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Anime show summary:

Kazuma Hoshino is getting ready to enter a new phase of his adolescence. His brother Ayumu‘s parents decided it would be best for the family to relocate from the city to rural setting due to Ayumu’s lower than average health. As soon as their parents can complete their business back in the city and establish their new house, the two brothers will be staying at the Yorozuyo Inn.

However, things don’t go as planned when they board the incorrect bus, end up in a remote location, Ayumu has his hat taken by a monkey, and Kazuma gets lost in the forest while trying to find the animal.

All of this results in Kazuma having a fortuitous encounter with a kindhearted young woman named Ui, whom he ends up falling upon and kissing as she tries to guide him back to the bus stop. Ibuki, a friend of Ui, is not amused by this and quickly kicks Kazuma and sends him back.

To Kazuma’s continuing dismay, the inn’s landlady Senka’s slightly perverse sense of humour and the revelation that two of his students are the females he exposed himself in the forest continue to be the source of his bad luck.

In Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, Kazuma is getting used to his new school, adjusting to the numerous women whom he meets, supporting his younger brother emotionally, and adjusting to living with his new landlady.

But for some reason, Kazuma’s head is filling with echoes of the past as a result of this location. There are brief flashbacks back to a simpler period and a companionship that is long gone. Why might this déjà vu feeling exist?

Where to watch Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi for free?

You can watch the show free on Crunchyroll. It is available in 12 episodes and was released in 2011 and published by Marvelous AQL Inc. To care for his younger brother Ayumu Hoshino, Kazuma Hoshino relocates to the picturesque countryside. On their journey to the Japanese Inn, they ultimately became disoriented.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi is also known as A Bridge to the Starry Skies in English and has a good rating by its viewers. Head to Crunchyroll now in order to watch all the episodes for free.

In case if you are not able to access the episodes from above then you can watch the episodes on YouTube from the below playlist:

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Watch episodes 1 to 12 of Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi English Subtitles

All episodes description of Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

Episode 1: If That Were A Bear, It’d All Be Over

In a woodland, a little kid named Kazuma Hoshino is standing with a female who is distraught that the boy is going. She is cheered up by the boy, who makes a friendship vow.

When Kazuma, now a teenager, wakes up, he discovers his brother Ayumu across from him on a train. Kazuma is shocked by how much the sight mirrors the one in his dream while Ayumu looks out the window in admiration.

The guys leave the vehicle in Yamabiko Town and board what they think is a bus to Yorozuyo Inn, the resort where they will stay. But because they got on the wrong bus, Kazuma and Ayumu are forced to wait for the right bus at the next stop.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 1
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 1

Episode 2: It Shouldn’t Taste Like Cheese

Hajime reaches to wipe cream from Ui’s cheek while they are both eating a slice of cheesecake. Ui awakens in shock when he performs it due to a flashback of the kiss by stream. In her dreams, Ui and her younger brother Hajime eat a piece of cheesecake together.

The dream shifts to a scene of Kazuma’s accidental kiss by the stream while Hajime wipes a cream stain off her cheek. Ui unexpectedly awakens and puts two fingers to her lips. Following his introduction to the class, Kazuma is given a seat at the rear, between Ui and Ibuki.

He has lunch with the girls and Daigo Minamikokubaru, a new acquaintance, at noon.

Tsumugi joins Kazuma and company after school. They make a pit stop to pick up Ayumu and embark on a tour of the town with Kasane Toudou, Tsumugi’s youngest sister.

The group relates to the brothers the legend of the nearby mountain, Futagoyama, where Kazuma had become lost the day before as they stroll around the town. Ayumu observes similarities between this legend and Tanabata’s.

The group makes a halt at a nearby Shinto shrine where Kazuma meets the miko, Madoka Komoto, as they carry on their trip. But when Madoka sees him, she is taken aback and flees.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 2
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 2

Episode 3: Acorns Hurt More than You Think

In a dream, Kazuma is playing with a girl near a stream. Kazuma offers the girl a ring fashioned of the same white clover flowers as she completes crafting him a necklace. She cheerfully puts it on, and Madoka, who is sleeping in her room, thanks him.

