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Based on Hiro‘s manga Akebi’s Sailor Uniform, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform is a Japanese animated television series. The anime, which is created by Miyuki Kuroki at Clover Works, debuted in January 2022.

The country’s most prominent middle school for females is Roubai Private Academy. The sailor uniform of this institution is a dream come true for Akebi Komichi.

Her middle school fantasy is about to come true. wide, verdant views of the countryside. the leisurely passing of youth.

Alternative NamesAkebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
DirectorMiyuki Kuroki
AuthorRino Yamazaki
BroadcastJan 9, 2022 to Mar 27, 2022
ProducerAniplex, Shueisha, BS Asahi
Licensed byCrunchyroll, LLC
Muse Communication
Initial NetworkTokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, BS Asahi, MBS
Running Time23 minutes per episode
GenreSlice of Life, School Life, All girls school, Drama, Comedy
Official Websitehttps://akebi-chan.jp/
MusicKana Utatane
Highlights of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Anime

Story of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform anime

Komichi Akebi has often loved sailor uniforms and has even gone to the extent of ask her mother to create one for her if she is accepted into Roubai Academy, her mother’s alma mater. Komichi is so thrilled when she is admitted to the elite institution.

To her astonishment, the middle school not anymore enforces the sailor uniform as the required attire, which makes Komichi stand out among her classmates. In spite of this, Komichi is given permission to keep dressing traditionally.

Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Scene from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

As they navigate school life together, Komichi meets intriguing classmates and gains fresh confidence. They have a thrilling tomorrow ahead of them, hidden behind the vibrant shower of budding chances!

Komichi has always loved wearing sailor clothes (she was influenced by her hero Miki Fukumoto), and when she starts middle school, she even asked her mother Yuwa to create her a sailor-style school uniform.

She is thrilled to be allowed to wear her own uniform when she is admitted to her mother’s former private school, Roubai Girls’ Academy; however, she is shocked to learn that Roubai’s uniform policy no longer permits sailor uniforms and has been replaced with blazers.

The headmistress of the school cheerfully makes an allowance and permits her to wear the customary sailor uniform in spite of the circumstances.

Characters Appearing in the anime

Following are the main characters that appear in the anime:

Komichi Akebi

The protagonist of the Akebi’s Sailor Uniform story is Komichi Akebi. She is a stunning young lady with long black hair, blue eyes that twinkle, delicate legs, a slim body, and a full butt. In Year 3, Class 1, Komichi is Attendance Number 1.

For some reason, she has a deep hankering for the sailor costume. She has an outgoing attitude that is bright and honest, and she is eager to start school. She excels at athletics. Komichi, which translates to “alley,”
Akebi, Komichi’s last name, is Japanese for “future”.

Komichi Akebi
Komichi Akebi

Toko Usagihara

Touko is in 1st year 3rd class attendance number 2. She has good communication skills and a cheerful personality. She knows a lot of rumors about her classmates.

Toko Usagihara
Toko Usagihara

Minoru Ohkuma

A supporting figure in the Akebi’s Sailor Uniform story is Minoru Okuma. Minoru is in Year 3, Attendance Number 3, and is in Class 1.

She enjoys reasonable phenomena and stuff. She has a particular fondness for living things. Since arriving to Roubai Gakuen, she has developed a fascination with narrow roads. Minoru’s name translates to “fruit, nice outcome, truth.”

The meaning of Minoru’s last name, Okuma, is “large, enormous,” and “bear” (kuma).

Minoru Ohkuma
Minoru Ohkuma

Ai Tatsumori

The show features a supporting character named Ai Tatsumori. Ai’s attendance number for Class 1 Year 3 is 8.

She is a girl who strives to excel in every endeavour. She despises defeat and is incredibly driven to succeed. “Meeting, tryst, date, rendezvous” is what the name Ai signifies.
Dragon (tatsu) and “nursemaid, guard, protect, defend, obey” are the meanings of Ai’s last name Tatsumori.

Ai Tatsumori
Ai Tatsumori

Ayumi Togeguchi

She takes effort to avoid using a dialect. She doesn’t say much in class as a result of this. She can occasionally control her emotions, but not always.

