Best 25 websites to watch anime free online in 2022

Best anime streaming websites of 2022

In this post you will find the list of best anime streaming websites available on the internet in 2022. Watch your favorite anime shows online for free using these services. We provide the list along with in-depth coverage on each of the sites with its features, pros and cons, availability, link etc.

Anime is among the most well-liked entertainment subgenres right now, and for good reason. It’s always interesting and packed with action, adventure, and mystery. You may filter anime on many of these websites by season, year, quality, and language.

The websites listed here are among the safest for streaming or downloading your preferred ultra-HD anime movies, cartoons, and TV series. With its emphasis on friendship, healthy relationships, family time, community order, and teamwork, anime has been shown to be a useful pastime for children under the age of twelve as well as a getaway for older generations.

How to watch anime safely?

Unlike common assumption, it is acceptable to access respectable websites like those we shall discuss today and watch anime for free. Unlike torrenting, none of the websites listed below require a VPN subscription to stream anime. To view an anime, all you have to do is visit one of the websites.

You will learn about 25 of the top websites in this article where you may watch free anime movies and television shows. Anime fans can stream their preferred anime series and movies whenever they want by selecting from a wide variety of online digital streaming services. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the top 25 free and paid (with free trials) anime streaming websites.

It is illegal to watch copyrighted video using a free streaming film service, and if found, you could be subject to legal repercussions. While we do advise utilising a VPN to stream video online, this should only be done for legally available titles since we never support accessing illegal content.

Although watching anime is entertaining, if you’re caught torrenting, it could get you in legal problems. Users that stream anime online are highly encouraged to always use a VPN connection. A solid anime VPN conceals your identity, avoids government monitoring, unblocks geographically restricted content, and guards against ISP blocking.

Some of the good VPN you may use are Proton VPN, NordVPN, TunnelBear etc. They have both free and paid versions to choose from according to your requirement.

In case you want to make videos for your social circles with anime templates then you can try Capcut free video editor app.

Top Anime Websites to Watch Free Online

1. Crunchyroll

One of the largest collections of Asian dramas, manga, and anime can be found on Crunchyroll. You can easily view your favourite anime series and movies on the platform because it offers such a large range of fresh and interesting anime. On the website, there is a search option where you may look for anime by season, genre, or trend.

The website offers both a basic and a paid package. The free edition has advertising, although they are very little. But you may just subscribe to a subscription model if you want more features. On Crunchyroll, you can watch My Hero Academy, Yuri on Ice, and a tonne of other intriguing shows.

Crunchyroll website screengrab


With over 30,000 episodes, CrunchyRoll is the largest streaming platform for anime programmes of all genres. The best feature is that an episode is uploaded just an hour after it is released in Japan. Manga can be found there in abundance.

You may write reviews and upload videos on Facebook and Twitter using the website. English, Dutch, France, Italian, and more languages are supported.

The free standard edition only lets you access a small selection of episodes and manga.
Additionally, through social, events, games, consumer products, content distribution, content production, and manga publication, Crunchyroll offers experiences to strengthen fan interaction and community.

Various payment options are available such as Credit Card, PayPal etc. It also supports devices such as Roku TV, Android OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Offers a regular version for free. It offers an easy-to-use UI that looks good but it contains ads.

Availability: All major regions. To watch in geo-restricted areas, use a VPN.

Watch Here.

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2. 9Anime

The well-known website 9anime will be a perfect spot where you can binge-watch some of your favourite anime series if you prefer a clear and simple website interface and a wide selection of anime episodes to choose from.

From action to vampire, 9anime has more than 40 categories to choose from. The majority of the content is stream able in 1080p high definition. There are both dubbed and subbed versions. Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and Naruto are a few of the most popular anime series.

Your movies can be filtered by season, year, quality, type, and language using a very helpful navigation tool.
The frequent in-between-page adverts are quite bothersome, but you have to put up with them in order to view a big library of anime for free.

9anime watch anime for free
9anime watch anime for free


Versions in subtitled or dub form are available free. No sign-up is required. Enjoy HD quality videos. Schedule for upcoming anime series is shown. However, videos intros are cut off. There is no way to download anime series.

