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Cygames and P.A. Works are the creators of the Japanese anime television series called as Akiba Maid War. Character designs are by Manabu Nii, music is by Yoshihiro Ike, and it is directed by Sichi Masui and written by Norihiko Hiki. The announcement was made formally on June 24, 2022.

On October 7, 2022, the show debuted.

The Akiba Maid War supposedly occurs in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. Akihabara, known for being the heart of nerd culture, is well-known for its shops and cafés with unusual themes, particularly its maid cafés in which the waitresses wear dresses as maids and engage in conversation and game-play with clients.

The show centres on Nagomi Wahira, a young woman who decides to come to Akihabara because she wants to work at a maid café. Fortunately for Nagomi, she manages to land a position at Ton Tokoton, also known as Pig Hut, a maid café.

Other NamesAkiba Meido Sensou
Story byYoshihiro Hiki
DirectorSōichi Masui
StudioP.A. Works
Initial NetworkTokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, BS11, SUN
ProductionShochiku, Fields, Cygames, Movic, Tencent Japan, Tokyo MX, dugout, Happinet
License bySentai Filmworks, Crunchyroll
Show runOctober 7, 2022 – present
Episodes9 (currently)
Length of episodes23 minutes per episode
Ratingviolence & profanity
MusicYoshihiro Ike
GenreBlack comedy, harem, slice of life, Action, yakuza, maids
Official Websitehttps://akibamaidwar.com/
ReleasedFall 2022
Highlights of Akiba Maid War Anime

Story of Akiba Maid War Anime

Set in Akihabara in the year 1999, a 17-year-old woman called Nagomi Wahira starts her new job working at a maid café with a pig motif in an effort to pursue her ambition of being an upbeat and diligent maid. Nagomi quickly discovers, though, that the world of Akihabara’s maid cafés is far more competitive than she had initially thought.

A lone girl travels to Akihabara in pursuit of her goal of working as a maid. There are several maid cafés in “Akiba,” of diverse types and ideologies.

Akiba Maid War Original anime poster
Akiba Maid War Original anime poster

One of them, the Oinky Doink Cafe, also known as the “Piglet House,” wants to meet new people. Together with another new employee, she begins work at the café, and soon after, her life turns into a crazy adventure populated with drill instructors, Extra-Akiba Terrestrials (EATs), red bat-wielding dangers, and maid fandoms.

Nagomi has to interact with the other employees of this café, including the companion maid Ranko, who is quite stern and doesn’t like Nagomi’s typically upbeat demeanour. This will make it difficult for them to get on, particularly when Nagomi develops an obsession with seducing Ranko.

Additionally, Nagomi quickly discovers that life in Akihabara isn’t as lovely as she had imagined. She must cope with all the challenges that relocating to a new location brings, especially because her housekeeping services cannot address every issue.

Despite this, Nagomi puts her head down and works to create the Pig Hut Akihabara’s top maid café, but she quickly discovers that not everything is as it appears.

Where to watch Akiba Maid War Anime for free?

The show has been currently licensed by Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks. Akiba Maid War anime first appeared on October 7, 2022 and is currently running (as of this writing).

You can watch the streaming on Crunchyroll or Hidive. However, you need to have a premium subscription or start a trial. The quality of videos are high definition and also you can watch without ads. New and latest episodes are aired usually on Thursdays/Fridays depending on your location.

In case if you cannot obtain a subscription, you may also watch Akiba Maid War Anime for free here or here. All the episodes are available both subbed and dubbed according to your liking. However, there may be annoying ads which you might have to put up with.

YouTube video
Official trailer of Akiba Maid War Anime

Character appearing in the show

Following are the main characters along with their description.

Nagomi Wahira

Nagomi had the vision of being a cute maid when she arrived at Akihabara. As a live-in Oinky Doink, she is employed. She is a strong-willed girl who persists despite setbacks but is horrified by the truth of maid cafes and the situation in Akihabara today.

