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Miki Yoshikawa is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series A Couple of Cuckoos, also known as Kakkou no Iinazuke.

In September 2019, it was first released as a one-shot, then in January 2020, Kodansha‘s Weekly Shonen Magazine began serializing it.

On TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block, an anime television series adaption by Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP debuted in April 2022.

Start DateApril 24, 2022
GenreRomantic, comedy, Harem, Shounen, boy meets girl
Directed byHiroaki Akagi and Yoshiyuki Shirahata
StudioShin-Ei Animation, SynergySP
Character DesignAya Takano
MusicKiyoe Yoshioka and Sangatsu no Phantasia
BroadcasterTV Asahi (NUMAnimation)
Internet StreamingCrunchyroll
Recording StudioSound Cadence Studios
PublisherKadokawa Pictures Inc.
Duration23 mins approx. per episode
Other nameCuckoo’s Fiancee
Official Websitecuckoos-anime.com
Broadcast sitesd anime store, Abema, Niconico, GYAO, Hikari TV, FOD, Bandai Channel, Hulu, Telasa, Netflix, Miru Plus, Animehodai, Amazon, Disney Plus, Rakuten TV
Highlights of A Couple of Cuckoos anime

Storyline of the anime

Nagi Umino, a second-year high school student who is 17 years old, discovers that his parents did not give him up for adoption.

Erika Amano, a well-known internet personality who is attempting to flee an arranged marriage, is someone he meets on the way to his initial meeting with his biological family.

Later, Nagi and Erika learn that their parents had mistakenly given birth to the wrong pair and were now attempting to organise a marriage for them.

They are forced to live in a home owned by Erika’s family in order to make this possible.

A big error that occurred many years ago when a small boy and girl were born in a hospital would forever alter the lives of the two kids. Nagi is currently studying English vocabulary while simultaneously frying two eggs for breakfast at the Umino Family Diner.

He is shortly joined by his sister Sachi, who has just woken up and insists on having the egg he is preparing with the larger yolk. Nagi, however, declines because the yolk has vitamins that help with memory.

When their mother Namie arrives and asks where she left her earrings, Sachi exits the frame and quarrels with their father Yohei off-screen. Nagi then tells Namie where the earrings were.

Namie praises him and looks forward to meeting his true parents and their real daughter after learning that knowledge. His parents warn Nagi to be on time since they’ll be waiting for him in the dining hall as he sits in his room and considers being switched at birth.

Nagi blushes as Namie also bids him a happy birthday. Nagi refuses to move in with his birth parents when Sachi asks him to do so and instead says that he would go to the library and study in the interim.

When asked why he wants to defeat his opponent, Sachi responds by mentioning some of Nagi’s eccentricities. While Sachi sobs and says she doesn’t want him to leave, Nagi smiles and blows off the remarks.

Where to watch A Couple of Cuckoos anime?

16-year-old A+ student Nagi Umino, a student in her second year at the high school Meguro River Academy, was switched at birth. He meets the brazen, opinionated Erika Amano by mistake on the way to a dinner where he will meet his birth parents.

Erika is determined to use Nagi as her fictitious boyfriend because she has no intention of ever getting married. However, as Nagi arrives for dinner, he discovers that his parents have chosen to conveniently arrange for him to wed the daughter that his biological parents raised—who happens to be none other than Erika herself—in order to resolve the hospital issue.

There are a few streaming sites which allow you to take subscription and watch the series. Also, there are a few pay as you go sites where you can access the episodes such as rakuten TV, dmm.com, MF Plus etc.

Crunchyroll has the official distribution rights and therefore you can watch the episodes here. The show is available with sub-titles and it also dubbed in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

You need to have a premium subscription at Crunchyroll in order to watch the episodes. However, some of the episodes are available for free on YouTube. Here is the videos for first two episodes.

YouTube video
A Couple of Cuckoos Ep. 1 | DUB | You’re going to be my boyfriend
YouTube video
Couple of Cuckoos Episode 2 English Subbed

There are a few third party websites which provide all the episodes for free. These are hosted on free video hosting service. You may find a couple of such websites here and here. The videos are hosted on platforms such as Dailymotion and 4shared and are subject to copyright issues.

Characters of A Couple of Cuckoos anime

Nagi Umino

The primary male protagonist of the A Couple of Cuckoos manga series is Nagi Umino. He is the second-ranked student in his grade and a second-year student at Megurogawa Academy.

He was raised by a different family despite being the biological son of a hotel magnate due to a mix-up that occurred after his birth. Nagi is a black-haired, blue-eyed high school student who has an average appearance. Nagi appears to be a study addict who works all hours of the day and night to get high grades.

He is fairly capable of doing just about anything, from cleaning to homework, and every day he prepares delectable meals to demonstrate his culinary prowess.

He has a strong sense of independence, is tenacious, and refuses to give up. In terms of the girls in his immediate vicinity, he is equally naive. But because of his compassionate nature, he will protect the people he loves by doing everything in his ability to assist them.

Nagi is incredibly smart and diligent in his study habits.
Nagi is a person of great strength. Erika and Nagi initially came into contact when Erika prepared to jump off a bridge.

Nagi instantly went to save her when he witnessed this, only to learn that she was making the whole thing up to get attention from her parents and her Instagram followers.

After the misunderstanding was resolved, Erika informed Nagi that her parents intended to arrange her marriage. As a result, Erika asked Nagi to play the role of her phoney lover so that she could leave the situation. Nagi refused, but Erika coerced him into complying.

He ended up beating up some of Erika’s stalkers and they parted ways after spending some time together and going shopping. They had no idea that their parents were the same and that Erika’s fiancé was none other than him.

Nagi Umino
Nagi Umino

Erika Amano

The lead female character in the anime series is Erika Amano. She is a well-known Instagram personality who is biologically related to the people who reared Nagi.

