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Arrival of Tears 11eyes

11eyes is an anime which is produced by the Doga Kobo studio and directed by Masami Shimoda. It was first aired in Japan on the Chiba TV channel from October 6 , 2009 to December 22 , 2009. Character design was provided by Shoji Hara .

The musical themes and the opening Lunatic Tears were composed and interpreted by Ayane, the ending Kegare Naki Yume by Asriel.

Produced byMakoto Itō
Eiji Mannō
Yūichirō Takahata
Mana Tsurugi
DirectionMasami Shimoda
Episode Time25 minutes per episode
Genreaction, fantasy, horror, romance, harem, moe
Unacceptable materialSignificant
SummaryA group of children wind up in a Red Night where they must fight off demonic attackers.
MusicShōichirō Sakamoto
Written byKenichi Kanemaki
StudioDoga Kobo
Number of episodes12 + 1 OVA
Running PeriodOctober 6, 2009 – December 22, 2009
Initial networkChiba TV
Theme Song Asriel (ending) Ayane (opening)
DistributorSection23 Films
Licensed bySentai Filmworks in North America and MVM Films in United Kingdom
Internet StreamingCrunchyroll (subtitled version)
Anime News Network
The Anime Network
Subtitles and TranslationMX Media LLC
BroadcasterHERO TV
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Summary of the 11eyes anime

Kakeru Satsuki, a teenager, is unusual in numerous ways. His sister underwent suicide in front of him many years ago. He was brought up in an orphanage, and his right eye is covered by an eye patch. This is because it is a disconcerting golden color and has caused him bullying in the past. He is normally close with Yuka, who is a female friend from his childhood. Yuka also lived at the orphanage with him before being adopted.

One day, strange things happen, and the two are momentarily sent into a parallel reality that is almost entirely devoid of humans. It is infested with monsters, and dominated by a crimson sky and a dark moon. They can see it even after returning to their world.

They run past Misuzu Kusakabe, an onmyouji with a long lineage and a fellow student at their school. This is when they are drawn back into the area they have come to call Red Night.

Misuzu helps them survive the local monsters and the Black Knights who appear to be following them. They gradually assemble the other people who make the transition to this world around them.

Shiori who appears to have some sort of magical connection and Yukiko, a chirpy girl who can’t die but turns into a cold-blooded killer when she takes her glasses off.

Takahisa has psychic ability to create and control fire with the mind whose mother works as the school nurse. Kukuri, who cannot speak and uses dangerous chains in fight.

The entire party discovers what lies at the centre of Red Night. A girl locked in a crystal who is very dangerous. Kakeru and Yuka gradually learn about their own talents.

In the extra OVA episode called Peach-Colored Fantasy, Kakeru and his friends are suddenly transported to a twisted version of reality. Here their powers are drastically altered and the planet is pink-themed rather than red.

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Episodes Description of 11eyes anime

Episode 1: Red Night or Akai Yoru

After seeing his sister commit suicide, Kakeru Satsuki spends the rest of his life in an orphanage. It’s there that he makes his first acquaintance, a little girl named Yuka Minase. Together with two new friends, the slightly perverse Tadashi Teruya and the fiery Kaori Natsuki, who controls Tadashi, they enter high school at Rainbow High.

Here Yuka helps Kakeru reopen to the world. The routine days they have become accustomed to are upended when they are put into a different world called as Red Night. The moon turns black and the sky turns blood-red. Everybody has vanished and is being hunted by terrifying creatures who just want to kill them.

But the Red Night strangely comes to an end just as quickly as it began. Both are left unclear of whether their experiences were real or only in their minds. Kakeru thinks about how Yuka has cared for him always as they walk to school together. He makes a promise to guard her if the Red Night ever occurs again.

Shiori Momono, a strange new student who recently relocated to Japan from Italy, joins their class later that day. She expresses no desire in her classmates and moves in the direction of Yuka and Kakeru as the other pupils continue to question her. However, as soon as they lock eyes, Yuka passes out, and Kakeru carries her to the hospital.

Yuka responds to the doctor’s inquiry regarding Kakeru’s covered right eye. She explains that Kakeru wears an eyepatch since he can’t see through it and because his right and left eyes have different colours.

