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The comic “After School Dice Club” based on the popular board game serialized in “Gessan” (Shogakukan) has been made into an anime!

A coming-of-age tale about a high school student who becomes fascinated by the world of board games, developing deeper relationships with her friends via the game, and maturing.

Liden Films is in charge of the animation, Kenichi Imaizumi is in charge of the direction, Atsushi Maekawa is in charge of the series composition, Yukiko Ibe is in charge of character design, and Shji Katayama is in charge of the soundtrack. It debuted on ABC, Tokyo MX, and BS11 on October 2, 2019. Funimation offers both dubbed and subtitled episodes in English.

Aya and Miki accompany the student council president Midori to a board game store on a lovely spring day in Kyoto. The three students ultimately come to recognise their mutual love of gaming after finding a German board game. There will be a lot more board games found and played in the coming days!

Other NamesHoukago Saikoro Club
Houkago Saikoro Kurabu
Episode Length23 minutes per episode
SourceAfter School Dice Club Manga
DirectorKenichi Imaizumi
AuthorAtsushi Maekawa
MusicShūji Katayama
Broadcast DatesOct 3, 2019 to Dec 19, 2019
Licensed ByFunimation, Crunchyroll, Medialink
ThemeIyashikei, Slice of Life, School Life, Shounen, Board Games, Comedy, Strategy Game
StudioLiden Films
Broadcast NetworkABC, BS11, Tokyo MX
Official Website
Highlights of After School Dice Club Anime

Story of After School Dice Club Anime

High school student Miki, who resides in her hometown of Kyoto, has little experience with socialising or having fun. With the reluctance of their class president, Midori, a game store, and Marrakech, her classmate Aya tries to change this.

Even while Miki still has some misgivings, Aya, Midori, and Miki quickly become friends. Midori is begged by Miki and Aya to show them additional games. Shota, who has feelings for Aya, joins the three of them in playing Kaker Laken Poker. At Aya’s house, Miki, Midori, and Aya decide to play a game.

Playing Incan Gold, they are joined by Aya’s sister Hana and Maki, a friend of Hana’s. Miki recalls a time when Maki assisted her as a small child.

Ren, the vice-president of the student council, invites Midori to join the group. She declines, though, and explains to Ren why she loves gaming and game development so much.

After School Dice Club Anime Story
After School Dice Club Anime Story

As summer break approaches, Miki, Aya, and Midori travel to Kanazawa to see Miki’s aunt. They engage in GOITA, a traditional Japanese game, there. George, a game creator from the United States, is introduced to Midori. Her emotions are deflated when he criticises a game she’s creating.

However, Miki views his critique as a challenge and urges Midori to keep raising her game. During Miki’s school’s preparations for the forthcoming school festival, Maki and Miki play Monjiro together.

In a brand-new gaming store, Miki, Aya, and Midori meet Emilia. She is also an avid board game player, and her father runs a number of international game stores. The four get along well right away. Both Midori and Emilia want to work as game designers.

They are concerned, nevertheless, that their relationship would suffer as a result of their pursuit of their objectives. For the holiday season, Aya’s father returns after working abroad.

He prefers to spend time working than with his girls, though. Midori starts to play-test her own created game as her clubmates watch.

Where to watch the anime for free online?

You can now watch all the 12 episodes of the anime in high definition streaming online. Same is available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV etc. However, you will need subscription in order to watch on these platform. You will have an ad-free high quality streaming experience.

In case you want to watch the anime for free then you may do so here or here. However, the quality might be low and there might be ads which is the drawback. Both Sub and dub versions are available.

You can also buy the complete blu-ray series from Amazon, Walmart, Crunchyroll, Target, Microsoft.

In the meanwhile watch the official trailer of the anime from the below video.

YouTube video
After School Dice Club Anime trailer

What happens in each episode of the anime?

Following is the brief summary of the happenings in each of the episode of the anime.

Episode 1: A New World

Being with her peers is often uncomfortable for Miki Takekasa, a recluse. Aya Takayashiki smashes her bike into the river on the way home from school, just missing hitting the girl. Aya begs Miki to accompany her on a tour of the city after changing out of her damp clothing.

