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Ai Mai Mi: Surgical Friends is the third sequel to the Ai Mai Mi anime series. The first two being Ai Mai Mi and Ai-Mai-Mi: Mousou Catastrophe.

Ai-Mai-Mi: Season 3 is the third season of the anime based on Choborau Nyopomi‘s yonkoma online manga in Japan. It was released by Seven Studios and broadcast from January 3 to March 21, 2017. There are 12 episodes in all, each lasting three minutes.

The manga study club’s Ai, Mai, and Mii have engaged in battles against rival teams as well as alien invaders. However, Ai is the only person really drawing any manga as usual.

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This anime is also known as Choboraunyopomi Gekijou Dai San Maku in Japanese. The anime features short episodes of 3-4 minutes each and may contain objectionable content.

The stories revolve around comedy and slice of life. There are 12 episodes in total and is based on the manga series on the same name.

Serialized on Takeshobo’s 4-panel manga distribution website “Manga Life WIN”. An unpredictable high-tension gag four-panel manga drawn by the original author, Choborau Nyopomi, about four high school girls, Ai, Mai, and Mii, who belong to the manga research club, and Poka-senpai.

DirectorItsuki Imazaki
BroadcastAT-X, TV Saitama, KBS, tvk, Sun TV
CreatorChoborau Nyopomi
ProducersDream Creation, On-Lead
Opening Theme“Zenin Shūgō Ai Mai Mi!!!” by Aya Uchida, Maaya Uchida, & Yuka Ōtsubo
Duration3-4 minutes per episode
Period of telecastJanuary 3, 2017 – March 21, 2017
distribution formatVoD (Video on Demand)
Source4-koma manga
Genrecomedy, manga, seinen, short episodes, School Club, absurd, gag
Highlights of Ai Mai Mi: Surgical Friends

Episodes of Ai Mai Mi: Surgical Friends

Below is the list of episodes from this anime series and the description about what happens in each episodes.

Episode 1: Don’t Let Your Lucky Chance Get Away

The main characters perform a special opening, Mai and Mi use a piece of cake to stop Ai from drawing manga, Mi is caught being underdressed for the winter weather, and they go shopping. There is also a brief scene with Kanako and Sachie.

Episode 1: Don’t Let Your Lucky Chance Get Away
Episode 1: Don’t Let Your Lucky Chance Get Away

Episode 2: Plan S

Mi, who is out on a dog walk, overhears Takahiro, an old buddy who has returned, talking to someone in a video rental shop.

Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends episode 2
Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends episode 2

Episode 3: Don’t Let Your Lucky Chance Get Away

Sachie and Kanako go swimming while Ponoka helps Mi make a friend when Mai confronts her about how she doesn’t have any other friends.

Episode 3: Don’t Let Your Lucky Chance Get Away
Episode 3: Don’t Let Your Lucky Chance Get Away

Episode 4: Crestofales

After Mi shows Mai the hamster she won at the New Year’s lottery, her buddy attacks it, exposing the hamster’s real nature as a Crestofales.

Episode 5: Don’t Let Your Lucky Chance Get Away

This episode has a number of quick skits.

Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends episode 5

Episode 6: Donuts Arc Part 1

After revealing her true identity, Mi shows a flashback of her life from ten years earlier.

Episode 7: Donuts Arc Part 2

The flashback keeps going.

Episode 8: Masajiro

Mai discovers that the Earth is round while she thought it was flat when eating Takoyaki with Ai, and Mai’s dog Masajiro stops by the Manga club room.

Episode 9: Falling into Darkness

Ai snaps as a result of a shocking revelation regarding her recently released manga.

Episode 9: Falling into Darkness

Episode 10: Ponoka and the Cloud Castle Labyrinth

When Mi starts to feel down, Mi and Mai visit some Kappa, and Mi and Ai have a completely typical day.

Episode 10: Ponoka and the Cloud Castle Labyrinth

Episode 11: Unicorn

Mi and Mai go to a public event with a well-known voice actress embroiled in controversy.

Episode 12: Dangerous Rock

While a massive meteorite threatens to strike Earth, Ponoka, Mai, and Mi train in a hyperbolic internet cafe to prepare themselves to finally stop Ai from producing manga.

Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends episode 12

Where to watch Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends for free?

You can watch the third season of Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends on Crunchyroll. However, you need to have a premium subscription in order to watch the epsiodes.