After school, the two proceed to the mall, where they are watched after by Shiori and a mysterious female who looks like Kakeru’s sister.

Episode 1: Red Night
Episode 1: Red Night

Episode 2: The Maiden of Crystal Palace or Suishō no Shōjo

Yuka and Kakeru are once more launched towards the Red Night dimension. This time, they come upon Misuzu Kusakabe who is strong and their senior at the high school. She uses a lightning sword to save them from a horde of the horrible nightmarish creatures.

The two confront Mizusu about this reality as they flee; she believes it to be an other dimension that was created by someone, displaying the same memory but operating on a different space-time. They respond “no” when Misuzu asks if they share any unique abilities with herself.

The three then makes their way to the city’s crystal towers, which Misuzu claims are filled with strong energy, in an effort to flee.

However, a strange woman who resembles an insect emerges in front of them and says they cannot pass. The woman and Misuzu then start fighting. Misuzu, Yuka, and Kakeru then run away to the crystal towers where they come across a young girl stuck inside a crystal.

Misuzu assumes she is an enemy who created this reality after Lisette introduces herself. The trio is attacked by some significantly more powerful foes, earning them the nickname Black Knight due to their appearance. They are once more transported back to the real world.

Episode 2: The Maiden of Crystal Palace
Episode 2: The Maiden of Crystal Palace

Episode 3: The Lonely Pride or Kodoku na Hokori

Kakeru, Misuzu, and Yuka go into the real world and discover that moon has become dark. Misuzu warns them that they will meet at the school if they are ever taken into the Red Night again because it is such a horrible omen.

Kakeru requests Misuzu to operate a sword in an effort to defend Yuka. Kakeru is keen to study so that he can defend Yuka the next time they go into the Red Night, despite Misuzu’s refusal.

Meanwhile, Yuka, who is lonely and anxious, meets Yukiko, who brightens her day with her cheery smile. Yuka also observes Yukiko’s interest in Takahisa Tajima, the school bully.

Shiori and Yuka keep a careful eye on Kakeru as he practices alone with a baseball bat on the field after school. Misuzu sends him and Yuka back to her house after seeing them train. There, she demonstrates her true skills, which include five different blade types that are kept closed on her nails and reveal why she wears gloves.

In the beginning, it was also stipulated that a person can have only one sword. However, Misuzu defeated all five of the swords. This makes her worry about safety and makes her to relocate to this region of Japan. Misuzu wraps up her presentation and starts Kakeru’s training. Later, she tells Yuka that she killed her own father to obtain the last blade.

Episode 4: Smiling Behind a Facade or Kamen no Bishō

The Red Night makes clear that Takahisa and Yukiko are two of the select few, with Takahisa possessing the power to control fire. Yukiko proudly introduces Takahisa to Yuka, Kakeru, and Misuzu, referring to him as “Mr. Hero of Justice” for saving her from a monster.

After Takahisa teases Kakeru and he is unable to awaken his strength, Kakeru is desperate to locate it. When Misuzu leaps towards Yuka as he practises, he jumps in front of her to deflect the strike only to find that everyone is staring at him.

Despite the expression on her face, Misuzu was actually considering showing her sword at Yuka to try his mettle but ultimately decided against it.

They are brought back to the Red Night the following day at school, where two Black Knights called as Ira and Invidia attack them. Misuzu makes an effort to combat and restrain Ira, but she is unable to end the standoff. Yukiko, who enters the fight after being stabbed from behind by Invidia, saves her from being killed by Misuzu’s opponent.

Takahisa ignites the Black Knights just as they are about to win, ending the Red Night once more. Yukiko stumbles to her feet and dons her glasses once more, becoming the vivacious and outgoing college freshman they are all familiar with.

She also exhibits regeneration abilities by mending the significant stomach incision. Yukiko informs them that she was born in the nation of Dransvania, where there were frequent massacres, and that’s also when she discovered her skills after receiving a hug from Yuka.

Yukiko then expresses her gratitude for their acceptance of her bloody nature, miraculous regeneration abilities, and all.

