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Here we describe the complete details of every episode of the anime TV series of The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk. The show has been created by Gonzo. The Aegis of Uruk first appeared on Japanese television from April 1, 2008. The show was also premiered on YouTube and other websites simultaneously. The sequel of the first season called The Sword of Uruk. It was shown on Japanese TV and across many websites on January 8, 2009.

Aegis of Uruk which is the first season started from April 1, 2008, and ended on June 20, 2008. It involves 12 episodes and portrays the journey of Jil, Neeba, Kaaya and other characters climbing the peculiar Tower of Druaga. Muramasa has performed the opening theme called Swinging. The ending theme is called Tōchōsha-tachi and it was performed by Kenn who has also voiced Jil.

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Episode 1: The Great Tower of Druaga (Inner) – Doruāga no Kyotō

Initial date of telecast: April 1, 2008; Telecast in English: December 8, 2010

The Tower of Druaga is legendary and puzzling. It has been restored back 80 years after it was brought down earlier. The kingdom of Uruk sends its army in order to defeat the cruel deity called Druaga. However, the troops fail miserably. Jil is an young and brave man who takes up the challenge. He has been awarded a golden armor and sword. He tries to Kusarakks front on but gets knocked out. Jil has dreams about conquering the tower but ends up in comical situation. After sometime he realizes he is dreaming and wakes up. He gets knocked out and also loses his equipment.

Image from Episode 1: The Great Tower of Druaga
The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk – Episode 1: The Great Tower of Druaga

Episode 2: Meskia, City in the Tower – Tōnai Toshi Mesukia

Initial date of telecast: April 11, 2008; Telecast in English: December 10, 2010

Neeba dismisses Jil from the climbers group as Jil has committed blunder in his initial battle. However, this does not reduce his wishes to defeat Druaga although he feels disappointed about his dismissal. Jil then goes to a city called Meskia which is filled with expectation about a third expedition to the tower. He causes a disturbance in the marketplace. Jil encounters a mysterious girl called Kaaya. Kaaya heals Jil’s injuries. An young woman named Ahmey who is a bit shy.

She helps to carry Jil inside the room for his treatment. Ahmey also gets interested in climbing the tower and joins the group. Jil comes to know about the visit of Gilgamesh who is a hero. He takes his new friends to visit the procession. Jil gets to know that Neeba and his troops plan to invade the guesthouse through a sewer in the night. Kaaya and Ahmey help in defeating some of the enemies. However, Jil visits the guesthouse but finds out that Gilgamesh is assassinated.

Episode 3: Before We Depart – Tabidachi no Mae ni

Initial date of telecast: April 18, 2008; Telecast in English: December 13, 2010

Jil gets to escape from the place where king was killed. On the next day the king does a review of the troops as normal. At the ceremony, Jil gets shocked to see Gilgamesh whom he saw murdered just a night before. Neeba knows that Pazuzu is the one who plotted this killing attempt. In Meskia, a giant monster of slime falls from the sky. It starts creating panic and widespread destruction in the city.

Coopa is an young girl and she gets covered by the slime. However, Ahmey rescues Coopa immediately. Coopa finds out that Jil and his party are on climbing mission. She wants to join the party along with her mage master Melt. Jil and company gets arrested for treason. However, Kaaya convinces the king to release them from prison.

The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk - Episode 3: Before We Depart
The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk – Episode 3: Before We Depart

Episode 4: Band of Hands – Bando obu Hando

Initial date of telecast: April 25, 2008; Telecast in English: December 14, 2010

The expedition of Jil begins along with his other group members. Initially they encounter a battle against spider demons. They find it tough to defeat the demons because of lack of coordination and team work. Ahmey has a lot of experience in this field and she become the leader of the pack. She guides the group with her battle strategies and nuances of climbing the tower. A group of Kusarakks slowly approach them in the night. However, the team has the necessary knowledge and skills. They eventually battle them and defeat the Kusarakks.

Episode 5: Ziusudra’s Trap – Jiusudora no Wana

Initial date of telecast: May 2, 2008; Telecast in English: December 15, 2010

While going through their journey, Jil and his group pass by a signboard which indicates shortcut. However, it was a trap laid so that it makes them difficult to progress further. Their gender gets reversed in one of the trap. In another trap they wear costumes of animal. In one of the trap they become early video game graphic. They eventually make it to the final gate. Passing through this gate looks more tougher than they thought.

Jil’s friends do not succeed in impressing the gate with their tricks. Jil does a strange dance which was taught by his father. Even this does not work as it was tried by someone else before them. This makes the group to opt for a longer route for making it to the tower.

The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk - Episode 5: Ziusudra's Trap
The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk – Episode 5: Ziusudra’s Trap

Episode 6: The Lightning Bridge – Raikō no Kakehashi

Initial date of telecast: May 9, 2008; Telecast in English: December 16, 2010

There is another group which has been wiped out by ogres. Jil’s group encounters this group and they save an aged warrior called Geeze. Geeze was a famous guardian of the past, and they halt at a camping area on the way. However, one after another problem bothers them due t owhich they cannot catch a moment of rest. A boy called Yury pick-pockets one of the group member.

