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Crossing Time is an anime having 12 short episodes of 3 minutes each. It is also known as Fumikiri Jikan in Japanese.

In the anime short Crossing Time, characters live their best lives while standing at train crossings.

With Kaori Takamura creating the character designs, Misuzu Chiba handling the series scripts, it is created by Ekachi Epilka and supervised by Yoshio Suzuki. The opening theme music, “Tomare no Susume,” was sung by Yuri Komagata. Tokyo MX broadcast it from April 10 to June 26, 2018. The series was licenced by Crunchyroll.

Every day, a wide variety of individuals halt at railroad crossings on their route to work or school, which causes a wide variety of talks. There is always a new interaction to be had, whether it is with friends, rivals, acquaintances, or complete strangers.

The debates that actually occur at these places are recorded by Fumikiri Jikan. These have the opportunity to be extremely interesting whether they are amusing or melancholy, anticipated or utterly unexpected.

TelecastApril 10, 2018 to June 26, 2018
DirectorYoshio Suzuki
Initial networkTokyo MX
Duration3 minutes per episode
StudioEkachi Epilka
AuthorMisuzu Chiba
Official website
GenreComedy, Slice of Life, Romance, Short Episodes
Other NamesCrossing Time
Fumikiri Jikan
Opening Theme“Fumikiri Jikan” by Yuri Komagata
Highlights of Crossing Time Anime

Story of Fumikiri Jikan Anime

Our entire existence is filled with fuss. People are constantly in a rush and running somewhere. Sometimes we don’t even have time to breathe among the hectic daily hum. But everything needs to be in its proper place. If we are unable to stop in time, the city will act on our behalf.

There are traffic lights where you can take your time waiting patiently. There are also railroad crossings where you will need to remain stationary for a little longer while scanning the horizon for the silhouette of an approaching train and counting the number of vehicles. What goes through their minds when the barrier unexpectedly prevents them from moving any further?

Scene from crossing time anime
Scene from crossing time anime

For them, each day is a brand-new adventure, complete with the sounds of a train rumbling along the tracks.

This collection of short stories describes daily life and the dialogues of young people who are also talking to other individuals on diverse themes while waiting at railroad crossings.

There isn’t much of a story in this collection of three-minute pieces; instead, it basically depicts a number of meetings at a railroad crossing. To name just three, there is the girl who professes her love to her buddy, the boy who reveres a girl he can’t bring himself to talk to, and the pair of brothers who email each other even when they are standing next to one another.

Some characters appear in more than one episode, sometimes with additional stories interspersed between them.

Characters Appearing in the Anime

Following are the main characters that appear in the anime:


Ai is one of the two central figures in the programme. Ai, a schoolgirl with blonde hair and blue eyes, is shown as a chatty child who spends much of her time with a guy named Tomo near the train crossing. She is Tomo’s senpai.

Ai character in Crossing Time anime
Ai character in Crossing Time anime


Tomo, the second central protagonist in the series, is a schoolgirl who can be recognised by her blue bob cut hair and blue sailor outfit. Ai and she spend a lot of time together at railroad crossings. The fact that Tomo cares so much about Ai, even if they only ever meet at train crossings, suggests that she is a nice person, despite the fact that her expressionless face makes it difficult to tell what she is really feeling.

In addition to Ai and Tomo, a number of other secondary characters also make brief appearances throughout Season 1. We also frequently encounter Mashima, Tanishi, Kurobe, Sensei, Misaki Komaba, and Takashi Komaba throughout the course of the program.

Tomo character in Crossing Time anime
Tomo character in Crossing Time anime

Other Characters

  • Akemi
  • Eriko MAJIMA
  • Fukutome
  • Hassaku Oji-san
  • Kurobe
  • Misaki KOMABA
  • Saiki
  • Saito
  • Takashi KOMABA
  • Tanishi
  • Teacher
  • Tomo
  • Utako
  • Yukiko
  • Yukiko’s Daughter
Fumikiri Jikan TV anime characters
Fumikiri Jikan TV anime characters

Where to watch Crossing Time Anime for free?

There are a lot of ways on which you can watch this anime. Crunchyroll currently has the rights and therefore you can watch it there. However, you will need a premium subscription for you to watch. The benefit is that you can stream high quality video and without ads. Subtitles version is available.

If you cannot afford the premium version then you can watch it free here or here. However, you might encounter ads and the video quality might not be great.