Episode 5: For My Friends and For Tomorrow or Tomo to Asu no Tameni

Saeko Akamine, the school doctor, determines that anaemia is to blame after Yuka faints at school once more. She also tells them that she is Takahisa’s legal guardian after finding out that he was a young boy living on the streets. Following their trip to the hospital, Kakeru and Yuka are first presented to the silent Kukuri Tachibana, who is shockingly similar to Kakeru’s deceased sister in both appearance and name.

Takahisa discovers after getting into a motorcycle accident that there is a resistance in the middle of the city that prevents anyone else from passing through. The Red Night arrives shortly after Kakeru and Mizusu pick up their sword practise again at school.

As soon as the Red Night begins, Invidia engages Misuzu, and Yuka and Kakeru are once more forced to flee. They encounter Ira as they flee, and he bars their exit from the school grounds.

He initially outnumbers Kakeru, but finally, in a battle to protect Yuka, Kakeru’s powers awaken, enabling him to anticipate his manoeuvres and defeat his foe. Kakeru succeeds, but he suddenly collapses on the ground, convulsing in agony.

Episode 5: For My Friends and For Tomorrow
Episode 5: For My Friends and For Tomorrow

Episode 6: Upset Heart or Kokoro Midarete

Pain and flashbacks from his past plague Kakeru while he is still in a coma. Concerned over his health, his pals are by his side. Misuzu tries a ritual to help him get better and release Kakeru from his suffering. His right eye, also referred to as The Eye of Aeon, opens, bringing together the past and present in a meeting of the minds.

The following morning, a restored Kakeru finds a feeble Misuzu dozing in his lap. Yuka, who arrives to check on him, only sees this, and she interprets it entirely incorrectly. For breakfast, the others assemble.

After a brief period of blissful calm, Misuzu experiences a dizzy episode. When Kakeru expressed concern about it, Yuka became upset and fled blindly. On the school rooftop, Kakeru finally finds Yuka and reassures her that he and Misuzu are only friends.

Yuka admits her affection for him and expresses her desire for a kiss to formalize their union. Yuka is forced to flee once more when Kakeru refuses. The Red Night descends as Kakeru makes another attempt to follow.

Their group of fragments as they are known, and the Black Knights get into a stalemate. When Kukuri exposes her abilities and kills all the nightmare blobs. A Black Knight called Scholastica, Misuzu prepares herself for a fight and Yukiko begins to fight.

Takahisa reports that he has located Yuka’s battered knapsack once everyone has gathered themselves. Fearing the worst, Kakeru searches for Yuka.

Episode 7: Twisted Awakening or Yuganda Kakusei

Yuka is frantically attempting to flee and put her worries about Kakeru and Misuzu aside because she no longer has someone to protect her. Fearing the worst, the others give up their hunt for Yuka and separate to find her. While the girls explore the city, Kakeru and Takahisa search the school.

While awake, Lisette explores the boundaries of the crystal barrier by herself. Yukiko locates Yuka at a temple where she is contemplating Kakeru. The main Black Knight, Aravitia, observes Lisette’s attempt to flee and hands the Fragments over to the other Black Knights.

Yuka complains about both her lack of influence and her perception that Kakeru is going distant from her. Yukiko tries to cheer her up. By disclosing her own bloody background, Yukiko suggests that it might be for the best. The boys keep looking as Scholastica, injured and confused, falls apart in front of them.

As Invidia approaches, Misuzu meets with them, seeking retribution for defiling her face and body. When Kakeru uses the Eye of Aeon to combat Invidia, he strikes the enemy hard before the agony paralyses him.

The Black Knight makes a comment regarding Misuzu’s Onmyoji ancestry while Superbia and Misuzu engage in combat.

Episode 7: Twisted Awakening
Episode 7: Twisted Awakening

Superbia reveals herself to be a female fighter who was formerly a member of Misuzu’s family and whom Misuzu previously worshipped, Misao Kusakabe, as she adopts the Kusakabe duel-blade position and becomes a human shape, making Misuzu’s suspicions about Superbia’s knowledge irrelevant.

Both Takahisa and Invidia have reached their limitations in their ongoing conflict. When Yukiko and Kukuri show up, they start attacking Invidia. Invidia then captures them in a whirlwind and exhibits her explosive blood.