She first encounters him while filming at a park, and in order to avoid an arranged marriage, she forces him to pose as her boyfriend.

Her parents arrange for her to live with Nagi in a single home and for them to be engaged. She is compelled to move to Nagi’s school after her school finds the photos she took with him.

Erika has long, reddish-blonde hair that she typically wears in pigtails that are fastened with brown ribbons. She also has purple eyes. On rare occasions, she opts to wear her hair in braids. Additionally, she wears red pearl stud earrings.

While she wears a blazer-based uniform at her present school, her previous school required her to wear a brown serafuku (sailor uniform).

Erika can appear to be a carefree, spoilt child at first look. Even though she preferred not to rely on anybody else, she wouldn’t mind if Nagi Umino did it because she had been so helpful to her in the past. When she speaks to Sachi Umino with kindness, she also demonstrates her caring nature.

Erika first met Nagi when Nagi intervened to stop Erika from making a provocative film. They resolved to get along with their families after learning that they were the babies who were switched at birth and that both of their parents had consented to arrange their marriage.

After being forced to live together for a fortnight, Nagi and Erika become closer as acquaintances and discover more about one another.

Erika enjoys taking pictures. A dinosaur is Erika’s favourite animal. Pizza with thin crust is Erika’s favourite dish to eat. Erika holds the person responsible for the smartphone in the highest regard. Aries is Erika’s astrological sign.

Erika Amano
Erika Amano

Sachi Umino

Erika Amano’s younger biological sister, Sachi Umino, is Nagi Umino’s adopted younger sister. She flees her family to join Nagi and Erika because she is afraid that Nagi will desert her.

Sachi has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair that is styled in a bob. She is dressed in a schoolgirl uniform that is mostly white with accents of blue, knee-high white stockings, and black shoes. Sachi is a skilled cook.

Sachi is loved deeply by Nagi, who treats her like any other sibling would. She was afraid that Nagi would leave after she left and decided to relocate with Nagi and Erika after Nagi left and stayed with Erika Amano. She allegedly has a brother complex.

The more Sachi got to know Erika, the more she liked her; eventually, Sachi would go to Nagi Umino and Erika’s house solely to see Erika.

Erika is also accepted as her biological sister, and the two of them get along well. The meaning of the name Sachi is “happiness, good luck/fortune.” Virgo is Sachi’s astrological sign.

Sachi Umino
Sachi Umino

Hiro Segawa

The protagonist is Hiro Segawa also known as Segawa Hiro. She attends the same school as top-ranked student in her grade Nagi Umino, who eventually befriends Erika Amano. Hiro has emerald green eyes and neck-length violet hair.

Hiro is an aggressive person. Nagi is secretly in love with Hiro and plans to tell him once he surpasses her in the school rankings. Hiro was the first person to get in touch with Erika after she transferred to their school.

As their friendship grows, it becomes clear that she was also a fan of Erika because she follows her on Instagram. She joins Erika and Nagi Umino in the study group and enjoys assisting Erika with her homework.

Asami is Hiro’s mother, whom she adores but dislikes for being overly protective, as seen by the fact that she offered Erika Amano and her cake but gave Nagi Umino one sweet and a look instead. In Hiragana, the name Hiro means “fathom.” The spectacled caiman is Hiro’s favourite animal.

Curry is Hiro’s favourite cuisine. Hiro enjoys hot meals. Tsuda Umeko is strongly admired by Hiro. Hiro would invest 100 million yen if she received it. Taurus is Hiro’s astrological sign. Hiro is a Miko who also resides at a temple.

Hiro Segawa
Hiro Segawa

Ai Mochizuki

Ai Mochizuki, a well-known online singer, was Nagi Umino’s childhood friend. Nagi Umino relocated to China seven years ago because of her father’s job, but she later decided to return to Japan and get engaged to Nagi.

Ai and Nagi Umino were neighbours when they were kids, and Nagi was pictured in the picture with Sachi Umino. Nagi asked Ai to marry him as she got ready to go, and she said that she would tell him the next time they saw each other. Ai is a phenomenal singer.

Since he was the first one to notice her singing at their first meeting, Ai has adored Nagi since he was a young child. She composed the song with Nagi in mind. His images are displayed in her bedroom.

Yohei Umino

Yohei Umino is the biological father of Erika Amano and Sachi Umino as well as the adoptive father of Nagi Umino. Yohei is a young parent with blonde hair that has been parted on the sides and sunglass wearers.

He is dressed in ash grey pants, a black leather belt, a red button-up shirt, and shoes. Leo is Yohei’s astrological sign.

Namie Umino

Erika Amano and Sachi Umino’s biological mother is Namie Umino, who is also Nagi Umino’s adoptive mother. Namie has amber eyes and beautiful blonde hair. She is dressed in a long, one-piece purple dress and a gold necklace with a crimson jewel.

Although Namie is a kind and gentle mother to both of her children, she shares her husband’s temper, as was seen in the restaurant when Erika yelled at the children.

Souichirou Amano

Erika Amano’s adopted father is Souichirou Amano, and Nagi Umino’s real father is Souichirou Amano. He owns several hotels.

Souichirou resembles her son Nagi in appearance and shares his dark brown hair and black eyes. Souichirou seems to have a really sinister personality. Souichirou is a name that means “religion, sect.”

Ritsuko Amano

Ritsuko Amano is the biological mother of Nagi Umino, a producer at a major television station, and the adoptive mother of Erika Amano. Ritsuko has blue eyes and black hair with bangs swept to the left. Ritsuko, which signifies rhythm,

Shion Asuma

Nagi Umino’s classmate Shion Asuma is a second-year student at Megurogawa Academy. Shion’s last name Asuma is Japanese for “play horse.”

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