Erika Kizaki

She was Komichi’s first classmate to meet. She exudes the air of a young woman, but she also has an adventurous side that enjoys mountain climbing and fishing.

Hitomi Washio

She is the tallest student in her school and has already established herself as a good volleyball player.

Hotaru Hiraiwa

She has pale blue eyes and white blond hair. The tiniest student in the group, she exudes mystery and unpredictability.

Where to watch Akebi’s Sailor Uniform anime for free?

The anime is available for streaming on popular sites like Crunchyroll, Roku, Funimation, Prime Video, Netflix etc. However, you will need to pay for the subscription to watch on these sites. You will find subbed and dubbed version with high quality and no ads on these sites.

However, if you would like to watch for free then you may do so here. But there might be advertisements and the quality might lack.

In the meantime, see the trailer of the series on YouTube from below:

YouTube video
Akebi’s Sailor Uniform | Official Trailer

What happens in each episodes?

There are 12 episodes in this series. Read the story as to what happens in every episode of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform from below:

Episode 1: The Sailor Uniform I Always Wanted

Komichi Akebi is a nice and outgoing person who just graduated elementary school and wants to make plenty of mates at her new school. She is getting near to realising her ambition of dressing like Miki Fukumoto, her favourite idol, by enrolling in an all-girls academy and donning a sailor-style school uniform.

Akebi and her younger sister Kao have a close relationship, and Kao shows her regret at seeing Akebi less frequently. Akebi’s mother Yuwa completes fitting the outfit the previous evening, much to his joy.

However, Akebi immediately notices that she is the only student donning a sailor uniform during the admission ceremony the next day because everyone else is dressed in blazers.

The academy’s headmaster meets with them and gives Akebi permission to put on her outfit if she so chooses. Akebi considers donning a jacket, but Kao persuades her that she should not be embarrassed of who she is. Akebi dons the sailor suit on the first day as a result.

She instantly catches up with Erika Kizaki, a colleague student, after arriving early in the morning. Akebi quickly befriends Kizaki after seeing that she has certain peculiar behaviours with the student sitting near to her in class (such as trimming her nails to reduce stress).

Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Scene from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

Episode 2: See You Tomorrow

Akebi exaggerates her presentation to the class because she never had to do it previously because she went to elementary school alone. She also keeps a record of everyone else’s introductions so she may use it later to meet others.

She meets two of her classmates while eating lunch with Kizaki: Touko Usagihara, a cheeky girl who soon begins up a conversation with her, much to Kizaki’s displeasure, and Tomono Kojou, a quiet girl with spectacles.

Akebi discovers that Usagihara and Kizaki are neighbours in the dorms, where many students who reside elsewhere—such as in Tokyo—have to relocate.

Usagihara persists until Akebi imitates a move Miki employs to apply lip balm in a particular way in one of her music videos, captivating the other three girls.

After interacting with the kids after school, Akebi goes back home to discover her missing father, who works out of town, just getting in.

He pretends to be asleep on the couch with Kao since he is unsure how to speak to Akebi again after such a long time. Later that night, after showing him her brand-new sailor gear, they arrange to engage in a lively chat.

Episode 3: Have You Decided on a Club?

Akebi shows off her athletic skills in physical education. Akebi is invited to several clubs when they recognise her skill, but she is unable to choose. Akebi tells Kei Tanigawa, the class representative, that she likes her legs and requests that she reveal more of them.

Tanigawa, embarrassed, declines and tells Akebi to choose a club quickly. Later on that day, when Tanigawa and Akebi are enjoying some music, Akebi requests that Tanigawa snap shots of her legs. Tanigawa silently admires Akebi’s audacity as she makes her way home. Tanigawa, emboldened by her newfound love for her, engages Akebi in light sexting.

When her mom startles her, she unintentionally sends her a photo. Akebi, who is shocked, compliments her photographic talents and makes a vow not to expose them to anybody.

Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Scene from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

Episode 4: My Image?

After joining the club, Kei asks Komichi to pose for some pictures. They begin immediately away, but Kei complains that Komichi doesn’t look like the pictures she has in her head. That was to be expected given that Komichi did nothing more than mimic Miki Fukumoto’s stances.