She attempted to flee but was unable since she shared a room with Ranko, who appeared to be keeping an eye on her. Nagomi is a happy and vivacious young woman. Once she understands the real nature of maid life, her vitality wanes, but she still makes an effort to see the bright side of every circumstance.

She is among the few individuals in the café who believes issues can be resolved peacefully, which infuriated Yumechi.

Nagomi Wahira

Nagomi was deeply traumatised after witnessing Nerula’s murder in front of her, to the point where she left her job as a maid at Oinky Doink Café and switched to working as a ninja in a café decorated with ninjas.

However, she decided to follow some advise she received from her network of acquaintances after seeing how concerned her coworkers were regarding her and her involvement in a conflict.

Nagomi intends to return to her previous life as a maid, although she has changed a little because she used violence along with her new fighting skills while training to be a ninja.

She changed to safeguard their café, but she still won’t kill and will carry out the vow she gave to Nerula before dying by being like herself.

Ranko Mannen

A 35-year-old lady who always maintained a serious, professional manner, whether she was serving customers at the cafe or eliminating adversarial maids.

Ranko has a lengthy background in the Akiba Maids’ universe despite being presented as a newbie at the Oinky Doink Cafe. She had already served time in jail.

Ranko is a serious lady who maintains an unthreatening if not neutral demeanour at all times. Although the clients don’t really like her austere demeanour, Ranko nevertheless conducts herself professionally. She compensates for her lack of maid abilities with assassin-like gun skills.

Ranko character
Ranko character

She uses a duel pistol and has a very high combat strength; she is able to eliminate an entire maid crew by herself.

Whether she is serving customers at the café or shooting at competing maids, she always maintains a severe, professional tone. She doesn’t take offence when people make fun of her, but she finds it offensive when they disparage the café or the other employees.


A seasoned maid at the Oinky Doink Cafe who has a tiny but devoted following and the ability to read people so she can turn on her charm when necessary. Yumechi is a favourite client because of her twin tails of black hair, light complexion, and pink eyes.

Long white stockings and black Mary Janes complete her Ton Tokoton Café Maid ensemble. Although Yumechi is known for being flirty, she also has a shrewd and cunning side. Yumechi does a sweet show for her modest yet devoted audience.

Yumechi character
Yumechi character

She is, in fact, highly professional and blunt with anyone she considers to be a burden on her job. She also dislikes anyone who would interfere with the gratuities she receives from her regular customers.

The Oinky Doink Café’s first maid, Yumechi, makes the most money through her endearing rapport with patrons. In Episode 2, while playing poker, she notices minute variations in her opponent, calls attention to them, and almost tricks them all into believing she has a better hand.

She still fails since her opponents are still stronger than her. On the other side, she pretends to prepare Ranko’s surprise birthday since she believes that the employees is more essential than the shop manager.

She shot Kaoruko, who had insulted Ranko, and killed him.


She is a gyaru maid who is polite and well-liked yet carelessly nasty to customers. Golden eyes, tanned complexion, and bleached blonde hair worn in a high half ponytail are all features that distinguish Shiipon.

She is dressed as the Ton Tokoton Café Maid and accessorised with cosmetics and thigh-high black platform boots. Shiipon is the kind of girl who can relax and go with the flow. She doesn’t seem overly alarmed when she becomes involved in the Manager’s plans and speaks in a matter-of-fact manner.

Shiipon led a nomadic existence, moving from one thing to another without committing for an extended period of time. Shiipon comes out as a carefree individual who doesn’t put much effort into her work as a maid; she even muses on how she stumbled into the position by accident.


Shiipon resists when Sano imposes a harsh new schedule on the café maids, but Sano injures the other maids instead. Then Shiipon attempts to flee, even with Ranko’s help.

Still, Shiipon chooses to stay and modifies her demeanour and look to one that Sano likes of after witnessing the ousted Manager and Okachimachi rummaging through the cafe’s trash in search of food.

The Manager, aided by Shiipon and Ranko, hurriedly enters the café with Okachimachi and a bazooka after noticing Shiipon’s change. The café staff battle until Shiipon uses the bazooka to smash the Creatureland logo, reminding her pals that they worked as maids for pleasure, not for money.