After an unpleasant morning and brunch with Senka, Daigo drives Kazuma and Ayumu to school. Kazuma senses that he is being watched as Ui and Ibuki close the distance between them.

Lunch break occurs, and when Kazuma and Daigo leave the classroom to grab food, a girl hides, giving him the same emotion once more. Homeroom is dismissed; as Kazuma and Daigo leave, the girl is spotted, and he pursues her.

After being ejected from the inn the following morning, Kazuma reconsiders the situation and visits the shrine to make amends with Madoka. After they reconcile, Madoka asks about him and Ui and is moved to tears when she learns that they had a kiss.

The girl who had been watching everything from atop a tree and was disturbed that Madoka is sobbing displays herself to be Koyori Toudou, Tsumugi’s another sister. She throws acorns at Kazuma, but when Madoka steps in to protect him, Koyori flees.

Episode 4: Met with a bear and had a chat

Daigo throws his lunch to Kazuma as he heads for the restroom. As Kazuma stumbles backward, he collides with third-year student Hina Sakai, knocking both of them to the ground. He apologises, takes her phone back, and remarks on how adorable the ornament hanging from it is. This is taken as mockery by Hina, who reacts angrily and walks away.

When they return to class, Kazuma, Ui, Ibuki, and Daigo eat lunch together and talk about the impending sporting event, particularly the renowned Hikonan Race, a type of triathlon. Kazuma is told by Senka after he comes back that he will be commenced on behalf of the inn because participants in this event represent a business.

In order to get ready, he goes for a jog. He then discovers Koyori on the park, perched in a tree, and rescues her when she falls. He and her differences are resolved, and they proceed to see their old friend and widower Gengorou Yamakawa.

The father talks about his late wife and his grandson Keita, who is in the hospital getting ready for an unknown procedure and has made preparations to visit with Koyori. In her room again, Hina decides to express her regret to Kazuma.

The following day, Keita is surprised by Koyori and Gengorou. In an effort to boost his confidence, Koyori offers to enter him in the Hikonan Race and place first provided he maintains his positive outlook towards the procedure.

Episode 5: Red Bean Soup And Eel And Wedding Dress

The gang takes part in a number of competitions; Ui wins a sprint, Hina takes first place in the 100-meter race, Tsumugi struggles through an obstacle course, and Ibuki shows target archery to the competitors.

Kazuma and Ui get ready for the big event, The Hikonan Race, following a leisurely lunch with Senka and the Nakatsugawas. The group rushes to devour thirty bowls of shiruko, catch ten freshwater eels, and go in an arbitrary costume to the finish line with Hina and Koyori. In a bridal dress, Koyori deftly enters the spotlight, but she trips and sprains her ankle.

Having failed to persuade Koyori to forfeit, Kazuma, who has caught up in a tuxedo, emphatically lifts her up and runs her to the finish, giving her first place.

Episode 6: When the Bucket Drops

The following morning at school, Kazuma, Ibuki, Ui, and Daigo set up a study group at the inn in order to get ready for finals. The group takes a break from studying for five and a half hours to take a bath and see fireflies. The scene makes Ui think of when she was a young girl and Hajime told her he was getting married, which upset her.

After supper, the party retires for the evening, and Kazuma encounters Ui as he is returning from the restroom. The two converse about Futagoyama while sitting outside and sharing a plate of onigiri. When Madoka looks out one of the windows after discovering Ui missing and standing with Kazuma, she feels demoralised.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 6
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 6

Episode 7: The Pink Nyanbobo

Everyone, with the exception of Ibuki and Ayumu, plans a trip to Honchou, a nearby city, to celebrate the completion of finals. The gang takes a diversion to an arcade to pass the two hours when a bus is unable to accommodate them.

Ibuki struggles to concentrate after staying at school to practise because Kazuma is constantly on her mind. The gang gathers the next week to watch her compete in a national target archery contest; Ibuki is eliminated despite making it to the finals. The girl in distress is found by Kazuma at the overlook, and he consoles her.

Episode 8: Butt in with OO (blank)!

The following morning, Kazuma phones each member of the group and invites them to go to the beach with him on the following Wednesday. Everyone comes to an understanding, and the group has a great time playing in the sand and the water.