They see Midori Ono, the class representative, entering the entertainment district as they return from their excursion. They pursue her, and when they get to a gaming store, she tells them that she operates there and that their school has given her special permission to do so.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 1
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 1

She then orders them to go, but Takeru Kinj, the store’s manager, invites them to stay and engage in a game with him.

Takeru instructs Miki and Aya in the game of Marrakech because Midori declines to play. Later on, though, Midori starts giving Miki advice on how to proceed.

Aya requests a second game once the first one is over. She is reminded by Midori that while she shouldn’t be in the entertainment district after dark, she is welcome to visit on the weekends. Miki wants more days like the one she just had.

Episode 2: This Is a Cockroach!

At school, Miki, Aya, and Midori cross paths. Later, Miki discovers that Shta Tanoue, a classmate, is gazing at them. He attempts to chat to Aya all day, expressing a wish to get to know her, but is constantly cut off.

After class, Midori notices him loitering outside the classroom and urges him to go; however, he lies and claims to have forgotten something. Midori teaches everybody how to play the card game Kakerlakenpoker after Aya asks Shta to join them.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 2
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 2

Miki sees Shta’s actions surrounding Aya throughout the game. Aya fails miserably at deceiving anyone and loses often.

Shta worries about how to maintain her in the game but unintentionally makes the winning play. Meanwhile, Miki demonstrates that she is an expert at recognising falsehoods.

Following the match, Aya challenges Shta. Aya mistakenly believes that he has a fancy on Midori and promises to help him since she thinks she has discovered that he has a thing for her. Midori is advised by Aya to invite Shta again the following time they play.

Episode 3: Not Alone

Miki remembers being tormented as a young child. She returns to the present and sees a lady hunched down on the sidewalk. She approaches the woman and inquires about her well-being out of concern for her. Miki manages to entice the woman’s cat out of hiding beneath the home.

The cat is timid and typically does not like strangers, the woman says, expressing her amazement. Miki gathers her pals and visits Aya at her residence. She is taken aback to recognise the woman from before and learns that it is Hana Takayashiki, Aya’s elder sister. Kyko Maki, Hana’s best friend, and she join part in the game.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 3
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 3

Kyko first makes Miki feel uncomfortable, but she quickly thinks she’s OK. Later, Kyko becomes sure that she and Miki have already met. After that, Midori instructs everyone on how to perform Incan Gold.

Miki discovers towards the game’s conclusion that Kyko was the individual who chased her bullies away. She likens unpleasant memories to caverns that are gloomy, but if you have the guts to explore them, you can find gems like Kyko.

Episode 4: Midori’s Dream

Ren Shibusawa, vice president of the student council, is under pressure to arrange the school celebration. Ren assumed leadership until the class president’s recovery when he shattered his leg. She begs Midori for assistance since she wants to make the school festival the greatest, but she declines due to her employment.

Midori reveals to her companions that Ren asked her for assistance because she was the middle school student council president at the time. Ren finds Midori at her place of employment and requests that she leave so that she can participate in student council.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 4
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 4

Midori states that she is driven by her work and hopes to one day create board games.

That fantasy is mocked by Ren, but Miki and Aya both defend Midori. Ren won’t stop asking, so Midori invites her to play a game of 6 nimmt! Midori will re-join the student council if Ren prevails, but if Midori triumphs, Ren has to leave her alone.

Ren loses and storms out in a huff. Midori reveals that her brother formerly had the same position as she does today. She had wanted to create her own board games ever since he exposed her to them.

Episode 5: A Message for You

Aya suggests the girls go visit the beach since she is complaining about the heat during the summer holiday. They make plans to travel to Kanazawa because Miki’s aunt owns a coastal inn there. Aya makes a remark on some odd-looking shogi pieces in the inn.

They are not intended for shogi, but for goita instead—a regional speciality game that Midori has heard of but never played. Since the game requires four players, Miki’s aunt also joins them. She reminds Miki that she used to play, but Miki is unable to recall. The girls want to visit the beach the next day, but a storm keeps them from doing so.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 5
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 5

They ask Takashi, a small child who is sobbing over the rain, to play with them. Miki suddenly recalls making the same errors when she was Takashi’s age because he keeps making them.

