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Akiba Maid War - Episode Description

Nagomi Wahira, a young girl, has always loved the adorable women working at maid cafés. She relocates to Akihabara in order to work at the maid café Ton Tokoton in the hopes of realising her ambition of becoming one.

When Nagomi and her colleague recruit, the experienced Ranko Mannen, are required to conduct a “errand” at a competing maid café, their first day appears to be entirely routine. There, things rapidly turn bad, and Nagomi soon experiences the bloody maid battles of Akihabara for the first time.

Nagomi discovers that maid cafés are very unlike from what she had imagined as she observes Ranko casually navigate her way through a swarm of maids brandishing guns and knives.

Nagomi looks for the joy she formerly witnessed in maids’ life while striving to balance her aspirations with the harsh reality she now finds herself in.

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Episodes Description

In Akihabara in 1999, a 17-year-old woman called Nagomi Wahira starts her new job working at a maid café with a pig motif in an effort to pursue her ambition of being an upbeat and diligent maid. Nagomi quickly discovers, though, that the world of Akihabara’s maid cafés is far more competitive than she had initially thought.

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Episode 1: Oink It Up! Starting Today, You’re an Akiba Maid!

An older maid in Akihabara is shot and killed by a competing maid in 1985 as she enters a teahouse. A girl called Nagomi Wahira is getting ready to start her new job working at the “Oinky Doink Cafe,” a maid cafe with a pigsty motif, 14 years later, when Akihabara is occupied by a variety of various maid cafes.

That same day, Nagomi and Ranko Mannen, a 35-year-old stern but competent maid, are immediately hired as new maids. Despite their eagerness for the job, the other maids struggle because of their inexperience. The manager of the café is suddenly threatened by a tough otaku for failing to pay her dues to his group, “Creatureland,” when he suddenly appears.

Episode 1 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 1 – Akiba Maid War

The manager, seeking a way out, offers Nagomi the chance to solve “the Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam issue,” giving her the job of hand-delivering a letter to the competing maid café. Prior to that, the management gives the owner of the ramen restaurant below some cash and permits Ranko to accompany Nagomi.

The two ladies visit Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam after finishing their ramen and learn that the letter was actually an invitation to assault. With a rifle she stole from the ramen chef, Ranko murders the head maid of Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam before escaping with Nagomi and the other competitor cafe’s maids.

Episode 2: Gambling Adoracalypse: Yumechi

The Oinky Doink manager is made to act as a golf course by the Creatureland agent as Nagomi attempts to absorb what happened the night before because she didn’t pay her dues and ruined his initial plan for Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam.

When the Manager meets a loan shark in desperate need of money, he forces her to give him the Oinky Doink Café as security before persuading her to wager the lent cash at the Maid Casino, where she blows it all. The manager declares that she is shutting the store, but when she sees that there is money in the till, she decides to drag the maids along so they can go back to the Maid Casino and try to win some money.

Episode 2 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 2 – Akiba Maid War

When the chief maid from the casino proposes to let them get in at “Moe Moe Poker,” where she serves as the dealer, the majority of the crew loses money in various games, but only if they are prepared to risk their own futures. The Oinky Doink crew loses one by one and is captured in a cage.

Yumechi discovers that the dealer and a fellow player are rigging the game to their advantage, but she still loses. When Ranko shoots the previous loan shark with a concealed weapon, liberating her coworkers and starting a new shootout, he returns to the scene to brag to the Manager and the Oinky Doink maids.

Episode 3: The Worth of a Maid’s Fist and Pancreas!

A guy named Kijima is in town to offer a woman by the name of Taira a duplicate of an uncommon anime character. To pay off the cafe’s debt, the Creatureland representative plans to engage Ranko in a staged boxing bout at the “Akiba Fluffy & Sweet Club,” which is controlled by Taira.

The manager assures Taira that Ranko would end the fight in the third round while the other maids serve as cornermen. However, just as Taira is ready to purchase the figurine, Ranko strikes first and wins the battle, prompting Taira to shoot Kijima out of rage.

Episode 3 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 3 – Akiba Maid War

The manager vows that Ranko will compete all the way to the finals before diving in the final round to save herself.

Taira presents her ringer, a Russian woman whom Ranko had previously met and who claimed that Ranko was too attractive to be a maid. Ranko counters that simply donning the uniform is sufficient. Then Taira permits Kijima to go to the finals and instructs Ranko to dispose of Kijima’s body. The Cafe Manager and Shiipon borrow money to wager on Ranko while pledging their organs as security.

