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Honkai Impact 3rd - Alien Space

Alien Space is part of the series called as Honkai Impact 3rd. It is the ninth volume in the manga series. In this page you will find details, background, chapters, characters and where to read the manga for free.

The 3D role-playing action game known as Honkai Impact 3rd was created by miHoYo. It is a free game and was released, and then ported to Microsoft Windows. It is Houkai Gakuen 2‘s spiritual sequel, featuring many of the same characters in a different plot.

In addition to hack-and-slash and social simulation, the game also features aspects of bullet hell, shoot ’em up, platforming and dungeon crawling in both single-player and multiplayer options. There are gacha mechanisms in it.

Highlights of Alien Space Manga

Official PublicationHonkai Impact 3 – Alien Space
Publisher, Author and ArtistmiHoYo
GenreAction, Sci-fi, Adventure, Shounen
First ReleasedJuly 2020
Comic TypeManhua
SummaryThe story is of 2029 where gates opened somewhere in the galaxy. The Sky People were ready to find the Beacon. But this story actually started in 2005, when after the 4th Divine Key’s repairs were finished.
CharactersHimeko Murata, Otto Apocalypse, Amber, Welt Yang, Ryusuke Murata, Frederica Nikola Tesla, Lieserl Albert Einstein and Ryoma Raiden
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Where to read Alien Space Manga for free?

There are total 17 chapters released for the series Alien Space till date. All the chapters are available for free to read on Crunchyroll which has the official publication rights. Which means you do not need a premium subscription of Crunchyroll in order to read this manga. Just visit the link and start browsing through the chapters.

The various chapters available to read are as follows:

  • Prologue
  • Extraterrestrial
  • Misdirection
  • Unlocking a Key
  • Odd Presence
  • The Attack
  • Machina
  • Standoff
  • Family
  • Choices
  • The Truth
  • The Savior
  • Determination
  • Secret Weapon
  • Alien Key
  • Singularity
  • Finale New Journey

In case if you are not able to access the manga from Crunchyroll link then there are other ways to access the manga. You can read them from here or here. Do let us know what you feel about this manga in the comment section below.

Characters Appearing in Alien Space Manga

Main Characters

Himeko Murata

Murata Himeko earned her PhD from the California Institute of Technology at the age of 21. She had originally hoped to pursue a career in science like her father, but the Houkai cost her everything.

The following year, Himeko accepted Theresa Apocalypse’s invitation to join the St. Freya High School Valkyrie troops in order to learn the truth behind her father’s death.

Himeko takes her responsibilities as a Schicksal organisation officer very seriously. She sees herself as a warrior who battles Honkai monsters and defends helpless people. Himeko has a strong sense of independence that some may describe as reckless.

To encourage her allies to continue the struggle, she would go out of her way to appear strong in front of them. Himeko is regarded as a genius as well because she graduated first in her high school class.

But outside of work, only those closest to Himeko are aware of her extreme laziness and messiness. It is clear from the fact that, before Kiana, Mei, and Bronya moved in, her apartment was so filthy that Kiana could only compare it to a dump site.

Himeko Murata
Himeko Murata

Otto Apocalypse

The youngest child of the Bishop of Schicksal, Otto Apocalypse was born in the 15th century. He is renowned for engaging in a number of covert experiments to restore the life of a loved one.

Otto was a little boy who was too weak to make a competent soldier. But his cunning and desire to become the best scientist quickly caused him to concentrate on improving weaponry and defence against Houkai Energy. Otto still had a strong belief in conventional science at this point.

Otto’s social commentary is largely covered up, but his affection for Kallen Kaslana, his childhood sweetheart, is sincere. One of Otto’s few pals during his lonely youth is Kallen.

After hearing about Otto’s studies, the comprehending Kallen voiced her understanding of him rather than any prejudice or fear.

This kind of acknowledgment is something Otto has never received from others, and it serves as further evidence that Kallen is unique. Thus, Otto’s one-sided love for Kallen was born out of this friendship.