A very tough argument breaks out between Coopa and Melt. The attempt to reconcile goes out of control as Coopa is repulsed by her bad tempered master. She decides to leave the group and decides to go on her own. Coopa joins Yury who sets out to find his father. He is believed to have stolen the sacred spear belonging to the village. They both encounter ogres but Jil and company intervenes. They discover the sacred spear however it is broken. This was left behind by the deceased father of Yury.

Episode 7: Dance with the One-Winger – Katahane to Odore

Initial date of telecast: May 16, 2008; Telecast in English: December 17, 2010

General Kelb is leader of the Uruk army. A dragon having single wing appears before them making it difficult for them to move. There is a hostile situation prevailing inside the tower. The army is angry as they have lost the scout regiment to the dragon. Jil prepares for the battle with the dragon and he puts together a troop of warriors for this. He tries to convince Neeba that they need to work in unison with the army in order to defeat the dragon. Finally they get the teamwork and are able to defeat the dragon and kill it. Jil is admired for his bravery and courage.

Episode 8: The Legendary Tower – Densetsu no Tō

Initial date of telecast: May 23, 2008; Telecast in English: December 20, 2010

In this episode, Kaaya all of a sudden collapses. She tells the group that she has a very severe illness. The group is very surprised by this news and also that Kaaya suddenly changes name. Jil in his lack of judgment tries to find a solution to this ailment. They eventually come to a place where their answer lies. However, the place is very different as compared to what they have seen so far. It resembled like an arcade game.

In order to cure Kaaya, Jil searches for the stone tablet. However, Kaaya has got her health back which is not noticed by anyone. It is not clear as to why this trick was played by Kaaya. Jil finally gets the stone tablet and Ki heals him. He is told that he will face with 3 betrayals during the quest.

The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk - Episode 8: The Legendary Tower
The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk – Episode 8: The Legendary Tower

Episode 9: 11:09 – Irebun Nain

Initial date of telecast: May 30, 2008; Telecast in English: December 21, 2010

Jil and his team come to a place which is supported by thin pillars. They start a battle against monsters having balloon shape. They display good team play and succeed in defeating the enemy. However, the happy mood from the victory is only for a short moment. The demise of the monsters causes an explosion which causes the thin structure to crumble. Other areas from the same floor is also affected due to this collapse. This causes chaos among the Neeba’s party and the Uruk army.

Everyone gets separated from others. This in a way helps them as they face many obstacles together. It built their relationship and understanding of each other’s views. They all meet at a run down area and reunite with their team. Fatina discovers that Kally was killed by Pazuzu.

Episode 10: At Summer’s End – Natsu no Owari ni

Initial date of telecast: June 6, 2008; Telecast in English: December 22, 2010

All the groups reach the Shrine of Diamond after moving through a blizzard. The final aim for everyone is to reach the top floor of the tower. It is called as the Shrine of Sky. Jil, Kelb, Neeba and Pazuzu’s respective parties part ways and go separately so as to reach the top. Succubus warns Neeba that the third season of journey will conclude and Druaga will soon wake up.

Every group carry on with their expedition. Each one of them have their own dreams and ambitions which is similar to others. This leads to intense battles along the way. This creates history of the Tower of Druaga. Neeba is in danger from Pazuzu, however, Jil risks his own life to save Neeba. Still he is met with stern criticism instead of gratitude from his brother. Kaaya gets doubt whether Jil can fulfil the dreams of reaching the top of the tower.

The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk - Episode 10: At Summer's End
The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk – Episode 10: At Summer’s End

Episode 11: As But a Single Shield End – Tada Ichi Mai no Tate to Shite

Initial date of telecast: June 13, 2008; Telecast in English: December 23, 2010

Finally the evil and gigantic Druaga appears. Neeba and his troops bravely fight against the deity. However, the evil Druaga is very powerful and intimidating which makes the troops lose ground. After finding out that they are in trouble, Jil tries to rescue them. However, he is stopped by Kaaya. She claims that they should continue to proceed towards the top floor of the tower.

Jil escapes from her and rushes toward Druaga. The climbers are forced to take a brave strategy to defeat the Druaga. In this time, Neeba gets seperated from his group and squares off against Pazuzu. Neeba gets distracted from attacking Druaga. As each of the climber is trying to fight the demon, Ahmey attempts to hit its head. But she eventually loses her life.

Episode 12: You Zapped To…

Initial date of telecast: June 20, 2008; Telecast in English: December 24, 2010

Jil prepares a strategy in order to defeat Druaga. He instructs the remaining climbers to alienate the demon in a small area at the top of the tower. This is order to get an advantage and he volunteers himself for the same as a bait. Looking at Jil risking his life for the mission, Kaaya apologizes. However, she cannot reveal the reason. Fortunately Ahmey had left behind a powerful staff after her death. The group uses the same in order to defeat Druaga. However, when Jil proceeds to claim the Blue Crystal Rod, Neeba encounters him.

Neeba suspects that the monster was not indeed Druaga. The rod might just be a key to the next half of the tower. Kaaya out of the blue joins Neeba. They both rise the tower as the floor suddenly filled with water. Jil comes out from the water with Fatina in his hands. They appear in a lake near Meskia. At this time Pazuzu’s mysterious coffins open. There are organisms that emerge from within.

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