She is a military maid from Russia. Zoya is a towering Russian woman with long, light grey hair and narrow, blue eyes. Due to her parents’ excessive strictness with her, Zoya resembles a stereotypical Russian woman: she is icy and never smiles.

Zoya is revealed to be a doll collector and to adore adorable things, despite her apparently icy demeanour. Zoya was raised by strict parents in the former Soviet Union and was not allowed to play with or touch anything cute. She was made to train in military warfare instead.

Zoya character
Zoya character

The initial encounter between Ranko and Zoya is awkward since the latter insists that Ranko isn’t a maid and disparages her violent behaviour.

When they are formally presented as battling competitors, Ranko claims Zoya is too cute to be a maid, to which Zoya counters that merely donning the uniform is sufficient. When they go to the final round, Ranko grins at Zoya and they both appreciate how cute one other is, which earns them respect.

After that, thanks to Ranko, Zoya is able to live her true self as a charming maid and begins working at the Oinky Doink Café, relying on Ranko to teach her everything she needs to know about being a maid.


They are the panda-themed mascot of Ton Tokoton Maid Café. Nothing more is known about them. Okachimachi sports the Ton Tokoton Café bow and insignia while dressed as a panda. Okamichi’s personality is unknown, although many episodes show that they help their coworkers through difficult times.

Oinky Doink Cafe’s mascot, despite being a panda rather than a pig. The panda is considered as a maid since they are dressed with a necktie and name tag, and their picture is shown on the board at the door.

Although Okachimachi does not know who they really are, they assist the other café patrons as required. In the kitchen of the Maid Casino, they activate the main gas valve, which causes an explosion to occur.

Scene from Akiba Maid War
Scene from Akiba Maid War


Nagi stands tall and has pink eyes. She had long, purple hair that was deep crimson on the underside. She is dressed in a striking purple vintage-inspired maid’s attire and matching dark violet boots. She is the Creatureland Group’s principal leader.

Nagi has a harsh attitude and won’t hesitate to murder anybody who opposes her. She holds the subordinate cafés to a strict code of loyalty and obedience, punishing them severely if they fall short.

Nagi frequently issues implied death threats to cafes if they demonstrate incompetence, are unable to pay their bills, or fail to do any tasks assigned to them; Oinky Doink Café is a frequent target as a result of the Manager’s bad judgement.

Nagi instructs the Debt Collector to manipulate the Omoe Maid competition so that her managed cafe, Dazzlion, wins by ensuring that each maid café complies with their instructions.

Oinky Doink females, who were unaware of such arrangements, defeat Dazzlionin in the Moe-sama climb, shattering the ecology food chain of cafés. The outcome meant that Nagi’s café would lose its top spot, and in a fit of wrath, she kills the debt collector to death for failing to do his mission.

Dateno Taira

Taira has brown eyes and short brown hair. She is elderly. Her outfit is a suit. Owner of the Akiba Fight Club, she Taira is a cold person who won’t hesitate to kill anyone who offends her. But she does like collecting anime miniatures.


Nerula is a young maid who has a low braid in her navy blue hair and pink eyes. She has an Invader Café Destron attire and little makeup. Nerula is a good-hearted young woman who prioritises her friends and her principles as a maid.

Nerula has some understanding of the yakuza-like business of the maids because she works as a maid at Invader Café Destron, which is operated by Maidalien, a competitor of Oinky Doink Café. She runs into Nagomi while distributing posters.

Nevertheless, she and Nagomi continue to remain friends and eventually become sisters-in-law. Despite the fact that she works as a maid for someone else, she genuinely cares for Nagomi.

Reviews on Akiba Maid War Anime

I imagined Akiba Maid War to be as sweet and moe as possible when the first trailers and plot summary appeared. I still had expectations for this programme to turn out to be enjoyable, wholesome, and a little cringe-worthy like any other café series even after the bloody first episode.