Without explicitly teaching him what to do, she begs to play on his team and demonstrates how to play. The aunt of Miki remarks on how much her niece has transformed as a result of her companions.

Episode 6: A Fledgling Designer Is Born!

One Room, Midori’s own game, has a prototype, although Midori maintains it isn’t yet playable. She is told by a visiting professional game creator named George Beresford that a game cannot be created by one person alone and that if she doesn’t really allow other players to play, her game would never be finished.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 6
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 6

Although she is furious with him, she invites Aya and Miki to play One Room with her. Both of her pals produce a list of improvements they think might be made to the game at the conclusion. Midori walks up to George and apologises, explaining that she now knows why it takes a team to create a game.

She won’t give up, though, and she still plans to write video games.

Episode 7: Opening Up

Miki is asked where her pals are when Kyko discovers her sitting alone. She demands that Miki enjoy the day with her after finding that her pals are both booked up for the day.

They head to the river, where they engage in a little water battle before playing a game of manjiro in which Miki complements Kyko, much to Kyko’s displeasure. Midori submits a request for a board game café for the school festival to the student council once she is back at school.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 7
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 7

Ren rejects the offer because he is now determined to organise the event successfully without Midori’s assistance. Soon later, Yto Aoshima, president of the student council, comes back and sees Midori’s application still open on the desk.

He enters Midori’s workplace on the pretence of merely browsing, then agrees to play The Island with Midori, Miki, and Aya. Yto enjoys playing the game even when he loses.

Aya is utterly taken aback when Midori and Miki admit they have both known him all along. Ren’s decision is overturned by Yto, who also authorises the gaming café.

Episode 8: The Fourth Friend

Midori, Aya, and Miki go into Cafe Geschenk, a gaming cafe. They discover Emilia dozing off there. She offers them to play any activity they want when they wake her up. Then she and Midori give Miki and Aya an explanation of the Keltis regulations.

They are warned by Emilia that she has never lost in her favourite game. Emilia is surprised when Midori wins the game, but she enjoys the challenge. Emilia learns that she will be going to the girls’ school as they describe their circumstances.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 8
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 8

Miki, Aya, and Midori are demoralised during the festival since their gaming café has been put in a difficult-to-find room. They are informed that Emilia has a hidden weapon when she eventually locates them.

Shta gets a notice somewhere else with a map to the café. He crosses paths with Ryji Yoshioka while travelling. When they arrive, Aya welcomes them and asks Shta to teach a group of lads how to play Kakerlakenpoker.

Miki, in the meantime, explains Dobble to Ryji and a few other people. Ryji begins to enjoy himself after his first mistrust. The festival was labor-intensive, but Miki reflects that it was worthwhile.

Episode 9: Daruma-Doll Fell Down

In order to prepare for the midterm examinations, the girls stop playing board games. They then take Emilia to Midori’s place of employment, the gaming store. They play Elfenland in the store. When Emilia triumphs, her pals make fun of her for having a poor sense of direction in games.

She sobs as she recalls her German pals saying her the same thing. She talks to them about a commitment she and her closest buddy made to create a game together. She expresses her optimism that they can still each achieve their individual dreams. Midori storms away after learning that Emilia shares the same dream as her.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 9
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 9

Emilia tells Miki and Aya how disappointed she is after hearing Midori discussing her desire. Midori worries at home that she will never be able to create a game as amazing as Emilia. The next day, Emilia requests the help of her pals to educate her a Japanese kid’s game. Daruma Doll Fell Down is the choice.

Since all games are ongoing projects, Emilia creates a point system after noticing the lack of one. Inspired, Midori requests that Emilia play her game someday.

Episode 10: Happy Holy Night

After years spent working as a wildlife photographer overseas, Aya’s father returns home. Aya extends an invitation to a holiday party to her pals in anticipation of introducing him to them. Shta is also invited somewhere else, but he asks Ryji to accompany him since he is so anxious.

