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Hitoma Iruma and Non collaborated on the light novel series Adachi and Shimamura. Later, it was adapted into two manga series in 2016 and 2019, as well as an anime series that debuted in October 2020.

Seven Seas Entertainment has obtained a license for its English distribution.

On March 10, 2013, ASCII Media Works started publishing the series under its Dengeki Bunko banner.

While skipping class, Adachi and Shimamura, both freshmen in high school, meet. After that, they begin to develop a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Two high school students named Adachi and Shimamura are best buddies for life. They like spending time together, whether it is playing table tennis, talking about their favourite TV series, or simply unwinding.

One day at a time, the connection starts to evolve as Adachi’s friendship develops into a romantic attraction. This well-liked yuri series has been enthralling Japanese audiences for many years, and it was one of the most frequently requested yuri light novels in reader surveys conducted by Seven Seas.

AuthorHitoma Iruma
Graphical RepresentationNon (volumes 1-8)
Shizue Kaneko (volume 9)
Raemz (volume 10-11)
GenreLight Novels, Romance, Slice of Life, Yuri, Iyashike, Drama, School Life
Volumes11 (12 being the final volume)
Original PublisherASCII Media Works
Licensed bySeven Seas Entertainment
Start dateOctober 2012 (serialization)
March 2013 (publication) – present
MagazineDengeki Bunko Magazine
CharactersSakura Adachi, Hougetsu Shimamura, Akira Hino, Taeko Nagafuji, Yashiro Chikama, Tarumi
Where to buy?Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads
Age Range13 – 17 Years
Japanese PublisherKadokawa
Highlights of Adachi and Shimamura Light Novel

Storyline of Adachi and Shimamura novel

In the Adachi & Shimamura yuri light book series by Hitoma Iruma and Non, Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura’s slow-burn romance from adolescence to adulthood is chronicled. Adachi and Shimamura initially cross paths when skipping class separately on the second floor of their school’s gym.

They quickly form an unexpectedly close friendship, with the withdrawn Adachi falling in love with Shimamura. Adachi attempts to find a way to express her thoughts to Shimamura during the course of the series without frightening her.

Adachi is able to invite Shimamura out on dates early in their relationship by framing those encounters as informal get-togethers between two close friends. Shimamura typically understands her initial aim despite the fact that she never verifies that they are out on a date.

Adachi may also express her amorous interest in Shimamura by requesting to hold her hand, stroke her head, or, even more audaciously, sit between her legs. Shimamura occasionally offers Adachi affection despite her generally icy personality.

Here is a look at some of the best love scenes between the two, spanning Volumes 1 through 9.

Adachi chooses a more thoughtfully planned second date on Christmas Day in Vol. 2 with Shimamura after a fairly disastrous first date in Adachi & Shimamura Vol.

She buys a Christmas present she knows Shimamura will adore as part of that scheme, and with the aid of their common friend Akira Hino, she also gets her a box of tea.

Adachi decides to dress in the Chinese clothing she usually wears to work for Shimamura in order to make the Christmas date particularly special.

Adachi has a great time on their Christmas date and musters up the confidence to partially reveal her affections to Shimamura. Adachi takes Shimamura out on Christmas Day after they begin dating, and in Vol. 9, she once more dresses in Chinese attire for her.

The sole distinction is that Adachi purchases this outfit for Shimamura alone rather than borrowing the one she wears to work.

Adachi and Shimamura
Adachi and Shimamura

Where to read the Adachi and Shimamura novel for free?

Below is the list of volumes published under this title. There are 11 volumes which have been released till date. You may buy the physical copy of the book on major online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Good Reads, Barnes and Nobles. There are other e-tailers who are selling the volumes in various geographies.

In case you want to read the novel for free in high quality then read along:

Volume 1

When Adachi first encounters fellow pupil Shimamura in the gym room, they are both skipping class, and a bond is instantly formed. Adachi, however, has begun to dream about kissing her.

She is unsure of what this implies, but she is sure that it is not what you do with a pal. What on earth are these odd emotions she experiences when she imagines Shimamura?

And may Shimamura be experiencing the same thing?


  • Ping-Pong in Our Uniforms
  • Fishing for the Future
  • Adachi, Questioning
  • The Isosceles Triangle
  • Girls’ Day Out

Read volume 1 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Volume 2

Adachi has someone she genuinely wants to spend Christmas with for the first time in her life. Shimamura is agonising over what to get Adachi in the meanwhile.

Will a Christmas miracle grant them both their wishes this year, even though they aren’t kissing under the mistletoe?

Adachi and Shimamura each secretly hired Hino and Nagafuji to assist them in coming up with Christmas presents for the other.