When Madoka asks Ui about her relationship with Kazuma, she informs her that she views him more as an elder brother than a romantic interest, which gives Madoka some comfort. The party plays volleyball and suikawari to cap off their stay before departing for their home at dusk. Ui queries Ibuki about her and Kazuma as they stroll back to their house together.

Episode 9: Yellow Jackets Are Diuranal

Hina is alone and hungry when Kazuma discovers her at the park while returning from a trip to Honchou. He sits with the lonely girl, buying her food and drink, as she talks about how a recent argument with her father caused her to flee and leave her with nowhere to go.

In spite of himself, he stealthily takes her in. Senka learns about the covert arrangement, but she offers to house Hina in return for cleaning. While Kazuma is gone, Hina examines a towel to wipe herself. She smells my underarms, and I quickly clean the sweat and foul odour with towels.

When her father learns of this, he tries to have his daughter extradited but is unsuccessful, so Kazuma is challenged to a tug-of-war in her honour.

Episode 10: A Ring, Floating…

Madoka, who was not present at the temple at the time, gets informed about the tug-of-war and considers it to be a proposal to Hina. Upon learning about the tug-of-war from Madoka, Koyori, who has just returned from vacation, rushes off to find Kazuma.

She unexpectedly confronts him about his apparent proposal after discovering him with the others. After Kazuma recounts the circumstance, Daigo is persuaded that Madoka must like Kazuma and enlists the girls’ assistance in planning a date for them at a theme park.

The two love their time there so much that Madoka extends an invitation to Kazuma for a picnic the next morning.

The two of them settle down by the stream the following day, and when Kazuma puts Madoka’s windblown hat back on her head, he realises that this is the girl from his boyhood.

After the credits, Madoka can be seen throwing the flower ring that Kazuma gave her into the stream while watching her emotions behave.

Episode 11: Wet From The Rain

Returning to school, Daigo expresses to Kazuma his continued resentment at Madoka’s rejection as they make their way to class. She joyfully catches up to them while Kazuma tries to argue the contrary.

After class is over for the day and the two of them are on their way home, Ibuki sternly cautions Ui that if she doesn’t confess to Kazuma soon, someone else—possibly even herself—might. Both females reflect on the conversation that evening when Ayumu contacts Ui to inquire about modelling for him the following day. Senka ejects Kazuma from the inn that morning on account of this.

He chooses to explore the shopping centre out of boredom and lack of direction, running into Ibuki along the way.

Ibuki cheerfully thanks Kazuma for their time together when they are sitting in the park, describes them as a couple in jest, and jokingly asks him out.

He politely declines the offer and walks away, but after a minute or so, he turns around and apologises. Ibuki, who is heartbroken, resisted the impulse to cry and insisted that her offer was a joke while heading back home as rain clouds drenched her.

Ui phones him from home, unhappy with her role in her brother’s marriage, and is shocked to learn that Kuriko, his wife, is expecting a child. Early in the morning, Ibuki goes to the overlook to complain about Kazuma. Ui, who is happy to be an aunt, catches up as she walks to school.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 11
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi episode 11

Episode 12: A Starry Bridge in the Night Sky

Senka tells Kazuma, who is eating breakfast with the lads, that he will perform as the Ogami at the forthcoming festival’s Futagoyama ceremony because he won the Hikonan Race. He reluctantly concurs.

Daigo advises him to take advantage of the chance to meet Tsumugi, the Megami and thus, the town’s most attractive female, on the way to school. As Ui timidly approaches, Ibuki cheerfully catches up to them, keeping Kazuma and herself apart.

After class is finished for the day, Ui and Kazuma go in quiet to practise the ceremony at the shrine.

The ceremony’s day finally comes. Tsumugi passes out as the girls are getting into their costumes, complaining of stomach ache, and asks Ui to take over for her as the Megami. Kazuma is transported to the end of a bridge above the famous stream on a float.

Ui is being wheeled across the bridge in the distance. Kazuma stares at her stunned, caught off surprise and without anywhere to go as the town watches in admiration. When his feelings for her reach an unbearable level, he deviates from the plan and declares his love for her loud and clear.

Ibuki has to persuade Ui before she responds back.

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