Stream the series for free on Zoro or 9anime. Here you can watch high quality videos from various streaming sources. The episodes are without any ads so there is no hindrance. Also, you can watch it completely free without needing any sign up or subscription.

The above options provide for viewing both sub and dub versions as per availability.

In case if you are interested to buy the DVD then visit this link and order it on amazon. The entire episodes are available in a 42 minute DVD.

You may watch the episodes on YouTube also. Below is the video for the same.

YouTube video
Ai mai mii surgical friends episode 1 english subtitles

Characters appearing in Ai Mai Mi Surgical Friends


The main character in Choborau Nyopomi’s Ai-Mai-Mi manga and anime is Ai. The only club member that desires to draw manga. Ai has brown eyes and long, brown-colored hair that is pulled back into a ponytail by two long side bangs on either side.

She wears a red skirt, long black stockings, a bow-tie on her back, a black laced bow, red sleeves with red trim, brown shoes, and a lilac dress with red trim cuffs. Ai is the only member of the Manga Club she belongs to who is both hardworking and extremely passionate about creating manga.

She is the most rational of the four main characters.


The protagonist of Choborau Nyopomi’s Ai-Mai-Mi manga and anime adaption is Mai. She has Aya Uchida as her voice. A childhood pal of Mi’s. Mai has two swirls in her medium-length, marmalade-colored hair on each side.

She wears a red skirt, long white stockings, a bow-tie on her back, a black laced bow, red sleeves with red trim, brown shoes, and a red dress.

She is the complete opposite of Ai in that she dislikes drawing manga and would much rather divert Mi with other activities or topics.


Mi is the main character of Choborau Nyopomi’s anime adaptation of the manga Ai-Mai-Mi. She is the oddball Manga Club member and Mai’s childhood pal. Mi has a single strand of hair that stands up from the top of her medium-length, golden hair.

She wears a red skirt, short white stockings, and brown shoes along with a lilac dress with red trim on the cuffs, a black laced bow, and a bow-tie on her back. She is the complete opposite of Ai in that she dislikes drawing manga and would much rather divert Mi with other activities or topics.


She is the background senpai who is constantly overlooked. Ponoka has a short ponytail holding back her long, indigo-colored hair.

She wears a red skirt, short black socks, a bow-tie on her back, a lilac dress with red trim at the cuffs, a black laced bow, and brown shoes. Ponoka’s conflicted personality oscillates between being rational and crazy.

She also almost always carries an Octopus Jar, which is useful for a variety of things, on her person.

Characters of the anime series
Characters of the anime series

Alisa London

She want to rule the world. Alisa has walnut-colored eyes and long, golden-blond hair that is braided just once on the left side and secured with a purple bow.

She bears a golden sword on her back and is dressed in a black and white dress with a red ribbon and green brooch tied to the collar. Alisa is arrogant and aggressive against anyone who dares to stand in her way or interferes with her plans to rule the world.

Forest Dweller Yamu

The main protagonists run into Yamu, who gives them cash for alcohol. Yamu has a big head that matches his size, a body that resembles a giant purple log, unruly dark brown hair that sprouts three leaves from the top of his head, and dark ember eyes.

Yamu always has a blank expression on his face and speaks in a deadpan monotone. Ai, Mai, and Mi believe he is kindhearted because he offered them money to buy drinks.


Unknown schoolboy Nankanishi is a masochist. Due to his masochistic tendencies, he gets beaten by Alisa London. Nakanishi has pale brown eyes and short hair.

He wears the typical school uniform. Despite coming across as a simpleton Nakanishi is a masochist in reality.


Ai’s younger sister is Kanako. Kanako has teal eyes, rosy cheeks, medium-length bright pink hair with two long side bangs, and matching hair accessories.

She wears a white dress with violet trimmings. Her older sister Ai is someone she admires and loves.


Mi frequently harasses the group of characters with the catchy name of Kappa. The Kappas look like regular Kappas. Information about the Kappas is scarce.

Although they frequently act in an aggressive and agitated manner when they come into conflict with Mi.


Kanako’s closest buddy is Sachie. Sachie has green eyes that are the same colour as her short, parted lime hair. She wears a plain white dress skirt, a red dress shirt over a black undershirt, and long black socks.

She is Kanako’s best friend, and when it comes to her, she may be too emotional and obsessive.