  • Shimamura Goes to the Gym
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 1
  • Adachi’s Question
  • A Visit to the Butcher’s Shop, Part 1
  • Abnormal ★ Adachi
  • A Visit to the Butcher’s Shop, Part 2
  • Holiday Planning with Adachi
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 2
  • Holiday Planning with Shimamura
  • A Visit to the Butcher’s Shop, Part 3
  • White Christmas
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 3
  • Flawless Thighs
  • Chest Contemplation

Read volume 2 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Volume 3

Adachi, if she can find the confidence, has a question for Shimamura about Valentine’s Day on February 4. In just ten days, a lot can occur.

Adachi plans another outing with Shimamura on Valentine’s Day to exchange chocolate in Vol. 3 of the light novel after deciding to make holiday dates a tradition between herself and Shimamura.

Although Adachi came up with the idea for this date, Shimamura goes above and beyond to make it memorable. To accomplish this, she travels to Nagoya with Tarumi, a childhood friend, to shop for pricey chocolate for Adachi at a department store.

Adachi recommends they go to Nagoya to buy Shimamura high-quality chocolate on their Valentine’s Day date by chance. Only after the transaction does she realise that she ended up purchasing the same brand as Shimamura.


  • Choose My Chocolate
  • A Visit to the Butcher’s Shop, Part 4
  • Heliotrope (Seeking the Sun’s Sparkle)
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 4
  • Old Rose (Thorns of the Past)
  • A Visit to the Butcher’s Shop, Part 5
  • Marigold (A Saint’s Loving Embrace)
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 5
  • Sakura (Make a Wish)

Read volume 3 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 3
Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 3

Volume 4

Adachi and Shimamura have been placed in the same second-year class in the spring, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Hooray! Shimamura has recently made some new pals, so where does that leave Adachi?

Will she be able to get Shimamura back despite her timidity, or will she undo all the gains she has made? A sleepover might be in order.

In Vol. 4, Adachi chooses to advance her connection with Shimamura as their first academic year comes to an end. Adachi offers to Shimamura that they hold their own sleepover, with Adachi spending the night at Shimamura’s residence, after being inspired by the overnight of their common friends Hino and Nagafuji.

Initially opposed to the notion, Shimamura eventually chooses to go through with it. Adachi tries to get a little closer to Shimamura physically the weekend of the sleepover, but she is unsure on how to proceed. She initially offers sitting between her legs, but Shimamura’s younger sister interrupts her at this point.


  • Sakura and Spring
  • A Visit to the Hino Estate, Part 1
  • Spring and the Moon
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 6
  • The Moon and Courage
  • A Visit to the Hino Estate, Part 2
  • Courage and Friendship
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 7
  • Friendship and Love
  • A Visit to the Hino Estate, Part 3
  • Love and Sakura

Read volume 4 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Volume 5

Adachi is determined to spend her summer break with Shimamura. When Adachi spots Shimarmura and Tarumi together, she learns that Tarumi, an old friend, has already outwitted her.

Will Adachi finally be motivated to express her sentiments after this painful awakening? And even if she does, is Shimamura prepared to hear them?

Adachi and Shimamura have some difficulties as they begin their second academic year together, especially after Adachi discovers Shimamura enjoying a summer festival with her old friend Tarumi in Vol. 5.

Adachi confronts Shimamura incensedly about Tarumi after which Shimamura becomes overwhelmed and the two stop speaking for a while. Adachi acknowledges that she blew up at Shimamura in the wrong way, but she still wants to save their relationship and vows to behave differently going forward.


  • What If… All of Them Were Little?
  • I’ll Come See You, Whether You Ask or Not
  • Departing from the Deep Blue
  • A Visit to Nagafuji’s Meats, Part 1
  • Shimamura’s Blade
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 8
  • Are Souls Shared?
  • A Visit to Nagafuji’s Meats, Part 2
  • Adachi’s Revival
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 9

Read volume 5 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Volume 6

Adachi, see you later! The Shimamura family is travelling to the country to visit Grandma and Grandpa for a few days. However, when Shimamura reunites with an old canine companion, she is forced to confront her past and her worries about an agonising future.

Adachi makes the decision to quit politely avoiding the subject and take Shimamura seriously. The first time she declares her love to Shimamura is while they are taking a bath together, but Shimamura doesn’t take this statement seriously because Adachi passed out from the heat of the water.

Adachi confesses her love to Shimamura for the second time at a festival in the summer, but it’s not the only thing she says. She goes above and beyond by expressing her desire for them to be together and for Shimamura to only think about and see her. Shimamura accepts Adachi’s invitation to date and does so just as a test.