You may watch anime on this website without creating an account. Users can change the website’s interface from dark to light settings and vice versa, making it highly user-friendly. You can read user reviews of any anime film you choose to watch in the comment section provided by the streaming site. Regarding ads, the website is entirely ad-free. Website’s slow loading speed might be a concern.

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

3. Funimation

Funimation, a fantastic anime site that is owned by Sony, is well known for publishing dubbed foreign media like anime, TV series, etc. Funimation should be your first port of call if you prefer English audio and dislike watching international anime with subtitles.

It also makes available PS programmes that let you watch hundreds of anime episodes. You will be required to put up with advertisements while watching your favourite anime if you use Funimation’s free service, which is a disadvantage.

Funimation anime streaming
Funimation anime streaming


The fantastic interface, incredible anime titles, and subtitled and dubbed selections of Funimation are well-known. This fantastic anime website, which is owned by Sony, is well known for publishing dubbed foreign media including anime and TV episodes.

The free option does not get you access to translated content and displays a lot of advertisements. You can view more than 15,000 hours of anime anytime, ad-free, with any of their two premium choices ($5.99/$7.99 per month).

Availability: USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (soon to be Mexico & Brazil)

Watch Here.

4. Amazon Anime

You may easily buy animated film CDs on the Amazon Anime marketplace. You may easily search for the anime you need with our website. It offers shows that can be subtitled or dubbed based on your preferences.

It provides various well-known programmes in HD resolution, like Grand Blue, Pokémon, and Made in Abyss. Amazon Prime, a competitor of the dominant streaming service Netflix, provides access to thousands of episodes, movies, and anime titles that may be seen at any time, anywhere.


More than 230 titles in the anime category can be accessed for free by Amazon Prime subscribers, and there are 700+ additional titles that can be rented or bought.

Your movies can be filtered by season, year, quality, type, and language using a very helpful navigation tool.
The monthly subscription fee for Prime Video is $8.99, but those who qualify can get a discounted membership for $5.99. You can still take advantage of your 30-day free trial even if you decide that’s not for you.

  • Enables simple anime purchases.
  • Provides videos of different performers and directors in animation.
  • Numerous subtitle options are available on Amazon Anime.
  • HD and 4K animation quality is supported.
  • English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, and more animation languages are supported.
  • Options for payment include a credit card, pay at delivery, debit card, UPI, and EMI.
  • Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, FireTV, iOS, Android, smart TVs, Blu-ray, TiVo, and Nvidia Shield are among the supported gadgets.

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

5. Hulu

The Disney Company and Comcast are the owners of the internet streaming service Hulu, which is licenced to great works produced by some of the most well-known anime studios in Japan.

One of the biggest streaming content galleries among commercial online content platforms may be found on the website. It should go without saying that some of the best anime movies are also produced there.

You may download movies from Hulu and watch anime on any device you own, including an iPhone, tablet, or laptop.



  • Hit movies, current and vintage TV shows, and unrestricted instant streaming are all available on Hulu.
  • You can watch videos with this app on your TV, phone, laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Plans that include Disney+ and ESPN+ are available.
  • And it has rights to some excellent titles from well-known Japanese anime studios. The largest ad-free streaming library will be available to you.
  • To watch it offline, you can download hundreds of titles.
  • This alternative to YouTube platform provides live TV with more than 65 prominent channels.
  • Provides a customised TV experience.
  • American Express, PayPal, Venmo, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are all acceptable forms of payment.
  • Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, iOS, Android, PCs, Macs, and many more devices are supported.

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

6. GoGoAnime

Another distinctive anime website is gogoanime, which provides, among many other things, the opportunity to order anime. You may watch anime online without charge thanks to this website. You have more alternatives with this service because you may select from a variety of servers to watch anime.

There are other anime in this collection from various genres, including horror, action, gaming, and more. The website is entirely devoid of advertisements so that high-quality, uninterrupted anime streaming is possible. It stands out for having a really straightforward user interface and for having a selection of a few of the best anime movies in existence today.

You can watch dubbed anime videos on this free anime website instead of subtitled ones.

