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Chama is the author of the Japanese yonkoma shonen manga series Aiura. It was first released on Niconico Seiga and then appeared in the 4-Koma Nano Ace magazine from Kadokawa Shoten. From March 2011 to April 2014, the manga was published. Between April and June 2013, a television adaptation of an anime series aired.

Amaya, Iwasawa, and Uehara, three “annoying, energetic high school girls with little motivation,” and their friends are the main characters of the novel. What occurs in their daily lives is “what occurs when nothing happens.”

It portrays the three high school girls’ daily lives, as well as those of their classmates and other people in their aimless lives.

PublisherKadokawa Shoten
Timeline2 March 2011 to 23 April 2014
TypeManga – Shonen
GenreComedy, Slice of Life, School Life, Iyashikei
Highlights of Aiura Manga

Story of Aiura Manga

Japanese yonkoma manga author Chama created the Aiura series, which lasted from 2011 to 2014. It was first printed in the magazine 4-Koma Nano Ace after being first serialised on the Niconico Seiga image-sharing website in a section that housed user-submitted and officially-serialized manga. Twelve five-minute episodes of an anime television series debuted on TV Tokyo in April 2013.

Three “annoying, energetic high school girls with little motivation” named Kanaka Amaya, Saki Iwasawa, and Ayuko Uehara, as well as the lives of people around them, are followed. The show avoids many of the conventions of Slice of Life comedy due to its brief runtime and retains episodic consistency by concentrating on just one or two situations per episode.

Screenshot from Aiura manga
Screenshot from Aiura manga

The story revolves around high school girls having fun wherever they can—at home, at school, and when they go out. However, as the story progresses, we do get to see more of the mangaka’s and professors’ daily life, which broadens the range of experiences the reader might have with the narrative.

Additionally, as the novel progresses, we see the characters making plans for the future. Since youth doesn’t stay forever, the story does start to feel fairly realistic.

Characters appearing in the Manga

Following are the important characters that appear in Aiura Manga:

Kanaka Amaya

The mood is set by Kanaka. She is constantly trying to pick on Saki or anyone else nearby.

Ayuko Uehara

Ayuko is the intermediary. Kanaka constantly makes fun of her height. Her initials, Ayukong, have changed to Yukon.

Saki Iwasawa

The tsukkomi of Kanaka’s boke performance is Saki. Although she lacks motivation, she excels in games and sports. She stands tall.

Mei Yanase

The representative for the class is Yanase. She takes everything very seriously. She and her pal Manaka have a fierce rivalry. She goes by the name Yananchou.

Souta Amaya

Kanaka’s younger brother is Souta. Since Kanaka’s room is uninhabitable, she and her friends frequently invade it to hang together.

Nao Manaka

Yanase’s buddy Nao consistently outperforms her on tests by several points. She likes how Kanaka makes fun of Yanase. She goes by the name Manax.

Sumiko Yamashita

Kanaka’s homeroom teacher, Yamashita, is a chill person. She dresses strangely and is frequently late for work.

Aiura character introduction
Aiura character introduction

Misuzu Wakatsuki

English teacher Misuzu frequently gets mistaken for a young girl. She is in charge of teaching class 1’s homeroom.

Shusaku Matsuno

Matsuno is a passionate math instructor. He confronts tardy students with a game of rock-paper-scissors as they enter the building. He lets them triumph.

Izumi Kashio

Izumi, a boke from class 1, is Saki’s competition. She and Saki both have part-time jobs at a convenience shop.

Hiroko Uehara

Ayuko’s older sister is Hiroko. She is a manga artist who suffers from a serious sister complex.

Where to read Aiura Manga for free?

The manga is available to read online on many websites. There are high quality images from various servers to browse from. There are 7 volumes and 109 chapters. You may read the manga free from here or here.

You may also purchase/buy all the 7 books in the manga series from here. However, exercise precaution while purchasing and do only from trusted sites.