  • Bittersweet Memories
  • The Other End of the Calendar
  • A (Failed) Visit to the Hino Estate
  • The Hometown Dog
  • Yashiro Comes Calling, Part 10
  • The Complications of Love
  • Hino Returns
  • Liftoff

Read volume 6 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 6
Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 6

Volume 7

Adachi and Shimamura are returning to school after their summer vacation as a newlywed couple! Although it has taken them some time to get here, they still have a long way to go as they attempt to understand the dating world. What will the upcoming semester hold?

Adachi and Shimamura attempt to determine how they would operate as a unit after becoming a couple. Despite neither girl having any cooking experience, they decide to make lunch for each other as one of their first experiments.

Adachi learnt to make okonomiyaki at her part-time job, so she makes one for Shimamura for lunch in an attempt to impress her. To get some solitude, they choose to eat the okonomiyaki in Shimamura’s home’s study.

Adachi proposes they eat the okonomiyaki together to be more affectionate, and Shimamura surprisingly agrees. Shimamura chooses to answer the phone from Tarumi, which interrupts their romantic meal.

Shimamura makes the decision to reassure her girlfriend by kissing her on the forehead and requesting some time to take the call after recalling what happened the previous time Adachi learned about Tarumi.

In order to give her some space to comprehend the fact that Shimamura kissed her, an agitated Adachi accepts.


  • If they hadn’t met on the gym’s second floor
  • Feeling your smile
  • If Adachi had stayed like she was at first
  • Momentary Peace is all I need
  • Words most Mundane
  • Quiet Praying
  • In this world

Read volume 7 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Volume 8

The school excursion has arrived with the month of October! Adachi is solely interested in being with Shimamura, as per usual, and her antisocial inclinations are beginning to work against her. And don’t forget the small stowaway in Shimamura’s bag!

A flashforward to ten years in the future opens the story. Living together, Adachi and Shimamura are getting ready to leave on a trip. Shimamura chooses to visit her family before they go, whilst Adachi has largely severed all ties to her family.

Yashiro and her younger sister greet Shimamura when she pays a visit to her family.

Adachi and Shimamura return to Japan after their holiday in Los Angeles with the hopes that they will be able to save enough money to go another trip like that in the near future.

Adachi and Shimamura are sophomores in high school and will be travelling with their friends on the field trip.

Adachi queries Shimamura about her preferred travel destination if given the option. Los Angeles, Shimamura says off the top of her head. Shimamura learns from Chikama Yashiro in this volume that Adachi is supposed to meet her in every timeline.

Chikama confesses that her eyes are actually false in this volume.


  • Setting Off
  • Our First Trip Part 1
  • Hino and Nagafuji
  • Yachi Comes Calling
  • Our First Trip Part 2
  • Headed Home

Read volume 8 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 8
Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 8

Volume 9

What better time to take a moment to halt and consider the path that got them this far than when winter is in full swing and Adachi and Shimamura are about to celebrate their second Christmas together? Perhaps even the most upsetting memories from junior high might be considered a gift during this holiday season.

Hino’s story takes place a few years before the start of the main story, when she and Nagafuji had just turned into teenagers.

She discovers a lot of information about her family, particularly her mother. Adachi requests that Shimamura spend Christmas with her. Both girls are unaware that their mothers run into each other at the gym.


  • Young Shima, No Mura
  • Mrs. Adachi and Mrs. Shimamura
  • Akira
  • Taeko
  • Let’s Try Again: Taeko, the Wild Child
  • 08/11/2033 21:47:22
  • Tempest (Yuletide Sakura)
  • Mrs. Adachi and Mrs. Shimamura and Christmas
  • A Relationship Undetermined
  • Afterward

Read volume 9 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Volume 10

A number of years later, Adachi and Shimamura are getting ready to move in together while attending to a number of personal matters first.

Shimamura is spending time with her grandparents, and Adachi has made the decision to explore the neighbourhood before moving on permanently.

Similar to Volume 08, there are Flashforward pieces that explain why Adachi broke off communication with her family and other events.


  • Fantasy Sister
  • Astray from the Sentiment
  • Be Your Self
  • The Sakura’s Ark
  • Dream of Two
  • The Moon Cradle
  • Stay of Hope
  • Cherry Blossoms for the two of us
  • Hear-t

Read volume 10 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 10

Volume 11

  • It takes place between the majority of the series’ plotline and the time skip in Volume 8 because the Japanese description states that a significant portion of the plot will take place when Adachi and Shimamura are 22 years old. Additionally, Shimamura’s point of view dominates the summary.
  • The illustrations of the book are still drawn by Raemz, and Non is still listed as the “character designer.”
  • Shimamura mentioned in earlier books in the series how much she enjoyed putting her head on Adachi’s lap, yet the cover shows the exact reverse.
  • It was also revealed that Volume 12 will be the series’ last installment at the time this volume was released.