As a result, Komichi and Kei make a trip to the Mangetsu Dorm, when Touko and several of their classmates reside, as she starts to question what her “image” is. Komichi is really taken aback by the treats Touko produces, so she tries to create some of her own with Touko’s help.

Episode 5: I Want to Learn Lots

Another student in Akebi’s class, Minoru Ohkuma, enjoys the outdoors. She comes into Akebi and her sister while exploring the woods and observes them from a distance.

She recalls the day they first met, and during the following days she learned that Akebi is equally skilled with animals. After releasing a Japanese rat snake they had discovered on the school corridor, Akebi and Ohkuma show Akebi her research handbook, where she records details about the creatures she observes.

They agree to research their friends when Akebi reveals that she has a journal where she keeps notes on her peers. This leads to a number of funny and unpleasant situations. Ohkuma’s roommate Ayumi Tougeguchi leaves the building while carrying Akebi’s handkerchief.

Episode 6: There’s No School Tomorrow, Right?

During the weekend, Komichi decides to have Erika over. A week has gone before she realises it, but she doesn’t know how to ask because she has never asked someone to her place before.

As soon as Erika notices Komichi acting strangely, she extends an invitation to the school library so they can try to figure out what’s going on.

Erika’s book on fishing piques Komichi’s attention, and she tells Erika that she frequently uses a handmade pole to fish at a nearby lake.

Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Scene from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

Episode 7: Please Let Me Hear It

Another student in Akebi’s class, Oshizu Hebimori, hears some females playing an electric guitar. Akebi discovers her while studying from a music magazine.

She lies and claims that she can play the guitar when Akebi inquires about her musical aptitude, leading the latter to invite her to perform for her at a later time. Hebimori starts to teach herself how to play the guitar as soon as she enters her dorm by picking at a couple of her father’s strings.

Later on, though, Hebimori confesses to her companion Mai Togano that she is struggling to learn how to play the piano and keep up with her studies.

Hebimori is encouraged by Togano, who advises her to begin slowly, much like she did when she first started playing basketball.

Episode 8: I Want to Win Next Time

Now that midterms are finally over, some students are relieved while others are unhappy, and it’s time to choose who will compete in which disciplines at the next sports festival at the school.

For the swimming competition, Riri is chosen as the anchor, but Erika appoints Komichi for the same role, so the two girls fight to see who will be the anchor.

In elementary school, Riri qualified for the national competition in the swimming club, and Komichi has no desire to fight against her as a rival. Then Riri suggests that she and Komichi switch uniforms if she triumphs.

Episode 9: Ready… Up!

To purchase supplies for their forthcoming festival, Akebi joins up with Kizaki, Kojou, and Usagihara at the shopping centre. Akebi views herself as their guide because she has been to the mall before, but she becomes uneasy when she sees Usagihara showing the girls around.

After that, they visit a bookshop, where Kizaki spots a book she’s curious in. She is informed by Kojou that the book is the same one she was previously reading, and she offers to give her her copy.

She shares with the girls how her mother gave her while she was a little child her cherished handcrafted bookmark. Kojou grabs her book as they leave the house only to discover her bookmark is gone.

Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Scene from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

Episode 10: Fight On! Fight On!

Summer has here, as seen by the changeover to summer uniforms. Komichi is in command of the cheer squad in addition to her other activities as the sports festival’s practises have started.

She claims that she opted for the role so that she could observe everyone’s practise. Although Komichi has no idea what cheerleading entails, she starts to look the part after receiving some tips from a classmate.

Shijou Riona and Erika put a lot of effort into their tennis practise. Riona participates in the tennis club, but she is limited in her mobility. Then, Komichi arrives to support them.

Episode 11: Sharing This Time… With Everyone.

Akebi is supposed to perform a song and dance routine for the school as part of the sports festival’s after party, as stated on the sheet of paper, and she selects a song by Miki. Later, especially when Usagihara proposes it, Kizaki fantasises of playing the piano to Akebi’s performance.

Together with Akebi, Usagihara works to improve their equally subpar volleyball talents. Akebi is able to acquire the gym at her former primary school after being unable to arrange a room at Roubai for a practise session.