As he grew older, Otto frequently exploited the influence of the Apocalypse family to work in secret with Kallen, considering Kallen’s desire to be more essential than his own life.

On one occasion, Kallen requested Otto’s assistance in travelling to Italy to locate a specific target. Kallen was shocked to see Otto dressed as a woman when the two arrived at their location.

Otto Apocalypse
Otto Apocalypse

Murata Ryusuke

The primary antagonist of the Alien Space manga is Murata Ryusuke. He was the father of Schicksal scientist Murata Himeko and a possible ally of the Sugars and Anti-Entropy.

Ryusuke is a tall man with black hair and light orange eyes. In addition to a black shirt underneath an open scientist coat, white gloves, a brown belt, light grey pants, and brown shoes, he also sports an indigo pendant.

His pupils sparkle, his sclera turns black, and the left side of his face develops black organs that resemble veins when he uses Pepper Mint’s abilities.

Ryusuke is incredibly enthusiastic and committed to achieving his aspirations; in fact, Ryusuke could even be described as obsessed with them. Ryusuke even refused to give up after being rejected by a space ship organisation and left his own family in order to pursue his dreams.

He doesn’t think twice about sacrificing his family in order to achieve his goals, although he does care about them to some extent. Outside of his passions with Welt Yang and his daughter, he also tends to be calm, prudent, and selfless.

However, as he moves closer to his goals, he starts to act irrationally, carelessly, arrogantly, and selfishly. He says that his efforts are “for humanity,” recklessly reveals his tricks to his enemies, and completely wastes the lives of other people.

Welt Yang

The current ruler of anti-entropy is Welt Yang. The manga revealed that, before to Welt Joyce’s death from an injury in 1955, he had inherited the name “Welt” and the 1st Herrscher’s core from him.

He has been in the supplemental comics, but Chapter 9-EX2 is his first appearance in the game.

In Chapter XII of the game, he is the second character to hold the 1st Herrscher’s power after his predecessor Joyce and before his successor Bronya.

Three hundred thousand lives, including Welt Joyce himself, are housed in his Herrscher core. Welt observes that it prevents him from even getting any sleep, yet he doesn’t regret it because it allowed him to witness the wonders of humanity.

Welt Yang
Welt Yang

Secondary and Minor Characters

Frederica Nikola Tesla

Frederica is one of the founder members and enforcers of Anti-Entropy. Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors of all time. Red bows are used to bind Tesla’s red hair into two twin tails. Behind her red glasses, she also has red eyes.

She even had on a red tie and a gauntlet. Nikola personifies the colour red. Her ensemble, which consists of a black dress and a white top with red accents, is monochromatic. She also adorns brown professional shoes and white tights.

Tesla is a somewhat impatient and impetuous inventor. Because she exclusively concentrates on her research, her room is a complete mess, which is made worse by the fact that she used to be an internet shopping junkie.

She also likes to indulge in alcoholic beverages rather frequently. As a result, she was even pulled over for driving under the influence and had to spend five months volunteering at a cemetery, where she became friends with the neighbourhood cats.

Additionally, Raven had previously decided to knock her out because she thought that she used language that was bad for children.

Frederica Nikola Tesla
Frederica Nikola Tesla

Lieserl Albert Einstein

Lieserl Albert Einstein, also known as Dr. Einstein, Ai Yin, Ji Wotou, and Liersel Baby, is a significant antagonist in the webcomics Anti-Entrophy Invasion and Moon Shadow Arc as well as Honkai Impact 3rd. He was first presented as a major heroine in the 2nd Eruption comic novels.

She debuted as an adversary in the game’s opening chapters until finding redemption in Chapter 9, as she aids the Hyperion rebels as they look into an underwater ancient civilisation. Lieserl also makes an appearance as one of the major protagonists in the Chinese graphic novel Anti-Entrophy.