Read volume 11 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 11
Adachi and Shimamura light novel volume 11

Before becoming a high school girl, after becoming a high school girl, and after that. A fragment of the summer of such two people.

Adachi and Shimamura, 22 years old. I grabbed Adachi’s right leg, which was now bright red, and watched. Where should I kiss next? Why is this happening? Common sense may cause dehydration in the summer heat. Ah, I was supposed to make travel plans.

Summer shows a different face every year. Even if the two of us were spending the same time with the same person like this. Such a story of two people over summer.

Volume 12

This volume is under production. Stay tuned for more updates. This is supposed to be the final volume.

Adachi and Shimamura Anime Special Novels

Below are the links to read the anime special Adachi and Shimamura anime special novels:

Adachi and Shimamura special anime novel 4
Adachi and Shimamura special anime novel 4

Characters appearing in Adachi and Shimamura novel

Following are the list of characters appearing in the Adachi and Shimamura novel

Sakura Adachi

a high school freshman who frequently misses class. She is a stunning young lady who works part-time at a Chinese restaurant. She has a slim build and black hair.

On the second floor of the gymnasium, where Shimamura is also skipping class, she runs into him. As she converses with Shimamura, her sentiments toward her alter. She struggles to interact with others and get along with her parents.

Adachi character
Adachi character

Hougetsu Shimamura

a high school freshman who skips classes occasionally, albeit not as frequently as Adachi. She has a sweet disposition, and her hair is a light brown tone.

Despite the fact that she dislikes socialising, she is skilled at caring for others.

Shimamura character
Shimamura character

Akira Hino

Youngest of four elder brothers in an affluent family, she was a carefree girl with dark hair and a petite stature. She frequently stays at Nagafuji’s house because she is not accustomed to the formal environment at home. In high school, she made friends with Shimamura.

Taeko Nagafuji

Shimamura-height high school student with big breasts and glasses. Her most recent concern is being observed by boys. She is a little careless, and Hino often makes fun of her. Since kindergarten, she has known Hino as a friend.

Yashiro Chikama

A self-described future alien who travels to Earth in quest of her missing space countryman. She appears to be a little girl from elementary school, but she claims to be around 670 years old.

She enjoys Shimamura and enjoys playing at home with Shimamura’s younger sister. She frequently walks the town.


Best pal in elementary school for Shimamura. She and Shimamura used to call each other “Shima-chan” and “Taru-chan,” but as a result of going to different junior high schools, they grew apart.

In the hopes of rekindling their friendship, the two unexpectedly cross paths again in the winter of their freshman year of high school. She was a troublemaker in junior high because she frequently skipped class and went missing.

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Reviews about Adachi and Shimamura novel

Review 1

Adachi is really homosexual for Shimamura, but she’s kind of in denial about it, which inspires her to try to bridge the gap between them by various means, with Shimamura mainly simply going along for the ride.

It is quite introspective and changes between the perspectives of the two characters, revealing their personalities through their thoughts, which often include them reflecting on past occurrences (there are also side stories about other characters at the end of every chapter in most of the books).

Adachi’s adorable behavior as a result of being overcome by her emotions is endearing, and Shimamura gradually learns how much fun it is to tease Adachi constantly, which can make her even more agitated.

Review 2

At first glance, this seems to be the tale of two high school delinquent girls wallowing in various states of boredom. It really is as fascinating as you imagine to read a complete chapter of ennui. The next chapter is more of the same to mix things up. All of this is seen from Shimamura’s point of view, and if she were interested, she would elevate lethargy to an art form.

Finally, Adachi’s point of view dominates, and the book changes from being a slow-moving exploration of “what is she thinking” to being able to pinpoint her exact thoughts. Adachi’s story feels like the bulk of the book, and the romance is strongest there as she struggles valiantly to control her growing love for Shimamura.

Review 3

People who can handle slow-burn romance with slapdash humor should read this, in my opinion. The plot gradually reveals its characters, and (obviously) it is considerably more detailed than the anime/manga adaptation.

Without a doubt, the translation is excellent. It’s like the legitimate translation professional level.
Overall, I’m not sure how to express my thoughts on this book, but I think they are worth reading on a dull day, week, month, or confinement.

By the way, considering how excellent it was and how well the translation was done, this one was seriously underrated

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