Gogoanime website
Gogoanime website


  • GogoAnime is renowned for having a large selection of both recent releases and timeless older ones. It is an excellent location to watch anime for nothing at all because it is totally free.
  • GogoAnime features a variety of genres, including action, gaming, horror, drama, and more. Dubbed and Chinese animated shows are available to watch.
  • You can also ask for the clips you want if your favourite show isn’t included.
  • Chinese anime such as Ling Qi, Shuangsheng, Aishen Qiaokeli-ing, Doupo Cangqiong, and others are also accessible.
  • Even without a subscription, enables you to download your favourite episodes.
  • Supported Devices: PC, Roku, Amazon FireStick TV, Android, iOS, and other gadgets.

Availability: All major regions

Watch Here.

7. Animesuge

Top anime programmes like Naruto and Attack on Titan are available for free viewing on the website Animesuge. You may watch anime online on the website with English dubbing and subtitles.

The website has fast streaming servers, up-to-date content, quick access, and other great features that make it simple to watch anime online.

An account is not required to watch anime on Animesuge. The website also has a completely automated video search tool and relatively little advertisements. As a result, you can find any anime you want on numerous streaming services by using an automatic search.



  • The top anime are found on the website Animesuge for no cost. Additionally, it offers debate, live chat, and anime streaming.
  • This website has an SSL certificate, which guarantees that your data won’t be subject to any cyberattacks, making it completely safe to use.
  • Because it does not hold any unlawful content, this website is likewise completely legitimate.

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

8. Animedao

A website to watch well-known anime films is AnimeDao. You can conduct searches in both English and Japanese for your preferred animation videos.

Regarding video quality, loading times, and material availability, it is favoured among anime fans worldwide. Depending on your connection speed, you can easily change the video quality from 340p to 1080p.

The newest anime episodes and films may be found within a few days after release on the top-notch anime streaming service Animedao.

It’s fantastic that you have the option of subtitled or dubbed content.
It is a top-rated free anime website that provides quick access to current, free anime content with quick load times.


  • The videos can be bookmarked
  • Search for animation based on alphabet
  • The website provides both dark and light themes
  • It notifies users about impending anime
  • A neat user interface.
  • This is a free website
  • PC and Mac devices are supported
  • Provides low-bandwidth usage.
  • Drawback is nothing can be downloaded.
  • Permits you to modify video quality according to your connection.
  • Provides a wide variety of contents.

Availability: All major Regions

Watch Here.


One of the most popular anime websites in the world, Kissanime features anime shows in a variety of genres, including drama, science fiction, horror, action, comedy, sports, and more.

On KissAnime, you may download any anime for offline viewing when you don’t have access to the internet and watch it for free online.

Additionally, KissAnime provides free anime in every quality, from 240p to 1080p. For improved comprehension, it also includes embedded English audio and subtitles.

It is not necessary to register for a Kissanime account in order to view your favourite anime, but doing so will make it easier for you to manage your favourite videos and episodes.


  • You can ask for your preferred animation videos
  • It offers classifications for things like action, humour, dub, adventure, and more
  • It offers both subtitled and dubbed versions
  • Provides a sophisticated filter search.
  • It is an unpaid website
  • Devices that are supported include Windows and Mac OS, as well as Android and Apple iOS devices
  • Enables offline downloading and viewing
  • Not all gadgets are compatible with it
  • You can select the video resolution
  • lightning-fast loading

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

10. AnimeFreak

This anime website boasts more than a million monthly visitors and all the elements necessary to draw in fans of anime and manga. It is a free anime website with a largely uncomplicated layout that provides a sizable selection of subtitled and dubbed anime.

You can explore by genre and popularity, however it doesn’t have a filter option and has a simple structure.
The website’s homepage features a chat box for registered users where anime enthusiasts can discuss anything anime-related.

AnimeFreak caters to consumers that are content with a simple internet anime streaming service. It excels at achieving this goal.

Watch and download anime that has been dubbed or subbed in high-quality without registering. It offers round-the-clock assistance and is frequently updated with the newest shows and movies.



  • Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported web browsers
  • Option for compiling a collection of your favourite animations
  • Watch videos without having to wait
  • It’s simple to look for the newest and most well-liked anime
  • There is also a community for anime
  • It is a free website
  • Android, Windows, Firestick, and iOS-compatible devices
  • It is totally unrestricted
  • However, it has a lot of advertisements.
  • To see or download the contents, there is no need to register.
  • Pleasant user interface

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

11. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList, also known as MAL, asserts to have the largest community and database for anime and manga.

