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Adachi and Shimamura is a Japanese manga series. It has been written by Hitoma Iruma and illustrated by Moke Yuzuhara (2019 series) and Mani (2016 series). This is one of the popular manga available.

From April 4, 2016, until December 22, 2017, a manga adaptation with Mani’s illustrations was serialised online through Square Enix’s Gangan Online platform. Three tank-bon volumes were used to collect it.

Beginning on May 25, 2019, the shunen manga publication Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh from ASCII Media Works will be serialising a second manga adaptation with artwork by Moke Yuzuhara. Four tank-bon volumes have been used to collect it.

Yen Press holds the North American distribution rights for the second manga adaption.

There is also a light novel and anime series with the same name.

AuthorHitoma Iruma
IllustrationMani (2016 series) and Moke Yuzuhara (2019 series)
PublisherSquare Enix (2016 series) and ASCII Media Works (2019 series)
MagazineMagazine (2016 series) and Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh (2019 series)
English publisherYen Press
Series dates2016 series – April 4, 2016 – December 22, 2017
2019 series – May 25, 2019 – present
Volumes2016 series – 3
2019 series – 4
GenresRomance, School Life, Shoujo, Shounen, Yuri
Where to buy?Amazon
Barnes & Noble
CharactersSakura Adachi, Hougetsu Shimamura, Akira Hino, Taeko Nagafuji, Yashiro Chikama, Tarumi
Highlights of Adachi and Shimamura Manga

Storyline of Adachi and Shimamura manga

While skipping class, Shimamura tries to climb to the roof but finds that it is locked. She chooses to try the gym’s second floor because she thinks it’s no longer being used. Here she encounters Adachi, who was seated on the ground without shoes.

They frequently end up performing the same activity and hanging out in the gym together afterward. They decided to play ping-pong together and pass the time and since nobody is downstairs. Adachi inquires while Shimamura is playing about his involvement in clubs in junior high.

Shimamura was very passionate about basketball, frequently staying up late to practice shots, much to Adachi’s astonishment. They think about playing basketball, but they feel it would be too loud and their school outfits wouldn’t be appropriate.

Adachi and Shimamura
Adachi and Shimamura

Shimamura comments on Adachi’s beauty while she waits, which flusters her. She then begins to flail her skirt in an effort to cool off. They shrug it off when Shimamura informs her that she is lowering the dignity of their school.

Shimamura inquires about lunch, and Adachi requests water and a danish while making a commitment to get the food the following time. Adachi has previously stated such, therefore Shimamura has his reservations. Shimamura thinks if Adachi’s lunch is the reason why her skin is so smooth, as if water rather than blood were coursing through her veins.

After their meal, Adachi queries Shimamura about her attendance at class. Shimamura asks Adachi if she’s going home and responds that she might. Adachi won’t be attending class.

Shimamura thinks back on how she never questioned Adachi about her absences from class but cherished their time spent together. Although they both enjoy playing ping pong together, they both concur that if they ever had to play it in gym class, they would avoid it.

Shimamura leaves as the lunch break comes to an end, but she sees Adachi fumbling for her luggage that is just out of reach. She jokingly refers to Adachi as a sloth before rushing off to class. Shimamura wonders at the foot of the stairs if Adachi came to school merely to see her smiling.

Characters from Adachi and Shimamura manga

Sakura Adachi

Before Shimamura enters her life, Adachi is a bit shy, quiet, and a bit of a loner—possibly not by choice. Even so, despite the fact that she enjoys Shimamura’s friends’ company, she frequently wants to leave rather than fitting in.

Adachi may occasionally doubt their relationship, but Shimamura does take solace in their shared desire to miss class and lack of ambition to strive to be the best student in the class.


Hougetsu Shimamura

Shimamura is liked by those who have taken the time to get to know her, even though she isn’t particularly well-liked. She is kind and accommodating, which may be why Adachi is attracted to her.

Shimamura does have ties outside of Adachi, though, in contrast to Adachi. Shimamura has choices, whether it be her personal bond with her younger sister or her friendship with Hino and Nagafuji.

She does point out that she has never had a boyfriend, but she normally doesn’t feel the need to be noticed.


Akira Hino

One of Nagafuji’s close acquaintances who is a buddy of Shimamura’s. Relationship that dates back to when they were young and is still going strong, with Hino frequently coming out on top.


Taeko Nagafuji

Nagafuji, a member of a family that runs a butcher shop, is a bespectacled member of Shimamura’s circle of friends who frequently hangs out with Hino. Someone who occasionally likes to tease and crosses Nagafuji’s lines.


Yashiro Chikama

Previously moving around in a spacesuit, this self-described alien is searching for one of their friends and has grown rather devoted to Shimamura.


A reconnected childhood acquaintance of Shimamura.

Where to read the Adachi and Shimamura manga?

