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Action Mask also known as Action Kamen in Japanese. It is a manga series which is a by-product of Crayon Shin-chan series based on Action Mask. The manga is available in English and can be read on Crunchyroll. Action Mask is divided in 4 volumes.

Misato Yashio is the star in the first volume of Action Mask. He is a boy who is searching for a serial killer who primarily targets the children. Yashio gets attacked himself and a strange hero appears.

Action Mask (character)

Action Mask is the leading character in the TV series with the same name. It is a spin-off from Crayon Shin-chan series. Gotarō Gō, plays the Action Mask character who is also the secondary personality. He is saving the world from threats and becomes a movie stuntman during other times. He was provided with super powers by a scientist when Action Mask was about to die. In the title song, it is mentioned that he has come to save the earth from the stars.

Shinchan wants to be Action Kamen after growing up. Kamen word meaning mask is referenced from the popular Japanese TV series called Kamen Raider. Action Mask emerges from Action Planet.

In the manga, Shin-chan gets an autograph from Action Mask but not on a piece of paper. Action Mask’s enemy is Meke Meke and he is evil. It is shown as evil including smoking of cigarette which is permanent on him. Meke Meke has a cigarette tightly put between his teeth while fighting Action Kamen. Techniques such as Action Beam! and Action Beam Ball! is used by Action Kamen against his enemies. Shin-chan’s tries to duplicate these techniques on his mother. However, he does not become successful.

Mimiko Sakura and Professor Kitakasukabe are Action Mask’s friends. Although Action Mask has the goal of saving humanity, he usually saves Mimiko from her kidnappers. She is used as a bait by his enemies in order to defeat him and end his heroism.

He is known for his laughter and Shinchan also mimics it many times. He raises his arms usually the right and points at sky. Afterwards he laughs at the place where his hand is pointing. He has a A character on his belt which is another characteristic.

Action Mask Introduction

Hatred have made certain people to become as monsters. Our hero seals his fist in order to save them. Action mask comes in the manga series Crayon Shin-chan which is originally in Japanese and comedy based. He is a real and cool character. He uses his fist in order to crush the heart of the hatred.

The manga series is also known as Action Kamen in Japanese. It has 176 pages and began on May 2013.

Story & ArtDatto Nishiwaki
Original creatorYoshito Usui
TranslatorJohnny Shaye
EditorLillian Diaz-Przybyl
LettererCheryl Alvarez
Online DistributionCrunchyroll
Action Mask highlights

A human being planted with a “seed of hatred” raises hatred and eventually transforms into a monster. Incidents by such monsters were becoming more frequent in Saitama Prefecture.

Instead of defeating the monsters who started to harm people, there was a masked man who was attacked by the monsters and persuaded with words without fighting back at all. That man is the action mask.

When the monsters react to the words of the action mask and cause remorse, the whereabouts of the “seed of hatred” in the body become apparent. At that time, the action mask shoots an action beam toward the “seed of hatred.”

Characters appearing in Action Mask

Gotaro Gou / Action Kamen / Action Mask

One of the main characters. A young man with a bad eye who transforms into an action mask. He is amnesiac and does not know his past.

He has a “seed of hatred” in his body, which is also the source of the power of the action mask. Therefore, when the town shakes its fist or performs a “chain of hatred”, the “seed of hatred” in the body is activated. When a policeman attacks a monster, the monster’s hatred increases and the monster becomes more ferocious.

Yashio Misato (Yashio Misato)

One of the main characters. She is an elementary school student. She happens to be involved in the battle between Action Mask and the Phantom.
At first glance, she looks like a boy with short hair because she has a rough personality. A surname that seems to be her name, a rough tone, and she always wears a hat, but in reality she is a girl with long hair as a hat.

In the main part of “Crayon Shin-chan”, the main character who appears in “Action Kamen MUSUME” is an adult woman who is not a child but a man.

Dr. Kasukabe Kita (Kita Kasukabe Hakase)

A doctor who assists the activities of Action Kamen. The top of ABK. He has the same authority as the police in cases involving monsters.