Over 500,000 individuals per day visit MyAnimeList, an anime social networking site featuring forums. Before beginning a new anime series, you can browse user reviews. Additionally, you can establish a fan club by locating individuals who share your interests.

You can make lists of the anime series you plan to watch, as the website’s name suggests. MAL also holds competitions to encourage users to finish their lists ahead of time.

You may watch your favourite anime for free online, but for $2.99 a month, you can remove the advertisements and access extra features that let you interact with the community.



  • Add or read evaluations
  • Organize groups with people who share your interests.
  • Discuss your favourite anime-related subjects.
  • Create blogs or suggestions.
  • For an ad-free version, a monthly/annual membership and checking in are necessary.

Availability: USA, Canada, UK, and various other English-speaking countries

Watch Here.

12. ConTV

A distinctive multiplatform called Contv broadcasts films, TV shows, anime, and even comic books. Contv offers everything, from romance to horror.

It is an all-in-one place. It offers many genre categories and a beautiful interface. Even better, live TV and your favourite anime are always available to view.

Fans of Comic Con can get information online at CONtv. The website features more than 1000 hours of programming that celebrates the strange, funny, and spooky content that is honoured during cons.

They offer outstanding anime programmes and movies, including cyberpunk, spooky stories, riveting dramas, and grand fantasy adventures, to satisfy the needs of anime enthusiasts.

Because there isn’t a filter option, you must either use search or simply explore.



  • You can use it to watch original programming, genre films, comics, and more.
  • The web, iOS, and Android mobile platforms all support this application.
  • To the watch list, you can add videos.
  • You can watch your preferred live TV or anime whenever you want.
  • Roku, iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and Xbox are supported devices.
  • There is posted uncut, original material.
  • There isn’t much content in the free edition.
  • It has distinct children’s section.

Availability: USA. Use VPN for other locations

Watch Here.

13. Asian Crush

Asian Crush is the website for you if you’re an avid fan of Asian movies and television shows. The website also offers a sizable collection of anime. It also features a blog where you can read the most recent news on the Asian film business.

The only ways to search their repertoire are by movies or shows, nation, and genre, and the filtering choices are pretty rudimentary.

You have the option to order alphabetically, by newest, or by most popular.

With the AsianCrush app, you can stream wherever you are, anytime you want, ad-free, and with access to only premium content, all for $4.99 per month.


  • Everything streams in one spot, from Japanese animation to Chinese martial arts.
  • It also features a blog where you can read the most recent information on the Asian business world.
  • K-dramas, anime, and Chinese TV shows can be accessed
  • Accessible from all platforms, including Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire
  • Search results by theme, area, or genre
  • Movies or collections divided into subcategories like lousy romance, award-winning movies, etc.
  • There are numerous adverts.

Availability: North America. Use VPN for other locations

Watch Here.

14. NicoNico

The ability to comment on videos is what differentiates NicoNico from other online anime services. The comments are directly placed on the movie and timed to certain playback intervals. Users can enjoy a shared watching experience as a result.

Users can also upload, view, and share video clips, as well as use “Nicoscript,” which allows uploaders to add unique features to videos such as voting, automated transition to another movie, quiz scoring, and other features by utilising specific instructions in the uploader’s comments.

Additionally, they can make “Mylists,” a feature akin to browser bookmarks.

On Niconico, in addition to a big library of free anime videos, there is also a sizable community part that is backed by extra services like a Commons section and Niconico pedia.



  • Tagging and commenting on videos
  • Construct “My list” folders
  • Manga, e-books, and anime artwork are also available
  • Videos of a high quality are available
  • Ads are too numerous in the free edition

Availability: USA, Japan, Taiwan(China)

Watch Here.

15. NetFlix

Without Netflix, of course, no list of premium streaming anime would be complete. For a single fixed monthly subscription, watch Netflix animation on your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming device.

Plans cost between $8.99 and $17.99 per month. As well as that, a 30-day trial is free.

Netflix has a sizable selection of anime programmes, and it is said to have made significant financial investments in this area of its programming by creating original television shows and films as well as major licencing deals for well-known franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cardcaptor Sakura, Saint Seiya, and others.

The majority of anime are accessible in English dub audio, while the other titles are only available in Japanese audio with subtitles in English and other languages.