Yuka arrives out of nowhere and calls out for Kakeru, awakening her dormant strength. The power of Invidia, the blade of Misuzu, and the chains of Kukuri all vanish.

Yukiko stabs Invidia in the skull after realising she has been defeated. Yuka possesses the deadly ability to nullify, which can stop friends’ or foes’ powers from being used, according to Misuzu. After using her powers excessively, Yuka collapses.

Episode 8: Witching Hour or Ōma ga Toki

Over the Fragments, the Black Knights talk. The following morning when Yuka wakes up, Kakeru is nodding off on a chair next to her bed. He asks whether she’s okay, and Yuka responds that she is and that she wants to keep him safe.

Misuzu and Takahisa talk about Yuka’s strength, the Red Night, and the reason the Black Knights are pursuing them while being in the living room. Inquiring after Kukuri about the notebook, Kakeru requests that she leave Yuka alone.

Misuzu inspects the oni barrier surrounding her home after Takahisa departs to look for Yukiko and finds hairline fractures. As Kakeru goes behind Misuzu to her dojo, Misuzu displays him the mark branded into her shoulder. Yukiko tells Takahisa about how much everyone means to her and how much grief she has experienced.

She then makes a cut on herself and gives Kakeru a drink of her blood to receive the power of the Kusakabe. Yuka sees this private moment and immediately passes out.

Episode 9: Breaking Bonds or Kowareta Kizuna

Takahisa loses control after seeing Saeko being hung up by Superbia. This is precisely what his parents dreaded and left him on the streets. Shiori tells Kakeru that the monster can only be stopped by him in the meantime.

When it is discovered that Takahisa is battling a Superbia copy while Misuzu is battling the original Superbia, things start to heat up. Superbia retreats as Kakeru and Kukuri help Misuzu.

Misuzu drops her head in sadness after realising that the gap in power between her and Superbia is just too big. As they are talking about the Black Knights, Yukiko walks up to them soaked in blood, sobbing uncontrollably, and admits that she killed Takahisa.

Episode 10: The Witch Awakens or Majo Kakusei

Shiori appears and informs Kakeru and Misuzu about the Red Night and the Black Knights. She tells that she is a young mage and librarian of a covert magical organisation known as the Index.

Shiori also reveals herself to be a young wizard. She begins by introducing Lisette, the girl in the crystal, before pointing out a number of important details. The evil witch Liselotte, who wants to end the world in order to grant her dying lover, Verard, his final request, is actually Lisette’s mirror image.

Liselotte was imprisoned by Index casting an illegal spell 64 years ago. But in doing so, the individual members that carried it out evolved into grotesque beings known as the Black Knights, who now protect Liselotte’s seal.

Due to Liselotte’s immortality, her soul can only be split, therefore the Black Knights did so while she was still imprisoned. They tore her soul into seven parts, flung them into various human bodies that lived in other parallel universes, and now all of them have inexplicably been brought together in the same universe as Kakeru, Yukiko, Yuka, Takahisa, Misuzu, Kukuri, and Shiori.

If Liselotte’s body can contain every piece of her soul, she will be able to fulfil her wish to kill the world by using the black moon to cast it into Hell. For this reason, the Black Knights go on the quest for them. When the Red Night emerges, Shiori is compelled to stop, and the group starts fighting right away.

Episode 11: The Choice called Destruction or Metsubō to Iu Sentaku

After waking up, Liselotte kills Yuka and ingests her piece. Kakeru tries to reflect the power and imagines the flashback, but is unsuccessful. Liselotte regains her dark abilities now that the fragments of Yuka and Yukiko have been assimilated.

Shiori remains to fight Liselotte. She is accompanied by Misao and Avaritia while Misuzu and Kakeru are teleported out of the Red Night by Avaritia in order to protect the remaining fragments (in his dragon form, Georgius.)

While searching for a passage back into the Red Night, Kakeru and Misuzu attempt to determine whether Yuka is still alive.

In Yuka’s reality, as the black moon draws near, Kakeru and Misuzu talk about what needs to be done in case of others’ failure. They carry out a “ritual” to strengthen Kakeru’s skills. However, this “ritual” necessitates that they have sex.