The Russian criticises Ranko about not being a true maid during the finals, and Ranko is upset by this because the Russian admits in her own monologue that she wanted to be a maid but was only permitted to pursue non-cute activities and was unable to smile, destroying her tryout at an Akiba Maid Cafe.

Episode 4: The Inside Story! A Drillmaster for the Swine!

The leader of Creatureland publicly beheads a traitor in her organisation before dispatching trainers to every maid café. Sano comes to the Oinky Doink Cafe and ejects the Manager and Okachimachi before imposing a harsh new schedule on the cafe’s ladies.

Sano spends many days torturing the maids, making them participate in fights, assigning them the difficult chore of carving a sizable monument to Creatureland on the roof, and insisting that they each make at least 100,000 Yen in daily sales. Sano pulls the other maids onto Shiipon as she tries to launch a mutiny against her.

Episode 4 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 4 – Akiba Maid War

After observing the ousted Manager and Okachimachi rummaging through the cafe’s trash in search of food, Shiipon chooses to stay and dons new cosmetics that Sano likes. Shiipon then makes an attempt to flee and is even helped by Ranko. Sano departs the café at the conclusion of the week.

Shiipon and Ranko accompany the Manager as he enters the cafe with Okachimachi and a bazooka. The cafe staff battle until Shiipon uses the bazooka to smash the Creatureland logo, reminding her pals that they became maids for pleasure, not for money. Sano comes to the Oinky Doink café a few days later to see that everything has changed back to how it was.

Episode 5: Drowning in Red! A 36th Birthday Celebration!

Nagomi receives the suggestion from Nerula to throw a party for Ranko’s 36th birthday since Oinky Doink Cafe is in desperate need of money to pay the interest on the Manager’s debt. The suggestion is rejected by the other café employees, though.

However, Ranko and Nagomi continue to plan a birthday celebration and attempt to attract visitors by visiting a Creatureland affiliate called Cafe Sheep. However, Ranko and Nagomi depart after being humiliated by the maid Kaoruko and her patrons. Ranko remembers her previous position in 1985, when she was a teahouse employee and adhered to a rule of nonviolence.

Episode 5 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 5 – Akiba Maid War

Ranko and Nagomi are suddenly attacked by Kaoruko and a few sheep maids. Kaoruko holds them both prisoner and forces them into a huge barrel where she intends to drown them for their converging birthday celebrations.

Ranko reveals to Nagomi that she spent 14 years in “the joint” for her misdeeds and is grateful that Nagomi sought to organise a birthday celebration for her as the barrel fills with tomato juice. The other Oinky Doink maids race past the sheep maids to release the two at the last minute after receiving a tip from Okachimachi to go to Cafe Sheep.

Despite having no other clients, the gang then reveals their surprise party for Ranko as Okachimachi offers the manager the whole cash box.

Episode 6: Blood in a Sisterly Troth and the Menace of the Red Bat

Legendary Maid Manami Yamagishi, also known as the “Crimson Supernova,” is let out of jail and brought to the Maidalien organization’s headquarters. She seizes control of the organisation after criticising Maidalien’s existing commander for allowing Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam to be destroyed.

The Oinky Doink Manager is given a deadline by Nagi and the Debt Collector to deal with Maidalien’s leader or they would burn her café herself. Ranko and Zoya advise assassinating Maidalien’s commander when the Manager conducts a staff gathering to let them know the news because all other options would result in their deaths.

Episode 6 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 6 – Akiba Maid War

Nagomi, however, is unwilling to engage in battle since she believes that doing so will force her to harm Nerula.

The Manager advises that the two develop an official sisterhood relationship, and with the ramen chef’s assistance, they do so. The following day, Nerula overhears Manami ordering all Maidalien maid cafes to destroy the Oinky Doink Cafe.

Nerula makes an attempt to deter them by giving Nagomi a warning and informing a local police officer, but Manami and her assistant Miyabi pay the officer and quickly track down Nerula after learning that she was the mole. At around the same time as Nagomi and Ranko, the two discover her hiding place.

Nerula owns up to her wrongdoing and attempts to murder Manami, but she is battered and then shot dead in front of Nagomi. Nagomi then hears Nerula’s final remarks as the Maidaliens run away from the oncoming cops.

Episode 7: Creature Gang War Chronicles: The Bloody Extra-Akiba Terrestrial Showdown!