  • It has unique content of the high quality and provides kids’ programming in a variety of languages
  • Give ad-free streaming options
  • You may watch thrilling kids’ TV, action movies, and more
  • Enables you to download your preferred anime to a mobile device
  • There includes a huge selection of films, television programmes, anime, series, and KDramas.
  • Multiple payment forms are allowed
  • Android, Smart TVs, Windows, laptops, PCs, Macs, and iOS are all supported devices.
  • It has huge library of online streaming media
  • You must purchase the package in order to watch without ads.
  • It also allows downloading.
  • Supports a variety of gadgets.

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

16. Chia-Anime

One of the most well-known anime websites, ChiaAnime, makes it simple to watch both current and classic anime. The website provides a pleasurable environment for exploring and viewing anime.

As soon as a popular anime series airs in Japan, you may watch it on Chia-Anime, including Hero Academia, One-Piece, Dragon Ball, Kokora, and others. Additionally, Chia-Anime offers a unique feature that updates you on the most recent and popular anime at the moment.

Chia-Anime has a fantastic UI that makes it simple to navigate and allows users to search for anime based on a variety of genres.

More than 1000 top-notch anime clips are available for watching online at Chia Anime.

The website’s user interface is up to date and effective.
You can search alphabetically and filter results based on genre, studio, type, season, most popular, and other factors.

No files are kept on the Chia Anime website’s server, and all content is supplied by outside sources. This may prolong the loading time of the video.


  • It provides a list of genres, including action, comedy, magic, and space.
  • It is simple to view new anime series.
  • You may watch the newest and most well-liked movies.
  • It offers visual content for manga soundtracks and manga series.
  • It is a free website
  • Mac, iOS, Windows PC, Android, Amazon Fire TVs, and Smart TVs are among the supported devices.
  • Easy access to the anime
  • Ad-related interruptions
  • Rapid loading of videos
  • There are no-cost dubs available

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

17. Masterani

Masterani is a website where you may watch cartoons and television shows. This website allows you to search for anime series that are available for unrestricted streaming.

You may also register for an account and utilize the anime discussion feature to interact with other anime fans while talking about your favorite shows. You can watch anime in HD for free on Masterani in 1080p/720p/480p quality and with English, Chinese, and other subtitles.

The website solely distributes links to or iframes from publicly accessible online video content; it does not host any kind of video files. thus occasionally reduces their speed.
There are anime video in every category, a search feature, but no filters. The chat feature is available.


  • UI that is user-friendly
  • One of the quickest sites for streaming anime is this one.
  • It doesn’t require registration or any other information to use.
  • Based on reviews and ratings, you can learn more about an anime.
  • Free anime streaming website
  • Mobile phones, PCs, and Macs are all supported devices.
  • It streams quickly.
  • Forum for discussing anime

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

18. Anime Planet

You may watch anime online for free on the Anime-Planet portal. 45,000 animated episodes are available on this website. You can use it to construct a list of anime. By becoming a member of the community, it is possible to make friends and connect with other anime fans. It gives you access to a number of extra features that enhance your experience, such as forums, character rankings, custom lists, etc.

On Anime-Planet, you can watch more than 45,000 legal, industry-supported anime episodes for nothing. The website also offers a significant collection of Manga that can be read online.

There is a sizable fan community with forums, reviews, and personalized lists (you must register to participate).
You can search for anime shows and movies by name, rating, studio, kind, episodes, season, and staff, among other very helpful filtering options.


  • It provides animation suggestions
  • Accessible series browsing
  • The top anime list is available
  • Offers a library of manga
  • Also shows the videos’ Meta descriptions
  • Compatible with a variety of gadgets
  • Low levels of advertising
  • Gives you access to a community of anime fans.

Availability: All major regions including USA

Watch Here.

19. Soul Anime

Animations can be viewed for free on the website Soul Anime. One of the greatest places to view popular anime films includes black clover, new fairy tale series, dragon ball heroes, and more.

You may quickly narrow down your options for anime based on genre or alphabet. There are more than 60000 episodes and over 4000 anime series.

However, the website for SoulAnime is quite ugly, which may put some people off. The platform is still useful for watching free anime online.

It offers a wide variety of both old and new anime to watch and is easy to navigate. The most recent anime episodes are often updated an hour after they air.