She freely admits that she is consumed by her thirst for knowledge and will resort to dubious means to further her scientific objectives. Lieserl is extremely conscientious in her work and fiercely protective of it, to the point where she would become indignant if someone broke into her lab without her permission.

She is an atheist who does not believe in gods and finds immortality annoying—at least, she did until Welt Joyce, the First Herrscher, appeared and established the existence of Herrschers.

Lieserl Albert Einstein
Lieserl Albert Einstein


Otto Apocalypse created Amber, a mechanically improved bionic based on the genes of Kallen Kaslana, with the intention of assisting and serving its creator. She originally had the serial number A-303 assigned to her. Otto gave the order for A-310 to defeat A-303 after he “made” Theresa.

Otto was shocked when A-310 disregarded orders and spared her despite the fact that they had won. Theresa used to spend out with Amber in later years before she left for the Far East Branch since she regarded Amber as an older sister.

Ryoma Raiden

Scientist of anti-entropy Ryoma Raiden is the father of Raiden Mei.

Storyline of Alien Space Manga

Ryusuke is initially presented as he speaks to Lieserl and Frederica about Schicksal’s intention to use the 4th Divine Key to launch an attack against Anti-Entropy and his desire to prevent what he describes as a crime against humanity. Ryusuke is later seen reading headlines about aliens and listening to Pepper Mint talk while in an unidentified place.

Later, Ryusuke says he is extremely pleased of his daughter’s position and her deeds as he waves at her under a Sakura Tree and goes to her university graduation.

Ryusuke advises Himeko to enrol at a European university on the way there because his job forces him to remain in Europe. He also expresses regret that she had to live alone after her mother passed away.

Ryusuke is then seen putting a tool to open the 4th Divine Key in his pocket while he checks on the 4th Divine Key at the St. 7308 Laboratory. He is praised for his acts by Otto approaching him as he watches the Divine Key.

Ryusuke then informs him that the Divine Key needs maintenance as it has not been fully fixed, at which point he requests permission to travel to North America to see his daughter.

He avoids falling into its illusions until Otto, who was attracted by his request. Ryusuke successfully tricks Otto into believing he has no plans to hide them when in fact he has, and as a result, Ryusuke is given permission to take a vacation in North America.

After the incident, Ryusuke travels to Los Angeles at night and meets Tesla and Einstein.

Then, as Himeko shows up with her plate, Ryusuke is observed at the dining hall choking blood on a tissue but hides it. Ryusuke watches the weather report on television while they both eat, then he gets a call from Anti-Entropy that makes him leave his daughter alone.

After reaching the Anti-Entropy headquarters, Ryusuke apologises to Tesla and Einstein for the trigger that was inserted into the device and unintentionally launched the attack strategy.

While Einstein and Tesla debate how to decipher the trigger’s code, Ryusuke pleads with them for assistance since he has the means to find the key and his and his daughter’s lives are in threat.

Mangas similar to Alien Space – Recommendations

Second Eruption

Within one night, all of Babylon Labs’ employees disappeared. A special task group was sent by Overseer Otto of Schicksal to look into the occurrence. Nobody anticipated that this mysterious occurrence would rapidly gain international traction.

Second Key

The person within the second key spent years observing the big tree’s various worlds. He has seen innumerable civilizations rise and fall, and he is still looking for the route that led to humanity’s triumph over the Honkai. When the selected one entered his universe, his watch stopped.

London Holiday

Rita was assigned to a special inquiry while Valkyrie Durandal received a special holiday for her dedication. There were rumours about a strange Divine Key that might be related to the Britain Matter.

The Gratitude Arc

Theresa was fatigued after battling a pseudo-Herrscher when a strange stigma on her back knocked her out. While Bronya was entangled with a stunning beauty, Kiana, Mei, and the principal worked to revive her.

Moon Shadow

Schicksal was once more victimised by Anti-Entropy after it acquired a valuable item from a defector. Class monitor Fu Hua got a special mission assignment from the Overseer himself as the girls rejoiced over Major Himeko’s recovery from her Honkai condition.

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