The next day, the teammates and Kao (whom Akebi consented to bring along after realising she feels just as lonely as she did back then) travel there.

Akebi, who is overjoyed to have friends at school for the first time, practises more frequently and harder than usual and noticeably improves.

When it is discovered that Usagihara requested the rest of the class to join them, Akebi is overcome with emotion, which makes this situation even better. Kizaki ultimately had to decline because she agreed to perform the song.

The next day, Akebi is motivated to win the sporting event and returns to school.

Episode 12: Sharing This Time… With Everyone.

Akebi performs an interpretative dance during the festival in front of the entire school. All her students see her moving to a Miki song played on the piano by Kizaki, and they observe that her dance motions match her cheering moves from the festival when she was a part of the cheer squad, encouraging them to perform well.

They all recall how Akebi supported them regardless of how they performed. Hiraiwa recalls in particular how she lost her badminton match, but Akebi quickly advised her to keep her composure and helped her perform much better in her basketball match.

In her choreography, Akebi is able to complete a big jump and a mid-air flip thanks to the encouragement of her friends.

In her own words, Kizaki expresses her admiration for Akebi and her gratitude for her assistance in rekindling her passion for music. The audience applauds both Akebi and Kizaki as the song comes to a close.

Akebi looks at her sailor outfit dangling from her window the next morning as she awakens and considers whether everything was simply a wonderful dream.

She gets to school early, and when their pals start showing up for class, Kizaki beamingly casts a glimpse her way in their classroom.

After winning the festival, a photo of Akebi with her classmates from grades 1-3 is displayed in the post-credits scene.

Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Scene from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

Reviews on Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Anime

Sailor Uniform by Akebi excels in visual storytelling. Even if the scenery is already stunning, the animation goes above and beyond to capture the minute elements of everyday life. Strands of her hair shimmer as Akebi strokes them because of how they reflect light.

The anime contrasts the movements she made during her presentation with the motions she made battling with her friends and supporting her classmates as she tells her life’s tale via dance.

Other students either peek at Akebi as she comes up to a friend to say good morning to her or are completely absorbed in their own talk with blinking eyes, shifting heads, and changing faces. The anime beautifully depicts life as it is, and it is a sight to witness.

The soundtrack and use of real-world sounds further the anime’s unvarnished depiction of reality. Miki, a well-known in-universe idol, suddenly appears on people’s phones and starts blasting through their headphones. An opening of a wooden door is accompanied by a flute music that sounds like birds.

Poster from Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Poster from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

The music is abruptly overtaken by girls laughing in a room’s corner during a private moment of amusement. The cast also uses a variety of feminine voices, including deep, light, loud, quiet, harsh, and sluggish. In this cast, no one voice actress stands out above the others; rather, the voices mesh well together.

I must, nonetheless, commend Manatsu Murakami for giving Akebi her first significant anime role.

I’ve just been singing the anime’s praises, but I must admit that it is an anime specifically chosen for ladies. There is neither a storyline nor any substantial or interesting character growth.

I’m aware that some people may find it tedious since it’s just reality as seen through the perspective of teenage females. However, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform is a present to me as a girl who cherishes her memories of her greatest school years spent with her pals.

It depicts the affection that exists in friendships and serves as a reminder of how lovely that love is.

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Unfortunately, she has severe social anxiety, and as a result, she often makes absurdly complicated plans to avoid social situations. She often faints when she is overwhelmed and vomits when she is anxious.

It doesn’t help that Bocchi won’t be attending the same middle school as Kai Yawara, her lone buddy from elementary school. Kai, wishing to be of assistance to Bocchi, breaks off their relationship and vows to make amends if Bocchi makes friends with all of her classmates.


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Although the series doesn’t have the extravagant animation of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform, it does have a very distinctive aesthetic that makes it stand out from other recent releases.


One of the three animes that CloverWorks published this season is Akebi’s Sailor Uniform. Although it isn’t as well-known as My Dress-Up Darling, its production, plot, and characters are just as compelling.

When Akebi starts middle school, her only two goals are to wear a sailor uniform like her mother and make plenty of friends. She completes the first one when her mother makes her a sailor-themed school outfit. She now makes every effort to achieve her second objective.

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