  • Lists various animes
  • Find an intriguing movie quickly
  • Daily updates on the episodes are provided
  • Alphabetical and genre-based grouping
  • Unlimited streaming is free
  • It displays ads, which is disruptive.
  • Versions in both Dubbed and Subbed formats.
  • Enables the download of the anime.

Availability: Worldwide

Watch Here.

20. AnimeLab

Free anime website AnimeLab is well known for providing quick access to the most recent episodes broadcast in Japan.

In other words, it will be accessible on the website one hour after the broadcast. With its convenient categories like newly added, popular series, genre, etc., it makes it exceedingly simple to search for the needed anime.

You can choose the premium edition of Animelab if you want to remove the adverts and prefer English audio over subtitles.


  • versions with subtitles and dubbing
  • quick updates
  • compatible with a variety of devices, including Android, iPhone, etc.
  • dubbed version only available to subscribers
  • advertising in the free version

Availability: New Zealand and Australia

Watch Here.


You may download dubbed anime in HD resolution in addition to watching anime for free. Every single anime subgenre, including action, children’s, drama, fantasy, and more, is covered on this page.

Its well-designed and customer interface further distinguishes this anime streaming service from its rivals. Since they forbid adverts on their website, there is no need to register, and the website is free of malware and viruses. Additionally, they provide sneak peeks of upcoming anime movies so that you may see what’s to come.

Based on your Internet access, the streaming service also gives you the option of adjusting the movie quality from 360p to 720p or even 1080p while simultaneously streaming anime to many devices.

Watch Here.


A website for fans of manga and anime is called Simplyaweeb. The website doesn’t have any adverts or extra fees, and it offers free distribution of anime.

There are numerous collections of anime films, both well-known and obscure, old and new. Additionally, the website provides a wonderful categorization of anime into categories (for example, Most Watched, Dramas, and Family).

Additionally, Simplyaweeb provides a number of high-caliber substitutes from which you can select the most appropriate option for your network.

Watch Here.

23. Viz

Manga publishing and distribution company VIZ is based in America. In the entire country of the United States, it is the largest producer of comic books and graphic novels.

For thirty years, one of the entertainment firms providing the best anime and manga to English-speaking audiences has been VIZ. It may be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and used on any smartphone running Android 2.2 or above.

You may even install the app on your smartphone to view anime indefinitely. If you’re a true anime lover, you may even publish articles and reviews or share your anime artwork with the community.

You can decide which anime is worth viewing with the aid of anime trailers and reviews.

Watch Here.


Japanese film archives can be found on With more than 35,000 movies and TV series, it is an ad-supported portal. You may look up animated films, including both recent and venerable hits.

It has 250+ entertainment partners and over 95 local networks. The platform offers high-quality material in high resolution and functions amazingly well on all platforms.

There is also a sizable selection of anime available for free online. Despite having a smaller selection than some of the other platforms on our list, it still has some of the best anime produced in Japan.

A 15-minute ad break is included while streaming high-definition movies, TV programmes, and anime.
Sadly, there is no effective technique to filter anime television.

Watch Here.

25. Aniplus

AniPlus Asia is a website dedicated to anime fans only. After the free trial period of one month, you must register as a member of AniPlus. The videos can even be liked, shared, or commented on.

The only ways to search their repertoire are alphabetically, by year, and by genre, and the filtering choices are pretty limited.

To join the anime fan community on Aniplus, you simply sign up.

Its AnimeInMyLife campaign, created by anime fans for anime fans, is a very distinctive feature. Here, you may show off your passion for anime by submitting a work of art, a photograph, or a little film, and you’ll have the chance to win fantastic rewards.

Watch Here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which are the top anime streaming sites?

Online collections of numerous animated films, cartoons, and TV shows are found on anime websites. Visit these websites to find anime in a variety of genres, including action, comedy/slice-of-life, drama/tragedy, psychological, historical, military, supernatural/magic, romance, and many others.

Similar to sites for streaming movies and TV shows, anime streaming services are mostly used for streaming anime shows, films, and series.

On other websites, however, you may also read manga online and participate in numerous community activities including posting videos, participating in forums, and creating fan pages. Some anime websites have their own shops where fans can buy anime goods.