Although the pilot episode gave a clear indication of the direction the series would take—a yakuza gang war with maids—I was still holding out hope that the problems would be solved right away and that we would return to working to make the Oinky Doink the best maid café in Akiba, just as Nagomi had originally envisioned.

Scene from Akiba Maid War
Scene from Akiba Maid War

It turns out that the problems were never resolved, and the slaughter persisted, putting the café in its most severe state to date. I was genuinely surprised by how much I identified with Nagomi, the primary character. It took me six episodes to discover how similar we are to one another.

She shares my rosy expectations for the show in terms of how optimistic she is about maids in Akiba, and she also wants to put an end to this pointless conflict so that she can return to being cute and acting like a maid without being aware of the origins of this world where everyone is out to get everyone else.

Nerula, on the other side, works for the rival side, putting her life in danger. Since she initially appeared, I never anticipated her to pass away, and even less so did I believe that she would be simply another supporting character Nagomi would pass by on the street and forget about by the following episode.

Despite having little screen time, she proved to us that she was Nagomi’s real friend by risking her life for her. I grew to like her because of the genuineness and camaraderie she demonstrated, so it was painful to witness her die in Nagomi’s arms, her one real friend.

Other Similar Anime Recommendation

Following are some of the other anime similar to Akiba Maid War Anime.

Lycoris Recoil

Both Lycoris Recoil and Akiba Maid Sensou feature largely female characters that work in professions that are essentially fronts for their shadier and more nefarious pursuits. Both truly succeeded in keeping their genuine themes under wraps until their respective air dates in terms of marketing.

Thanks to a group called Direct Attack, there have never been fewer terrorist attacks in Japan (DA). Under its “Lycoris” programme, the group grooms orphaned girls to be murderers and carry out assassinations. Takina Inoue is a remarkable Lycoris with a drive for excellence and a clear sense of purpose.

Unfortunately, she loses patience during a hostage crisis, and as a result of her act of disobedience, she is transferred out of DA. She unwillingly makes her way to LycoReco, a café in disguise, her new centre of operations, not delighted about leaving the one place she felt at home.

Scene from Akiba Maid War
Scene from Akiba Maid War

Black Lagoon

A small-time salaryman named Rokuro Okajima is transporting paperwork for his employer when the ship he is on is assaulted by pirates.

After being kidnapped, he regrettably learns that his employers’ top priority is preventing the documents from falling into the wrong hands, even if that involves throwing the container to the bottom of the ocean.

Given that his old life has been destroyed and that his captors appear to be nice, “Rock” decides to join their merry band of assassins and embarks on a new career to the seedier regions of the South China Sea.

Princess Principal

The early 20th century saw the development of sophisticated military technologies and the initiation of war as a result of the discovery of the material cavorite.

The Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Albion are engaged in a secret conflict with London now split by a wall, and the only means of destabilising the adversary is espionage. Several female students from the exclusive Queen’s Mayfaire school serve as covert spies for the Commonwealth.

The dark side of seemingly adorable females doing sweet things is considerably more prevalent than what is seen in the previews and trailers. Furthermore, these episodes will have you wondering what will happen next.


The hub of the universe for the wackiest pastimes and amusements is Akihabara. Bright-eyed Nagomi Wahira relocates there in the spring of 1999 with aspirations of working as a maid café. At the Pig Hut, also known as Café Ton Tokoton, she swiftly dons an apron.

While pouring tea and interacting with clients is enjoyable, adapting to life in busy Akihabara is not. Nagomi must use all of her might to put the Pig Hut above all other maid cafés contending for top position, especially when paired with the grim Ranko who never appears to smile.

Scene from Akiba Maid War
Scene from Akiba Maid War

Since there have been many series in history that have performed better or worse than expected, it is hard to estimate how well Akiba Maid War will perform until after the dust has cleared and the Fall season has concluded.

If it can pull off what it wants to achieve in a way that draws viewers in and offers them the story and experience they want, Akiba Maid War appears to have all it needs to become a blockbuster hit.

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