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Yoshimi Sato is the author of the Japanese manga series Crossing Time. It has been collected into eight tank-bon volumes after running as a serial in Futabasha’s seinen comics magazine Monthly Action from May 2016 to September 2021.

From April to June 2018, Ekachi Epilka’s adaptation of an anime tv show aired. Yoshimi Sato is the author and illustrator of Crossing Time. From May 25, 2016, until September 25, 2021, it was published in Futabasha’s Periodic Action magazine as a serial.

On December 12th, 2016, the first tank-bon volume was made available. There have been eight volumes published as of December 2021.

A large number of individuals congregate at the train crossing location. They frequently have little choice except to try to mingle while they wait for the train to cross, or risk being abandoned behind with nothing other than their most intense inner thoughts.

AuthorYoshimi Sato
MagazineMonthly Action
SynonymsCrossing Time
Fumikiri Jikan
TimelinesMay 25, 2016 – September 25, 2021
GenreComedy, Slice of Life, Seinen, Romance, Trains
Highlights of Fumikiri Jikan Manga

Story of Crossing Time Manga

Our entire existence is filled with fuss. People are constantly in a rush and running somewhere. Sometimes we don’t even have time to breathe among the hectic daily hum. But everything needs to be in its proper place. If we are unable to stop in time, the city will act on our behalf.

There are street lights where you can take your time waiting patiently. There are also railroad crossings where you will need to remain stationary for a little longer while scanning the horizon for the shadow of an oncoming train and counting the number of vehicles.

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What goes through their minds when the barrier unexpectedly prevents them from moving any further? For them, each day is a brand-new adventure, complete with the sounds of a train rumbling along the tracks.

This collection of short stories describes daily life and the dialogues of young people who are also talking to other individuals on diverse themes while waiting at railroad crossings.

Where to read the manga for free?

You can read all the chapters on Crunchyroll. However, you will need to have a premium membership for you to access the same.

In case if you want to read the scan image copies for free then you may do so here or here. Both English and Japanese versions are available to read in high quality.

A group of slice-of-life multiplex shorts about diverse girls and what occurs to them at train crossings are included in this compilation. Several dramatic scenes are performed as the sound of “Clank, clank, clank” can be heard in the background.

Fumikiri Jikan manga screenshot

High school girls’ melancholy chats, elementary school students’ odd occult lore, or a male smitten with a seductive girl. Fans of railroad crossings will be unable to resist a television show that features only railroad crossings and only railroad crossings.

You can order the book copy of the manga from here.

Characters appearing in the Crossing Time Manga

Following are the main characters that appear in this manga series.


The protagonist of the manga Fumikiri Jikan is Tomo. Although Tomo’s face is expressionless, it appears that she has a good heart.
She feels attracted to Ai romantically. Ai received her declaration of love. She gives Ai a lot of thought. Seize Ai’s hand. When Ai pinned her against the wall, she felt hot.

Fumikiri Jikan manga character


The protagonist of the television programme Fumikiri Jikan is Ai. She is the bubbly girl that frequently hangs out with Tomo. At the train station, she and Tomo were holding hands.
Pushed Tomo up against a wall and instructed her to take a sip of her beverage in exchange for a sneaky kiss.

Following are some of the other characters from the manga:

  • Mashima
  • Tanishi
  • Misaki Komaba
  • Takashi Komaba
  • Kurobe
  • Utako
  • Teacher
  • Akemi
  • Hassaku Oji-san
  • Yukiko
  • Saiki

Reviews on Crossing Time Manga

Yoshimi Sato, the author, is depicting many girls and women’s experiences at a train crossing in her drawings. If you seen the anime, you are aware that a few other things, such as the two girls falling in love and the siblings choosing to text rather than speak to one another, are depicted in comic form.

A girl who grew up believing she was under the hypnosis of railroad crossings and a perverted student seeking to video a female he likes are two scenarios that weren’t adapted, though. In order to ward off evil, the railroad tale mostly required getting the schoolgirl to wiggle her butt and cry “Pomade!” in front of the crossing.

Fumikiri Jikan manga review

Two components made up that. Her pals joined her in her cross-country journey in the second phase. Or just “buddy.” It depends on your tolerance for generic male acting like a horndog and whether you believe the two have any chemistry whether you thought the girl and boy part altogether was decent enough.

The greatest was the train crossing poet Utake, who uses grace and pretentiousness to create two pieces in which she repeatedly recognises that something is off. Her sections were unquestionably the finest, whether it was her giving up and cursing or shattering her notepad as the train passed.

That’s strange because I don’t think I was all that interested in her anime stories. It’s possible that the timing in this instance simply worked much better in comic book form than in animated version. Or perhaps it’s due to the way it was drawn.

Other Manga Recommendations

Following are some of the other manga similar to Fumikiri Jikan Manga:

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Three schoolgirls are the main characters, and the stories usually centre on their conversations and general behaviour. Art is straightforward and tidy. Typically, the background is “non existent.”

The girls’ diverse personalities and approaches to dealing with everyday situations serve as the basis for the humour. The initiative always comes from Mina. The class representative, Yukari, typically follows Mina’s example.

The least active person in the group and a member of the Track club is Sanae. She would rather remain calm and make thoughtful decisions.

Fumikiri Jikan manga similar recommendation

Pato Musume Ikkimasu!

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Both are slice-of-life comedy, and both are enjoyable to read, in my opinion. With only 12 chapters, Pato Musume Ikkimasu is a lighthearted read with a straightforward, understandable plot. Because Crossing Time is episodic, you can pause and resume it whenever you want.

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The author’s explanation of some of the railroad crossing walks that are mentioned in Crossing Time in manga form helps. Some of it is rather simple, but one of them has a connection to the most well-known basketball comic of all time? Such information aids in what will ultimately be a hit or miss handful of chapters.

Fumikiri Jikan manga summary

Some stories will be funny or cute in a teeny-tiny way, while others will be a waste of pages. However, if you require something straightforward and skillfully created, it can be worthwhile to try; otherwise, results may vary.

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