A free anime website will always include advertisements and possibly a difficult-to-use user interface. A monthly subscription charge is required if you like to watch just premium anime content. There are compromises with both choices, so ultimately it comes down to your needs, your budget, and if you’re a regular anime viewer.

Where can I watch anime for free?

As described earlier, there are lot of options from where you can watch your favorite anime for free. Choose the option that fits your requirement from the above and click the link to watch. Note that not all the websites are available in all regions. You need to use any of the VPNs to access the same.

There are a lot of VPN options available on the internet using which you can safely watch anime. Also, not all shows are available on each website . Just go to the respective anime site and enter the name of the show in the search box to find out whether they offer that anime.

Some of the above mentioned options are subscription based where you need to pay money and watch the shows. While there are other free options to choose from. Just click on the link, search the name of the show or filter through categories. High definition video options are available on most of the websites.

Finally, anime is a fascinating hobby that appeals to people of all ages. To help you more easily watch anime online for free, we have compiled the websites listed below.

  • Crunchyroll
  • 9Anime
  • Funimation
  • Amazon Anime
  • Hulu
  • GoGoAnime
  • Animesuge
  • Animedao
  • AnimeFreak
  • MyAnimeList
  • ConTV
  • Asian Crush
  • NicoNico
  • NetFlix
  • Chia-Anime
  • Masterani
  • Anime Planet
  • Soul Anime
  • AnimeLab
  • Viz
  • Aniplus

What are features of Anime and Manga?

Anime, which comes from the word animation, denotes an animated film. It is a Japanese cartoon movie or television program. Although it is also made in Japan, manga is a term for still images that have been organized in a book. It is similar to a comic book produced in English-speaking nations.

The majority of anime, although not all of them, are inspired by or based on manga, or graphic novels. Manga is frequently based on true or made-up stories. The way they are written and portrayed transports the audience into a fantastical setting.

A visually appealing film or series is created by fusing a variety of crazy concepts with cinematic techniques. Manga, on the other hand, is the outcome of a creative mind working with a captivating and suspenseful storytelling skill and is published.

What are the characteristics of best anime websites?

Although there are a lot of anime streaming websites on internet today, the top websites have some unique features. These characteristics sets them apart from the rest. Following are some of the top features of best anime websites:

  • An extensive selection of anime shows in a variety of genres, including drama, action, comedy, mystery, thriller, and more.
  • Available in both dubbed and subbed versions, with a sophisticated filter search by genre, locale, or other criteria.
  • Quicker updates to the anime collection
  • Available across various devices such as phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, computer etc.
  • It is possible to watch and download anime for free
  • It is legal and safe without any complications
  • The video that interests you can be requested
  • It is simple to view new anime series
  • High quality viewing experience with less ad interruptions
  • Large number of shows/episodes available for free or nominal cost

Why are people attracted by anime?

Anime is a favorite past time for people of all ages. The graphics, story, plot, characters all are appealing in various ways. Here are some significant explanations behind anime’s attraction:

  • The relevant and well-written stories of anime are well-known
  • People find it appealing because it provides an escape from reality
  • You just cannot overlook its artistic merit
  • People of all ages adore it, and it has a worldwide following

Which are the best anime shows?

Watching anime restores people’s hope and promotes relaxation since, in contrast to the actual world, good always triumphs over evil. Whether you are a child or an adult, viewing anime online is a pleasure that no one can really express.

Everyone enjoys watching anime because it transports them to a happy and relaxing world that is very different from their own.

Here is a list of most popular anime which you can watch using any of the websites mentioned earlier:

  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Death Note
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • One Punch Man
  • Sword Art Online
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Naruto
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Hunter x Hunter

Is it illegal to watch anime online?

No, it is not unlawful to view anime if you do it from a legitimate source, such as an official website where the creator has authorised its posting.

Additionally, you are able to watch anime legally through online distribution and production company channels. Only watching anime from a source without copyright protection is prohibited.


Anime shows are very interesting and available across various genres, categories and themes. There is a huge audience today who are attracted by the graphics and story of anime.

In this post we have described each of the best anime websites in detail. You will find all the information such as features of the websites, pros and cons, region where it is available, shows present on the websites etc.

We hope you have found your favorite anime show and streaming website. Post your thoughts in comments section which is your favorite website. You can also let us know any other suggestion or recommendation which we can add to this list for benefit of other users.

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