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A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring is a manga series published by Alphapolis. It has 5 volumes and 41 chapters and is authored by Shizuru Minazuki. The illustration has been done by Tomomi Mizuna. The manga has been characterized under Shonen, Adventure, Isekai, Reincarnation, Child-rearing, Fantasy, Magic, and Action. A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring was first released in 2018.

Story about Raising Kids While Adventuring

Takumi is unintentionally killed by the wind deity Syl, revived, and sent to a different realm. Takumi receives Syl’s heartfelt apologies before Takumi is sent to the world of Etelldia, which Syl rules over, and given talents.

The enormous forest in this new realm, however, is home to terrifying monsters. Takumi discovers a small boy and girl who seem to be twins in the jungle. He gives them the names Alan and Elena and resolves to take care of them out of concern for their security.

He quickly learns, to his surprise, that they can defeat a monster with only their hands. When the group of three arrives in a town, Takumi chooses to sign up for a guild in order to find work.

He looks after the two kids as he begins his life as an explorer. An Isekai dream about a traveler with two children.

Suddenly, a god apologised fervently in front of Kayano Takumi. He appeared to have been mistakenly slain. He cannot be born again either. He can live in a separate world, nevertheless.

Then, please, let’s do that. Once more, the deity miscalculated, and he placed me in a hazardous jungle. Sincerely, what’s happening? In addition, there are kids present. They must be taken care of; I cannot leave them here.

Kayano Takumi’s life was accidentally ended by the celestial deity Sylphleel, who then decides to reincarnate him.

When Takumi lands in Aetherdia, he discovers a set of toddler twin orphans with incredible strength.
Takumi will become an explorer in Aetherdia, where he and his twin friends will experience a new, lively life.

Where to read this manga for free?

The manga is having 41 chapters and first 3 chapters are offered on Crunchyroll. The first chapter is free and other 2 chapters requires premium access. Read the chapters here.

The official website Alpha Mango is offering you to read the first 3 chapters for free on their website. For the rest you will have to download the Alpha Mango app available on the Apple app store and Google Play store.

There are certain third party websites which allow you to read “A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring” manga. You can read all chapters absolutely free here.

Below is the list of chapters released so far:

  • I Took Children Under My Care In Another World
  • Let’s Become Adventurers
  • Don’t…Leave Us…
  • Rank Up!
  • Rules Of An Adventurer
  • Low Level Labyrinth Conquerors
  • Powerfull Cute Monster
  • Yo Gaya Forest!!!
  • Phantom Bread
  • Reliable Reinforcements
  • The Strongest Monster
  • Let’s All Eat Together
  • Fastest Record
  • Mina!
  • Milk Came Out!
  • I’ll Always Be By Your Side
  • Change of Clothes!
  • A Pleasant Journey
  • So Much Water
  • Fish-
  • Cerulean Palace!
  • Sparkling Trash~!
  • The Supreme Ruler of the Sea!
  • Seafood Paradise
  • A Large Seafood Haul From Strolling in the Labyrinth
  • Fighting a Storm of Mid-Bosses?!
  • An Exciting Walk Around Town
  • A New Friend!
  • Steaming Hot Food
  • Look-alike
  • First Friend?
  • Squishy Monster
  • Secret Walk
  • Spice Magic
  • Hidden in the Forest
  • Blossoming Talent

Characters of the manga

Kayano Takumi

Takumi Kayano was inadvertently killed when Sylphyleel attempted to close a rift in space-time by using too much of his power and striking Takumi, who was on the opposite side. Takumi’s life ended at the age of 28 as a result.

Takumi’s spirit was preserved, and because to Sylphleel’s abilities, she was given a new, younger body, the Blessing of Marianora, and permission to reside on Aetherdia. As the Wind God’s Retainer, Takumi was secretly assigned the rare Water God’s Children Allen and Elena.

Takumi’s potential is greater than S-rank: Hero class since the Wind God personally altered his body and the other Gods of Aetherdia kept an eye on him.

Because he did not grow up in Aetherdia, his use of skills is natural and unconventional, allowing for the introduction of new cultures and practises into the outdated civilization there.

Kayano Takumi
Kayano Takumi


Elena is a female who has a golden eye color and light blue hair color. Her age is 5 and her job is a boxer. She has a twin brother called Allen and Adopted Elder Brother called Kayano Takumi. Her father is The God of Water Windell.


Allen is a little child who inherited his father Windell’s (the Water God’s) brilliant amber eyes and blue hair.

Allen was dressed in a simple, ragged brown one-piece when he first saw Takumi. His new outfit was black shorts, a blue shirt with a white and orange outline, and an ankle-length pair of brownish-orange boots. Allen changes into a similar shirt that is white before leaving for Bailey.

He has a twin sister called Elena and Adopted Elder Brother called Kayano Takumi.

Elena and Allen
Elena and Allen


Sylpheel, or Syl as she is more commonly known, is viewed by mankind as a divinity.

Takumi was mistakenly killed by Syl when he used his powers to close a breach in space-time. Takumi was on the other side when Syl accidentally used too much power.

Takumi received an apology from Syl, who also gave him a new body and relocated him to the Aetherdia, one of her worlds.

Takumi received fundamental information from Syl about this realm, its language, and the skills that had been ingrained in his body.


Reviews on Isekai Yururi Kikou

This manga, in my opinion, is based mostly on two elements: adventure and adorability.

The adventuring isn’t all too intriguing. For starters, every mission and obstacle is surmounted far too quickly.

Another reason is that the plot points resemble those of numerous other isekai stories: A typical Japanese person is dropped into a perilous forest in a foreign land.

Makes their way to a town, joins the adventurer guild, which has a notice board for quests and a ranking system. Demonstrates strength by defeating bullies and completing other feats like exploring labyrinths, is trusted by the guild and the townspeople. Frequently personally requested for difficult quests despite having a low rank, deals with dishonest nobles.

Regarding the adorability, the two kids who are travelling with Takumi definitely appear cute at first. But over time, the monotony of their emotions and facial expressions grows old and even obnoxious. They kind of simply keep giving Takumi upward glances while having large eyes and pointed mouths.

They leap and glow with joy at having vanquished a monster or achieved some other objective. Fe gives them head pats and compliments. Given that Takumi wants to provide these kids with the best care possible, I think this component of the manga does offer a more specific lifestyle goal than many isekai comics.

Furthermore, Takumi frequently abstains from participating in the monster-hunting games that the youngsters play. The youngsters have cheat-level strength just like Takumi.

Only the adorable features of the children really stand out from the majority of the passable artwork. And as I said earlier, I ultimately got sick of that.

The garments Syl produced for the kids don’t appeal to me; they are silly-looking. Often, the anatomical details of the monsters and other animals are removed. Drawing snouts appears to be particularly tough for the author.

The characters don’t speak to me in any way. Simply put, they are hollow. In addition, Syl and Luna intentionally irritate me.

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Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodateshinagara Boukensha Shimasu

Unexpectedly, a god bowed down in front of Kayano Takumi. He appeared to have been mistakenly slain. He cannot be born again either. He can live in a separate world, nevertheless.

Then, please, let’s do that. Once more, the deity miscalculated, and he placed me in a hazardous jungle. Sincerely, what’s happening? In addition, there are kids present. They must be taken care of; I cannot leave them here.

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