Adachi and Shimamura manga adaptation, with illustrations by Mani, that was serialised on Gangan Online from 2016 to 2017 before being compiled into three volumes.

A brand-new manga that was created by Moke Yuzuhara and serialised in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh was published in 2019. The four volumes that make up the collection were all published in Japan earlier this year. This series is available in North America thanks to a licence from Yen Press.

Both print and digital versions of volumes one and two are already available, with the publication of volume three scheduled for May.

The manga can be read by purchasing the same from various retail outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo, RightStuf, GoodReads etc. There are various options such as physical book, e-book, digital download etc.

Read Adachi and Shimamura 2016 manga all volumes

This is the first of the series of manga. It has 3 volumes and 18 chapters in total.

Two high school students named Adachi and Shimamura are best buddies for life. They like spending time together, whether it is playing table tennis, talking about their favourite TV series, or simply unwinding.

One day at a time, the connection starts to evolve as Adachi’s friendship develops into a romantic attraction.

First-year high school student Sakura Adachi frequently leaves class early and sits in the loft of the gym. She initially believes she is the only person who is aware of this hidden area.


She eventually meets Hougetsu Shimamura, who also uses the loft as a place to get away from class, though.

The two start spending more time together and rapidly become friends. But when Sakura Adachi begins to feel more than just friendship for Hougetsu, things become problematic. Sakura is unsure about how to deal with it.

As she tries to figure out what she wants and what these new feelings entail, she is forced to ride a wave of emotions.

You may read the 2016 manga series in high quality for free here or here.

Read Adachi and Shimamura 2019 manga all volumes

Separate from the manga adaptation from 2016, the second Adachi and Shimamura adaptation started running in May 2019. For an English release, Yen Press has granted permission.

Summary of 2019 manga – Moke Yuzuhara

Volume 1:

The gym’s second floor. We will be there. Although they don’t conduct class in a location like this, class is now in session. Shimamura and I met at this point and became close.

Why am I feeling this way? I had a dream about kissing her yesterday. Both Shimamura and I am certain that we are not like that. But I want to be the first person Shimamura thinks of when she hears the word “friend.” Just that.

Volume 2:

Adachi and Shimamura are learning a lot of interesting things about one another with all the time they are spending together, whether it be bowling on the weekend or singing classic tunes at karaoke.

Adachi is working hard to think of the ideal gift for her unknowing crush as the weather cools and Christmas draws near. Will she be able to organise the ideal Christmas date to express to Shimamura how much she values her?

Adachi and Shimamura volume 2
Adachi and Shimamura volume 2

Volume 3:

The 14th of February is just another day. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Adachi has prepared her best dessert for Shimamura ten days ahead of time.

So for Adachi it’s a big thing! All that’s left to do now is present it to her, but as it gets closer, Adachi can’t help but pause.

List of chapters:

  • Ping-Pong in Blazers and Skirts
  • The Adachi Question
  • The Adachi Question 2
  • Isosceles Triangle
  • Isosceles Triangle 2
  • Adachi and Shimamura 0.99
  • Not Quite Friends
  • Shimamura Goes to the Gym
  • Shimamura Goes to the Gym 2
  • Adachi’s Q
  • Strange Adachi
  • Adachi in Thought, Christmas in Progress
  • The White Album

You may read the 2019 manga series Moke Yuzuhara in high quality for free here.

Reviews on Adachi and Shimamura manga

Review 1

Since this is a romance story, the connection between the central protagonists is what determines how enjoyable it is, and that is just what I loved most about it. Adachi and Shimamura’s relationship is particularly effectively handled because you can watch it naturally grow over the course of the manga from an initially awkward acquaintanceship.

Due to the fact that the manga occasionally swaps views, it is quite interesting to witness how each of their individual perceptions of their relationship interact with one another.

Since the plot seems to centre primarily on Adachi, it is possible to explore several facets of her personality, which is certainly a highlight for me.

Shimamura is the one who experiences her feelings, and because she and Shimamura are always questioning one other inwardly and they make sense in the context of her general change in demeanour, even her weirder, more direct inclinations don’t become overbearing.

Although Shimamura doesn’t receive nearly as much attention, equal levels of growth and difficulties are at least alluded to, even though they are largely unresolved, which is unfortunate but also fits with the emphasis on Adachi.

Review 2

A sequel to this story would be really beneficial. Flipping through a number of incomplete subplots gave me frustrations, and I’m sure many readers do too.

Spacesuit Girl: Who is she? Why are Adachi and her mother so estranged? What’s going on with Shimamura’s old pal? I would have really liked more growth in subsequent chapters, even though all of these threads had some form of a knot at the end of their particular chapters.

I don’t believe the author made any slice-of-life faults like an audacious cast of people or a hyper-focus on the locale. The only thing lacking are a few extra chapters.

Although the anime entirely resolves this issue, the art is rather bad. I might even advise against reading the manga because it adheres to this static, four-panel format.

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