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Elan Palatinus – Manga Read Free Online – Honkai Impact 3rd

The Elan Palatinus manga recounts how Kallen came to deceive Schicksal and the circumstances surrounding their relationship. It also covers the events that occurred in Europe in 1470. It features a total of 14 tale chapters.

This manga was first published in 2019 by miHoYo as part of Honkai Impact 3rd series. Schicksal organised the European rulers and launched a Crusade to capture the Far East during the Year of our Lord 1470, but he was thwarted by an immortal warrior. Strong Valkyrie warrior Kallen Kaslana is forced to choose between her pledge and her love.

The manga is available in English and Chinese. It is published in one volume and has a prelude followed by 13 chapters. The genre is Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-fi.

Story of Elan Palatinus Manga

The Elan Palatinus manga outlines the circumstances that led to Kallen’s escape from Europe after the fallout from the loss in the East. In 1476, when Otto and Kallen traveled to the cities, Kallen noted a change in the public’s attitude toward the Church and started to doubt the indulgences. But by taking her to “Greenbucks Coffee,” a dessert cafe, Otto is able to redirect her attention.

However, Viktor would later confront the two and demand money from a florist for the luxury that would cover her husband’s “sins.” Viktor tries to abduct Sasha, the florist’s daughter, as collateral, but Kallen steps in to stop him.

Viktor, who recognises her clothing, asserts that the sales have only been required because crusaders like her had let them down.

Viktor, however, backs off when Otto shows there, and Kallen attempts to console the florist but she rejects him. Dejected, Kallen is enraged with the Church for being prepared to defy the Bible and for enabling Viktor to flee. Otto dismisses her desire for retribution by pointing out another instance in the text where it was incorrect, then guides Kallen to Shakespeare’s play.

Elan Palatinus - Honkai Impact 3 - Screenshot
Elan Palatinus – Honkai Impact 3 – Screenshot

Angry clergymen demanded the actor’s arrest during the performance, which prompts Kallen to move quickly and pick up Shakespeare’s lost raven mask to the delight of the crowd. Shakespeare dismisses the Kaslana despite Kallen saving him; he does not want to be linked with a church sister but permits Kallen to retain the raven disguise.

Kallen is pondering her next move as Otto comes that evening. As though struck by inspiration, Kallen leaps off her couch and declares that robbing Viktor and giving the money back to the people was the wisest course of action. She then enlists Otto’s assistance.

Although it persists, The Apocalypse persuades her to leave Viktor a note since it is what a “Rogue Extraordinaire” might do. The following day, Viktor had locked the information in his basement. Kallen sneaked inside the priest’s house while Otto kept the guards outside busy.

Viktor sets the trap and identifies her when Kallen discovers the currency storage since she didn’t try to hide the colour of her hair. Kallen starts to spew phrases from Shakespeare’s works to conceal her identity, which puzzles Viktor and his soldiers.

Elan Palatinus - Honkai Impact 3 - Screenshot

The priest was shocked as Kallen disarmed all of Viktor’s soldiers, threw a smoke bomb, and hauled the treasure out the window as the moon was soon covered by the cloud. The community that night witnessed a little rain of coins falling by people’s feet and houses.

Where to read the Elan Palatinus Manga for free?

The manga is widely available for free. You can read it on Crunchyroll or Honkai Impact website for free. Following are the list of chapters that are available for free reading:

  • Prelude: History
  • Chapter 1: Indulgence
  • Chapter 2: Their Meeting
  • Chapter 3: A Warning
  • Chapter 4: Disguises
  • Chapter 5: Loyalties
  • Chapter 6: Catacombs
  • Chapter 7: Exposed
  • Chapter 8: Nightmare
  • Chapter 9: Conflict
  • Chapter 10: Her Decision
  • Chapter 11: Duel of Valkyries
  • Chapter 12: Kaslana Oath
  • Chapter 13: His Reply

You can also stream this manga on YouTube as below:

YouTube video
Elan Palatinus Manga streaming

Characters appearing in the manga

Following are the main characters that feature in Elan Palatinus Manga:

Kallen Kaslana

The most well-known Valkyrie warrior to have ever lived was Kallen Kaslana. Otto’s lone companion, she passed the trials and was appointed commander of Schicksal’s valkyries in 1469 at the age of just 16 years old.

In keeping with the Kaslana stereotype, Kallen has long, white hair that is single braided, cord with a black bow, and cerulean eyes. Throughout her time in the Church, Kallen often wore white priestess clothing with gold embroidery, a cross in the middle, white tights, and a gilded Kaslana insignia right below her neck.

Later, Kallen dons a raven mask, lavish purple and blue outfit, leggings, and a purple rose around her neck while posing as the Rogue Extraordinaire.

Kallen is a fervent supporter of justice and the defence of the innocent because of her upbringing. She had given herself completely to a life of never-ending conflict and danger for the good of humanity after the unexpected loss of her own father.

