
  • What Do You Do For Work?
  • Why Don’t We Move on to the Next Stage?
  • I Felt Like I Was on Cloud Nine!
  • We All Match!
  • Just What Kind of Costume…?
  • Of Course It Was My First Time…!
  • Just How Did This Happen…?
A couple of cuckoos Volume 9 Front Cover
A couple of cuckoos Volume 9 Front Cover

Volume 10

List of chapters

  • So, Tell Me About Your Summer Vacation
  • It’s About My Life, Too!
  • I’ll Never Forgive Whoever Did This!
  • You Really Are “Like Mother Like Daughter”…!
  • As If I Could Act Normal Like This…!
  • If You Move, I Can’t Help But Notice You!
  • You’ve Changed a Lot Now That Nagi-kun’s in Your Life…
  • You Want To Know If I’ll Make A Suitable Partner For Amano-San, Right?
  • Amano-san, Have You Never Kissed Someone Before?

Volume 11

List of chapters

  • That’s Familial Love. It’s Not Romantic!
  • After All, It’s Our Own Way to Pave…
  • We’ll See Each Other Again, Right?! Just After This Week!
  • You Really Are Cute, Umino-kun…!
  • I Want to Make Segawa-san a Star!
  • You Don’t Do All That for Someone You Hate!
  • You Really Love This Shrine, Don’t You, Segawa-san?
  • Today, Segawa-san is Undoubtedly the “Star”
  • One Day, I’ll Become an Adult, Too.
A couple of cuckoos Sachi Kisses Nagi And Makes Everyone Jealous
A couple of cuckoos Sachi Kisses Nagi And Makes Everyone Jealous

Volume 12

List of chapters

  • The Real Enemy is Sachi-chan…!
  • She’s My One and Only Dear Little Sister…!
  • You Just Can’t Be My Brother!
  • I Was Hoping to Be Your Partner, Nagi-kun!
  • I Was Just So Flustered
  • You Know That Wasn’t Me, Right?
  • Having Four Parents and All Is Fun, Isn’t It…!?
  • You Want to Marry Me, Don’t You?”
  • I Know! Let’s Take a Photo to Remember This By!

Volume 13

List of chapters

  • I’m Glad I Got To Hang Out With You At School…!
  • The “House Ama-Umi” Team
  • Sorry We Didn’t Win
  • Your Face Is Totally Red Now, Nagi…
  • Just… Forget That I Ever Said That
  • Thank You for Your Feelings
  • I Never Thought the Day Would Come That You Would Say That
  • I Knew That You Would Understand, Umino-kun
  • So That’s How It Is…!

Upcoming Chapters:

  • And This Is My Answer!
  • I Don’t Like It After All!
  • I Approve of Your Relationship!
  • I Just Thought I’d Give It A Shot, Too.
  • It’s Moments Like These.
  • I See Through Everything.

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Reviews on A Couple of Cuckoos manga

I enjoyed reading it. However, I do believe that several sections have been overly stretched. The protagonist, however, is open about his emotions, which I believe is good for this kind of story. Additionally, I really adore the art style. The spoilt rich fiance girl comes off as more obnoxious than oddly endearing.

Additionally, it seems that someone anticipates the MC and his stepsister becoming together.

The MC claims to be in love with the cute classmate, but there is never any actual progress there.

No one really sticks out in this novel, which has ok characters. It’s not fantastic, but it’s decent enough to appreciate.

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