If you wish to buy the DVD then you may do so here.

You can watch the episodes for free on YouTube

YouTube video
Fumikiri Jikan Episode 1 English Sub

Episode list and description

Following are the 12 episodes of the anime along with their description and story.

Episode 1: Their Youth

High school girls Ai and Tomo are good friends with seniors and juniors.

Ai and Tomo, two high school students, go to and from school together every day in this episode. Ai proposes that the two girls call out their crush’s name as the train passes today. Ai is surprised when Tomo calls her name, which makes things unpleasant.

Episode 2: Majima Eriko Is Sexy

Tanishi, a high school boy, secretly observes Erika Mashima as she waits for a railroad crossing. While watching Mashima’s erotic back, Tanishi’s delusion spreads.

A child who stalks his classmate at the railroad crossing every day is the subject of this story. Majima Eriko is just a gorgeous, pleasant girl, but it seems like this youngster and the other males in his grade view her as some sort of superior person.

Scene from crossing time anime
Scene from crossing time anime

Episode 3: Together With Sensei

One morning, when the teacher came to the railroad crossing, Kurobe, a disciplinary committee member, was there. Sensei hesitates over whether or not to talk to Kurobe, but eventually musters up his courage and decides to greet him.

In this episode, a teacher and pupil become stuck at the railroad crossing alongside one another. The student believes the teacher will overlook her even though she wants to meet her but is unsure how.

Episode 4: SNS Siblings

Siblings Takashi and Misaki dare to exchange SNS messages even though they are close enough to have a conversation. While waiting for the railroad crossing, the conversation between the two took an unexpected turn when they were talking on social media as usual.

Two siblings who only text each other in public are the subject of this episode. The younger sister seems to be behind this because she doesn’t want her brother’s conversation with her to be seen by others. It was fairly impressive.

Episode 5: Goth Ordeals

Fukudome returns to his hometown dressed as Gothic Lolita, his hobby. When I was stopped in front of my girlfriend’s parents’ house and was waiting for a railroad crossing, an unexpected incident occurred. What is the suffering that attacks the Gothic Lolita girl?

This is the tragic story of a young woman who is dressed in gothic cosplay. A student who also occurs to follow her fantasy social media account sees her wearing her costume in public after suffering a back injury at the train crossing.

Episode 6: Mr. Hassaku and I

When Akemi, a high school girl, comes to the railroad crossing, she feels a strange atmosphere. When she suddenly looked, she saw a mysterious uncle hiding in a shrine by the railroad tracks. Her uncle asks Akemi one wish after another,

This time, a high school student encounters a man who is stranded without pants under a bridge. He accepts a number of things from her to disguise himself, and in return she receives an unwanted orange from him.

Episode 7: Railroad Crossing Poet

One day, poetry high school girl Utako wakes up to haiku. While waiting for the railroad crossing, she knits her words, reads scenes, and writes haiku, trying to create a masterpiece. She eventually completes one phrase. What is the whole body of work that Utako has created?

It tells the story of a high school poet who composes poems while watching trains pass railroad crossings. Even if some of her poems are blatantly awful, there are some that could pass for serious works.

Episode 8: SNS Siblings 2

Siblings Takashi and Misaki dare to exchange SNS messages even though they are close enough to have a conversation. While waiting for the railroad crossing, while talking on SNS, I run into Takashi’s classmate. Misaki sees a side of her brother that she doesn’t usually know.

Even though they are standing directly next to one another, the brothers are still messaging one another as they did before. But this time, we find out that the sister is the one with no friends and the brother is the popular one.

Scene from crossing time anime
Scene from crossing time anime

Episode 9: Heart of the City Train Part 1

Due to work reasons, Saiki came to the streetcar station he used to use when he was a student. As he hears the sound of a railroad crossing, he remembers his distant past. It’s a faint memory of my first love. This station was a memorable station where Saiki had a faint love affair with a nameless female student.

It tells a multi-decade saga. A high school student writes a love letter to a girl he had never spoken to but who he saw every day at the train crossing.

Episode 10: Heart of the City Train Part 2

Saiki finds a girl who looks exactly like his first love, Yukiko.
There was a reason why the girl was waiting for the railroad crossing at this station. Is the girl really Yukiko herself?

Years later, he sees a woman holding the letter he sent and standing at the same crossing as his teenage crush. It turns out that she is the crush’s daughter, and she discovered the letter among a pile of her mother’s stuff, proving that she had kept it all those years.