Aiura characters
Aiura characters

Interesting facts from the Aiura Manga series

There are a few interesting facts from this manga like the following:

  • Saki excels in all competitive pursuits, so much so that she must actively ward off scouts who are trying to sign her up for sports teams and clubs. Additionally, she has a devoted fan base.
  • Even if it’s their first time, Manaka and Hinako both appear to naturally succeed at everything they try.
  • Saki is a tall woman with masculine short hair, and she has always wanted to marry into a wealthy family.
  • The three major girls’ homeroom instructor was Yamashita. She openly admits that she is uninterested in her students’ academic development and frequently abandons her lesson plan out of disinterest.
  • She is regularly late for class as well, and when she arrives on campus, she frequently runs into Matsuno. Perhaps a hint at what the main girls’ laziness will ultimately lead to.
  • When asked why one goes over marrying to money, Misuzu responds pretty forcefully. It seems like she made an attempt to accomplish this before she became a teacher.
  • The girls do what Ayuko did alone at the end of the summer together in the last episode, which takes place at the start of the summer.
  • Souta, whom Kanaka and Ayuko con into giving them snacks in exchange for having lost a game of “Jango.”
  • Three females. Saki is the only sensible woman, Ayuko is the leader, and Kanaka is the fool.
  • When it suits her, Kanaka takes advantage of Souta’s generosity, and she generally sets a poor example of behaviour. Kanaka is a lousy big sister. Even Saki confronts her about it.
  • Ayuko’s older sister is a mildly successful manga artist, but she passes all of her moments at home raving about how adorable Ayuko is and even embarrassingly showing her friends Ayuko’s childhood photos and movies.
  • Umi’s older sister is a model who spends the day lounging about the house and stealing food.
  • Matsuno, who plays rock-paper-scissors with tardy kids yet lets them win.
  • Kanaka is so ignorant that even her mother and a teacher have referred to her as an idiot. Kanaka makes two distinct tries at this in an effort to get attention.
  • After ignoring her, Saki reflects that she might have been sincerely concerned if it had been Ayuko. Kanaka is highly vivacious and constantly looking for something to do.
  • Misuzu, who appears young enough to be a student and dresses like one, is notorious for flirting with other students.
  • The fact that the pupils don’t appear to be conscious that Misuzu is a teacher makes this case of the trope noteworthy.
Aiura manga cover
Aiura manga cover

Reviews about Aiura Manga

Unironically, Aiura is my all-time favourite gag manga. I’ve read a lot of well-known comedic manga, but Aiura stood out to me.

The jokes were exceptionally well written and hilarious. I frequently laughed while reading it. The large Buddha portion is personally my favourite.

The artwork is lovely and entertaining. There are several personalities, and they are all endearing.

I can affirm that Aiura is a quality piece of art because it has already been finished. It satisfies every need for a comedy manga. I wish more individuals were aware of this manga!

This would be an excellent read for you if you’re fascinated in a slice-of-life comedy centred on high school females. Having saying that, you aren’t really missing much by skipping this one. Aiura is a good option if you’re trying to decide which genre to explore right now. Nevertheless, a good read.

Aiura manga cover
Aiura manga cover

Similar manga recommendations

This is a list of manga similar to Aiura.

Yuru Yuri

Akari is excited for her first day of elementary school and is eager to make fun of herself and change her personality. The girl enters the Amusement Club, a group for kids who just want to chill out and laugh around, along with her buddies, naughty Kyouko, serious Yui, and cute Chinatsu!

Over the course of the year, the ladies make friends with upperclassmen, act out their favourite magical girl characters, and sometimes even fall in love with one another!

Joshikousei no Mudazukai

Nozomu “Baka” Tanaka, a middle school student with a foolish demeanour, had only one ridiculous dream: to be very popular with boys in high school. She eventually enrols in an all-girls school with her two closest friends, Akane Kikuchi (nicknamed “Wota” because she is a budding manga artist who is infatuated with boys’ love) and Shiori Saginomiya (nicknamed “Robo” because of her cool demeanour).

Every female in the new class has an ugly moniker, yet they are appropriately bestowed because of their distinctive personalities. These girls are at the mercy of each other to resolve all of the typical and frequently bizarre girl problems because their equally peculiar tutors.


Kajiwara Sora is a quiet young woman who enjoys drawing. Even though one of the other members occasionally frightens her, she participates in the school’s art group.

She has no trouble painting objects like flowers or fruit, but she struggles to portray transitory events like a bird fluttering its wings or a cat that won’t stay still. She will experience both her drawing abilities and her drawing limitations to the utmost with the aid of her art club mates.

Screenshot from Aiura manga
Screenshot from Aiura manga


As luck would have it, three girls named Kanaka, Saki, and Ayuko cross paths right before beginning high school. After Ayuko and Kanaka cross paths unintentionally, ruining the young girl’s ice cream cone, they become fast friends. The three gets through high school together, whether it’s through giving one another nicknames, racing to classes, or just having fun.

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