A member of ABK. He is developing a new suit for Action Kamen.


A member of ABK. She ponders the town that has lost her memory, and is worried that the town will be swallowed by hatred by regaining her memory.
In the 4th volume of the comic, she wears a new suit and confronts the dark mask.


A spiritual life form that parasitizes the town.

Dark mask

A monster who wears a suit similar to an action masked suit. Planting “seeds of hatred” in people and turning them into monsters.

Chapters of the Action Mask

Chapter 1: The Fist that does not Fight

The first chapter of this volume is called as the The Fist that does not Fight.

Action Mask Chapter 1: The Fist that does not Fight

Chapter 2: The Fist that does not Fight

Chapter 3: House of Cards

Action Mask chapter 3 - House of Cards
House of Cards

Chapter 4: The False Mask

Chapter 5: Evil and Justice

Will the words of the Dark Monster mask open the door to Gou’s memory? Find out what happens in the fifth chapter.

Chapter 6: A Hero’s Rebellion

Chapter 7: The Hatred Seed

With the rampaging twinleaf mask, Gou is losing sight of himself as a hero. Could this all be the workings of the dark mask?

Chapter 8: The New Suit

Action Mask  Chapter 8 - The New Suit
The New Suit

Chapter 9: The Monster Mask Outbreak Incident

Chapter 10: Decision

Why has Fukiage attached a weapon to the new suit?

Chapter 11: The Forbidden Weapon

The Forbidden Weapon
The Forbidden Weapon

Chapter 12: The Monster Mask and the Monster

Chapter 13: The Dark Masks True Identity

Chapter 14: The Brunt of Hatred

What’s the connection between Gou and Matsuzaka?

Chapter 15: Mimiko’s Resolve

Chapter 15: Mimiko's Resolve
Mimiko’s Resolve

Chapter 16: Reunion

The dark mask captured?

Chapter 17: The Two Women

Did she do the right thing?

Chapter 18: Memory of the Past

A sealed away past within lies the grand memory.

Chapter 19: Emperor

The new enemy is within Kitakasukabe?

Chapter 19: Emperor

Chapter 20: The Bond Between Allies

The desperate efforts of the staff to stop Dr. Kitakasukabe – possessed by the emperor the most evil of enemies proved futile. He now continues onwards as he pleases within ABK headquarters. Towards the door to the outside world.

Chapter 21: The Secret Plan

Using Kitakasukabe’s back pain, Action Mask stopped him dead in his tracks. But now has been chosen as the next host. It is a deperate Situation.

Chapter 22: The Future

This is the last chapter of the manga series. The threat of the emperor has passed. The smiling faces he protected link together once again.

Last Chapter - The Future
Last Chapter – The Future

Where to read the manga “Action Mask”?

Now if you want to read the manga then you have two options. One is free and other is not. You can read all the chapters using either of the below options.

Option 1: Read Action Mask on Crunchyroll

You can visit this link in order to read all chapters of the manga in English. Currently, Crunchyroll has the rights over the manga. However, you need to note that this is not free. You will be redirected to create an account and subscribe to a plan.

Premium plans come under Fan and Mega-fan options. There are various benefits of subscribing such as no ads, unlimited access to Crunchyroll library, early episodes, access to digital manga, simultaneous streaming etc. You can also subscribe for one month or full year. See what suits your requirement and accordingly take the plan. With this plan you will be able to read all the chapters of Action Mask manga online.

Option 2: Read Action Mask free on third party websites

There are certain third party websites which allow users to read the manga free of cost. You can visit this link and start browsing the chapters. Each chapter is arranged as a different page full of images containing the manga. If you want to read it offline, you may choose to save or print the page as PDF and store. You can read the PDF as per your convenience.

There are also options to load low quality or high quality images. Images can be loaded from multiple servers, all at once and images in bunches etc. So choose one of the above options and start enjoying the Action Mask or Action Kamen manga!

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