Lucas Akimoto

When Mi is unconscious, he shows up. Lucas has spiky blond hair and a cartoonish countenance. He is dressed in blue shorts, a white T-shirt, and rectangular sunglasses.

Although nothing is known about Lucas’ disposition, he made an effort to assist Mi in waking up when she was unconscious.


Ai, Mi, and Mai used to be friends with Takahiro. Takahiro has gem-like amber eyes, very short seafood-colored hair, and a tube attached to his head.

He wears a plain blue pair of shorts and a plain white tee. Takahiro is determined to carry out “Plan S,” a plan.

Reviews on Ai Mai Mii: Surgical Friends

Find out reviews written by the audience about the show Ai Mai Mi: Surgical Friends.

Review 1

If you simply want to watch a program with 2-3 minute sketches that are occasionally really humorous, Ai Mai Mii is a nice choice.

I enjoy how ridiculous the show is—basically it’s a car without breaks.
If you don’t like the overused idea, don’t worry excessively because it’s only utilised as a backdrop setting and isn’t really a focus. It has that three high school girls humor thing going on.

I also really like the art style, especially when it deviates from the norm.
Even though it only takes a little while, it’s a good way to waste time. Since the programme moves at a rapid pace, it actually feels much shorter than that.

Review 2

The group has reassembled and is once more refraining from drawing anime. The anime’s third season just ended.

The girls’ excessive fantasies are still being shared by their pals, who also have overactive imaginations. Even Mi’s backstory is given some attention in this anime. Although, considering the structure of the programme, you might believe that it was all created in her head.

I still maintain that this is most likely the anime for you if you enjoy Teekyu and other fast-paced and absurd shows. It’s ludicrous, and I have a good feeling that the author has a similar vivid imagination to the characters. Since each episode lasts only 3.5 minutes, you could easily read it in more than an hour.

Review 3

I don’t despise this show at all. Not because of the humour, but rather because of the animation, it made me chuckle a lot. It’s much more amazing to convey your punchline through comic timing and visual humour than it is through written humour, especially in a visual media.

Although in a pleasant fashion akin to Trigger, it has furious animation as well. But I guess that’s about where I stop praising. It’s rather foolish and superficial. A convoluted and ill-defined plot devoid of logic or common sense. And even though it’s obvious that this is just a quick escape show, I may still criticise it for that.

Other similar anime recommendation

Watch other similar anime in the same genre as Ai Mai Mi: Surgical Friends,


A tennis club at their school is made up of four pals named Kanae, Marimo, Nasuno, and Yuri. The girls always manage to have a good time, whether they’re eating pastries at a bakery, removing Yuri’s underwear from Marimo’s mouth, or playing tennis for a change.

Both of these programmes are extremely erratic, brief, and fast-paced. Both feature a group of high school girls who are members of a club, although because to the sporadic nature of the shows, club activities are hardly ever ever mentioned.

Both lack a narrative, and any attempts at humour rely on how arbitrary a scene might be.

You would probably enjoy the other if you were able to enjoy the first.

Lucky Star

A schoolgirl’s life in modern Japan is never routine. Because to her otaku habits, the easily bored Konata never finds time to study, which irritates the diligent Kagami to no end.

Tsukasa, on the other hand, is calm and always able to go with the flow, whereas Miyuki is worried about maintaining her position as the local expert.

Join these four girls as they contemplate and meander through routine activities like eating chocolate cones, doing homework, playing games, and taking numerous excursions to the beach.

Play Lucky Star in quick succession to get Ai Mai Mii. These two anime share a similar sense of humour and are both about high school females.

The peculiar kind of humour that both of these shows share is the making of fast, spontaneous jokes in random places. The primary distinction is that Lucky Star is less random than Ai Mai Mii because it is more realistic.


A young maid from the maid village comes to assist a young unidentified girl in a typical neighbourhood in a typical metropolis. But this battery-powered creature is not your typical maid! Cheko-chan not only has the craziest of pals, but she can also convert her body into glue and remove her head, among other things.

It appears that the crazy in the life of a hitherto average high school student has just begun. From Mizore, the edible snow spirit from the north, to Nachiko, a gigantic squid who enjoys changing faces, to Kanato the Yankee, the bully who is the strongest of them all.

Feel free to comment on what you liked and disliked about this anime.

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