Despite these sombre characteristics, Kallen is anything from them; instead, she exudes a lighthearted compassion and even childish wonder at the universe. She also enjoys sweets and has a penchant for extravagance, as evidenced by the fact that she adopted the persona of the Rogue Extraordinaire and engaged herself deeply in Shakespeare’s theatrical plays.

Kallen approaches everything with unwavering enthusiasm and tenacity, yet he also frequently chooses to find the good in everyone.

Kallen Kaslana
Kallen Kaslana

Kallen was the oldest of Francis Kaslana’s six children when he was born into the Kaslana household. In 1465, Kallen, then twelve, meets Otto, then thirteen, whose flying apparatus she had seen, and the two grew close.

But a year later, her father dies after protecting Otto and her from honkai animals when they were spying on his mission. Kallen would have completed the trials in three years and would now be the captain of Schicksal’s valkyries, in which she will devote the next eight years sealing more than a thousand honkai creatures and using the Oath of Judah.

The Celestial, who wounded and beat Kallen, caused the Schicksal armies to halt their invasion of the east in 1475 at the Battle of Kipchak Steppe.

Otto Apocalypse

Otto Apocalypse, a member of the Apocalypse family and a prominent enemy in the honkaiverse, was born in 1452. Otto was seen as feeble by his family, yet he showed an incredible amount of fervour and intelligence, making a number of toys and devices while he was small.

In the end, when he got older, he even succeeded in assuming the position of Schicksal’s Overseer, taking it over as the 227th and holding it for the following 500 years in his callous passion to bring back his boyhood companion, for which he would lay down all.

Tall and with long blond hair that he constantly ties back, Otto Apocalypse has green eyes with cyan pupils.

Before chapter 25-EX, he was dressed as an Overseer and wore a purple jacket with a frilly white blouse inside. He is dressed in grey slacks, brown boots, a brown belt, a pink necktie, and white gloves. On the collar of his garment is the House Apocalypse logo.

Otto, a young man who was both weak and brilliant, created the first flying machine when he was just thirteen years old. But his cunning and desire to become the best scientist quickly caused him to concentrate on improving weaponry and defence against Honkai Energy, frequently at the expense of other people’s lives.

Otto Apocalypse
Otto Apocalypse

Otto, a thirteen-year-old, is chasing after his flying device in 1465 when it slams into his garden wall. Otto’s brother makes fun of him for playing, and when Otto attempts to climb the wall and falls, all he could say was more jeering before walking away from Otto.

Hurt, the young Otto questioned whether he was indeed as weak as his family believes him to be, but Kallen Kaslana ascended the opposite side of the wall with his broken device at at that moment.

Kallen is fascinated with creation, and when Otto claimed to have created it, it marked the first time anybody had ever complimented him on his work, leading Kallen to refer to him as “Master Inventor.”

Nikolas Apocalypse

Otto Apocalypse’s father, Nikolas Apocalypse, was the 225nd Overseer of Schicksal in the fifteenth century. Nikolas’ hair had gone white and became longer and more well-groomed as he got older. Nikolas had dark green eyes and a beard.

He continued to dress in the traditional white and gold papal garb as the Overseer, with a candlestick chart perched upon his white mitre. Nikolas had formerly been friendly with the populace, particularly during the epidemic, but over time, authority and ambition overcame him.

He distanced himself from his people and withdrew to ideas that would give him more power by enlarging his sphere of influence.

Elan Palatinus - Honkai Impact 3 - Screenshot

Other Minor Characters

Sasha: Sasha, a girl Kallen was able to prevent from being used in Black Box trials, was the 15th-century daughter of a florist. She also possessed a stigmata.

She returns to fight in the revolt that deposed Schicksal to exact revenge on her heroine after spending some time at the San Michele monastery following Kallen’s execution. Tragically, she perishes in the last battle in 1491 even as Otto tries to utilise Abyss Flower to cure her.

Victor: One of those participating in the Black Box experiments and the indulgence collector for the Church of Schicksal in the fifteenth century.

Eleanor Schariac: After the Black Plague, Eleanor Schariac was a former member of House Schariac, a valkyrie of Schicksal, and the first person to use the Abyss Flower in the Current Era. Eleanor was a young woman with light complexion, long ivory hair, lime-colored eyes, and long.

She donned a black skirt, white thigh-high leggings, and the same white and gold-lined combat armour as a valkyrie commander over her priestess garb. A little golden wing headdress was placed on the right side of her head.

Eleanor was absolutely loyal to Otto because he had saved her life; hence, Eleanor had the utmost respect for the Church and Schicksal overall.

Elan Palatinus - Honkai Impact 3 - Otto and Kallen
Elan Palatinus – Honkai Impact 3 – Otto and Kallen

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Elan Palatinus - Honkai Impact 3 - Screenshot

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