Episode 11: Majima Eriko Is Sexy Part 2

Tanishi is observing Erika Mashima again this morning. One reason. Erika Mashima from “erotic”! Apparently, Majima is in a bad mood today. Seeing Majima in a bad mood, Tanishi’s delusions spread.

It merely continues the prior part’s plot in the same manner. Without ever actually attempting to speak to Majima Eriko, the youngster is nevertheless giving her a backwards glance. Instead, he decides to content himself with imagining what she does in her free time.

Episode 12: Their Youth Part 2

High school girls Ai and Tomo are good friends with seniors and juniors. However, the other day, Tomo confessed her love to Ai, and their relationship became awkward. Ai, who thought that this should not be allowed to continue, summons her courage and talks to Tomo.

We’re back with Tomo and Ai once more, and it seems that ever since Tomo admitted her love for Ai, things have gotten very unpleasant in their relationship. But as Guy Sensei from Naruto would remark, that’s simply what the blossoming of youth is all about.

Reviews on Crossing Time Anime

We were instantly drawn in by the visual concept of the railroad crossing when we came across Crossing Time. In Japan, railroad crossings are ubiquitous, and they frequently appear in and are used in anime storytelling.

In this specific anime scene, something happens in front of the viewer and the story’s characters, whether it be when the crossing bar lowers or a train zips by at the speed of light.

It’s tragic. a fleeting meeting of two pals. Maybe a declaration of love. Railroad crossings attract our attention for some reason that we cannot quite put our finger on.

And this sums up Crossing Time as an anime in general. These stories take place near a railroad crossing and provide the audience a range of short stories about youth, eros, art, and first loves. To our delight, the very initial episode makes this point quite clearly.

Snapshot from Crossing Time anime
Snapshot from Crossing Time anime

In the first story of Crossing Time, two best friends named Tomo and Ai are briefly stopped at a crossing while their route to school.

Ai complains impatiently and loudly about squandering their time and youth at the crossing, and Tomo takes a serious stance in the argument. Unexpectedly, Ai cracks a joke about how two women can’t fall in love with one another, which Tomo promptly refutes.

A three-minute program like Crossing Time is seen by many viewers as unambitious and a waste of time. The character design and animation are merely ordinary, and it is terribly brief.

We didn’t go into the anime with high hopes or even much interest about how it would turn out.

Not many shows can accomplish the task of telling a brief, well-paced story in three minutes. The writers more than met their goals with a blend of lighthearted humour, character development, and emotional expression on display.

Will this Ai and Tomo story be revisited in the future as Crossing Time will be a collection of short stories? Will it focus on other dramas instead? We are unsure of the path that this anime will go as viewers. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see!

Similar Anime Recommendations

Following are some of the anime recommendations similar to Crossing Time/Fumikiri Jikan:


Momoko Futo is a typical high school student going about her daily activities. She may be carefree and upbeat, but her life is anything but ordinary thanks to her eccentricity and awkwardness, which never fail to brighten her days.

The adorable and trusting Mayumi Furui and the collected and cold Shibumi Shibusawa are usually by her side. Joshikausei uses the emotive sounds and actions that the characters produce to tell the story without using any spoken conversation or narration.

Megane na Kanojo

Most people need glasses to see clearly, but for four little girls, their glasses mean much more than that. A good pair of glasses may not only broaden your horizons, but also open your heart. From a teenage girl who proudly wears her spectacles to a top idol who uses hers to pass for an ordinary person to a couple whose bent frames bring them closer together.

Tonari no Seki-kun

Rumi Yokoi wants to concentrate during class, but Toshinari Seki, a nearby classmate, keeps her from doing so. Seki’s obsession with complicated settings made out of various materials, from a complex domino course on his desk to a treacherous war fought with shogi pieces, makes paying attention in class the least of his problems.

In spite of her valiant efforts to concentrate in class, Yokoi keeps getting drawn into his fascinating quirks, which invariably result in her getting in trouble with their teacher. Fortunately, Seki’s shenanigans ensure that classes will never be boring!


Crossing Time is an anime series with few episodes, but it has an intriguing premise—especially for a slice-of-life show.

The drama is set in contemporary Japan, where people of all backgrounds congregate daily at railroad crossings on their journey to work or school. During rush hour, friends, foes, and random people all congregate at railroad crossings. The show records the talks that take place between this diverse group of people.

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