When a gap leading to the Red Night opens, Misao comes behind them and informs them that Shiori committed suicide, Abraxus was murdered, and her love, Avaritia, passed away. She hinted to them that Misuzu might experience the same thing (In this case, Kakeru). Yuka emerges after Misao passes away.

Liselotte uses Yuka’s body to stab Kakeru as he approaches her, absorbing both his body and the Eye of Aeon into her. She ingests Misuzu as well. Liselotte recalls her conversation with Verard about wiping off the planet.

Everyone appears to be dead. And they both happily lived after that Yuka continues. Kakeru disagrees with the conclusion.

Episode 12: Daybreak of the Dark Night or Yamiyo no Akatsuki

It turns out that everything that happened in Episode 11 was only Kakeru’s imagination of what would occur if he had shielded Yuka from attack of Liselotte. Kakeru chooses to take his own life in order to stop Liselotte from stealing his eye because he is determined to stop such things from happening.

He had a flashback after stabbing himself and recalls all of his early experiences, especially how Yuka always watched out for him. He unexpectedly awakens in the hospital.

Misuzu explains that Liselotte was unable to continue fighting since Yuka’s ability negated her abilities as well as the sword that he used to stab himself. Yuka is then seen dozing out next to Kakeru’s in the bed.

The ghost that his sister Kukuri harboured within her body, Abraxas, is introduced to Kakeru by Shiori. She goes on to tell further details, such as how Kakeru was killed by Abraxas in another World and why Kukuri is still alive. The group observes as Yuka is taken into the bed and feels the world change.

The trio rushes to the roof where they discover that the Black Moon is close by and that Liselotte has trapped Yuka in a crystal, preventing her from using her nullification power.

Kakeru agrees to Liselotte’s ultimatum that he sacrifice himself in exchange for Yuka’s return. Attacking Liselotte, Shiori and Abraxas are unsuccessful. To help, the two surviving Black Knights show up. Avaritia engages Liselotte as Superbia engages Kakeru to temporarily stop her.

Misuzu pulls out the banned Doujikiri Yasutsuna blade to defend Kakeru as the Red Night recurs. While Liselotte and Kakeru are engaged in combat, Velad, the former keeper of the Eye of Aeon, makes an appearance in Liselotte’s head and warns her against destroying the planet.

However, Liselotte is now focused on obtaining the Eye of Aeon, a piece of the Emerald Tablet, for herself rather than destroying the planet to exact revenge on Velad. Misuzu and Misao work together to counteract the strength Liselotte is emitting, but she vanishes. Using the Eye of Aeon, Kakeru surprised Liselotte by predicting where she would reappear.

Liselotte tries to escape after he uses Shiori’s fragment to imprison her, but she is stopped by Avaritia, and the two of them are sucked into the spatial hole created by the crystal fragment. Yuka is set free as a result of Liselotte’s departure, and the Red Night begins to disintegrate. Misao brings Kakeru, Yuka, and Misuzu back to the true world—a World of Peace—using what seems to be the last of her energy.

Only three people in this universe are aware of what happened on the Red Night: Kakeru, Yuka, and Misuzu. Saiko, Takahisa, and Yukiko are still alive but have lost all recollection of the Red Night and their acquaintance with Kakeru and the others.

Misuzu asks Kakeru and Yuka whether they want to go with her to Ayanas as the story comes to a close. The Black Moon is still visible as Kakeru uses his Eye of Aeon to peer up at the sky.

The sentence Akarat on jon holnap? at the end of the episode, which translates to Will you come tomorrow?, may allude to a possible continuation or second season.

Episode 13 (OVA): Pink Phantasm and Dream Story or Momoiro Genmutan

When the seven main characters enter “Pink Night,” their abilities take on a sinister twist. Everybody’s clothing is transparent to Kakeru. The lads are turned into girls by Yuka. The swords of Misuzu are changed into vibrators. While Kukuri is able to communicate, all of his words are foul language.

Upon taking off her glasses, Yukiko experiences a sexual thrill. Takahisa creates a tiny water fountain. This episode’s plot serves only as a parody of the main series and has nothing to do with the initial 12 episodes.

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