Nagomi vanished from the Oinky Doink Cafe a week after Nerula was killed. Ranko learns that Nagomi has begun working in a cafe with a ninja motif in an effort to flee the violence directed at the maids. However, after learning from several of Nerula’s regulars how highly Nerula regarded Nagomi before her passing, Nagomi quickly comes to regret her choice.

Nagomi makes the choice to employ her newly acquired ninja skills after speaking with the Ramen chef. Later, Manami returns with a huge group of Maidaliens to finish the Oinky Doink Cafe.

The odds are not in Ranko, Zoya, and Yumechi’s favour despite their strategies. Nagomi, however, shows up in her ninja garb and ambushes the opposing maids with kunai and smoke bombs to balance the odds.

Episode 7 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 7 – Akiba Maid War

Miyabi drags Manami away from the conflict, but when Manami phones for help, she learns that Maidalien’s leadership has made a deal with Creatureland to end the hostilities in exchange for Manami’s warriors and Oinky Doink’s staff killing each other.

Ranko and Nagomi follow the injured Manami to a park nearby, but Nagomi declines to murder her and demands that she continue working as a maid instead.

Manami hobbles back to Maidalien HQ, where she is shot dead by the executives. Then, while Nagi murmurs that the pigsty ought to have perished that day, a narrator says that with Manami gone, Creatureland has no one to stop them from incorporating all of Maidalien into their group.

Episode 8: A Blood-soaked Ballgame: The Kyun of Victory Shines On You

The Maidaliens were transformed into an Axolotl-themed maid café after being included into Creatureland. The Oinky Doink Manager and the Debt Collector show up to pay their respects as they organise a funeral for Manami, but their presence enrages them.

Nagi demands that a baseball game be used to settle the differences between the two parties. Nagomi is happy that the maids can play peacefully, but because the café lacks the necessary number of baseball players, the manager is obliged to employ three Venezuelans (José, Luis, and Antonio) to bolster Nagomi’s team.

The Oinky Doink squad gets off to a fast start, but it turns out that the Venezuelans were actually vacationers in Akihabara at the time rather than ballplayers. Ginko instructs her squad to begin cheating while they are behind, and one of the Axolotl maids smacks Nagomi with a bat.

Episode 8 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 8 – Akiba Maid War

Despite Nagomi’s efforts to keep the attention on the baseball game, the match quickly devolves into a brawl. However, a few of the Axolotl maids are moved by her tenacity and begin to disregard their manager’s screams. Ginko herself decides to intervene and swing a bat at Ranko, but Zoya knocks her to the ground.

Just before being stabbed with her own knife, Ginko is abruptly backstabbed by her own Axolotl mascot, who reveals out to be Miyabi. To conclude the game, the Axolotl squad resolves to act as though they are still alive, and Ranko triumphs with a last strikeout.

Ranko sees Nagi after the game and immediately recognises her as her long-lost sworn sister Uzuko. She is told by Nagi that she ought to have battled for their mistress in the past and that she now has to defend Creatureland.

Episode 9: Akiba Creatures Go Wild! Let the Moe Festivities Begin!

The “Lady Omoe Festival,” a celebration in honour of the first-ever Akiba Maid, is about to begin. At this festival, all the neighbourhood maid cafes sell their services and food to tourists before competing to climb to the top of a huge statue of Lady Omoe, where the maid cafe that succeeds gains more fame and customers.

The Debt Collector is entrusted with directing all Maid Cafes to make sure that Nagi’s own cafe, Dazzlion, wins the competition because Creatureland is this year’s festival’s lone organiser. But as the team gets ready to prepare some pigs feet and a booth to sell them at the festival, the Oinky Doink Manager immediately misplaces her copy of the rules.

Episode 9 - Akiba Maid War
Episode 9 – Akiba Maid War

Nagomi stays up all night before the Lady Omoe Festival starts to improve the stall’s appearance, but the festival’s planning prevents their booth from even appearing on the map. The other maids discipline Nagomi when she attempts to sell her pigs’ feet elsewhere.

As darkness falls, the Oinky Doink maids make the decision to jump ahead of the pack and compete in the race for real, unaware of the fixed rules. The maids physically battle it out for supremacy over the other Creatureland maids, with Nagomi placing the pig sign atop Lady Omoe in the end.

Following the competition, Nagi makes the choice to publicly name Nagomi the Lady Omoe for the year. Nagi, however, has the Debt Collector killed behind the scenes because she allowed them to win.

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