Aya is incensed when her father informs her of his new job offer. Later, Takeru forces them to engage in a game of Blokus with Miki and Midori in the shop, where the two settle their dispute. Emilia introduces the game Ladies & Gentlemen to the gathering.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 10
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 10

Playing as a guy, Midori teams up with Emilia, Shta teams up with Aya, and Ryji teams up with Miki.

Shta struggles throughout the game to keep up with Aya’s expenditures. Ryji is astounded at how simple it is to win Miki over in the meantime.

Aya takes the gift that Shta presents her after the celebration with gratitude. Ryji attempts to get the guts to tell Miki he wishes to see her once more, but he can only muster a pleasant New Year’s greeting. He blushes when she reciprocates the good wishes and discusses meeting him again in a year.

Episode 11: A Game By Everyone

Takeru informs Midori that George wants her to know that his business is sponsoring a contest for game designers, and he advises her to compete. Takeru believes One Room still needs something after Midori playstests it with all of her friends and her employer.

In order to focus on her game, Midori isolates herself from her pals. Emilia advises Aya and Miki to give Midori some space despite their concerns. Midori recalls a worker at her father’s furniture company who said that he loved what he did.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 11
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 11

In his personal life, he would never be able to acquire all the furniture he desired, but at work, he had access to a wide variety of furniture that he could arrange whatever he pleased.

Midori is inspired by this, so she creates room cards with cutouts of each item of furniture so that players can organize them anyway they choose. Midori informs her pals that she would not have created the game without them since they are in awe of it.

Miki becomes aware that she is a little saddened by the thought of Midori’s future since she is content with where they are and does not wish to think about the future.

Episode 12: The Place We All Love

Aya wishes that they would all join the same classroom the next year as the school year is coming to a close. Midori informs her it is not possible as they are choosing different majors.

They move on to make preparations for spring break, but Emilia informs them that she must return to Germany for the duration of the vacation. Being isolated from her pals worries Miki.

Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 12
Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 12

She phones each of her pals on their day off, but none of them pick up. She visits the game store in search of Midori and buys a card game after seeing it. She uses the cards she purchased to perform a sketch while alone on a park bench. When Shta sees her, she summons Aya.

Her buddies all come across her and express their want to remain close. They thus establish the After School Dice Club.

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Review on After School Dice Club Anime

The tale runs in an episodic format without a convoluted storyline since it is a slice of life. Although Miki’s progress is particularly apparent the more she plays with her new buddies, there is no character development. To keep the show interesting, new games with unique rules are introduced in every episode.

We occasionally even receive episodes that take place somewhere, such at the beach or a school. The club members get to live the adolescent dream at these times, hanging out as friends and having a good time.

With light comedy, the humorous humor is typically subdued and more often dependent on the personality of the characters than dry humor.

This means that the goal of the anime is not to make you laugh. It is here to demonstrate how playing board games may alter people’s lives.

I must admit that after binge-watching the entire series, the male character cast typically falls flat. Aoshima and Shouta are two characters that are simple to forget and follow the mold of conventional school roles. Kinjou Takeru, the store manager, is the sole male character in the program whom I admire for standing out.

You wouldn’t think that a man with a bald head, an imposing apron, and sunglasses would be in charge of the business. Thankfully, Maki Kyouko is also introduced in the anime. She may not receive as much attention as the cast members, but in my opinion, she is a standout.

Maki has shown a free-spirited temperament and a passion of making friends from her introduction. She and Aya embark on their own outdoor expedition in one specific episode to have fun. And when viewing Hokuago Saikoro Club, you should adopt the same frame of mind. Enjoy this presentation with a free spirit and an open mind.

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Houkago features two of the main characters aspiring to become board game developers while the other two often go along and play, despite the fact that Yakunara’s major cast are all about the females creating pottery.
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High school student Miki Takekasa is a reclusive individual who avoids interacting with her peers. She seeks for someone who can explain what “fun” actually means in order to learn more about it.

She runs across her classmate Aya Takayashiki one day after school, who leads her on a little journey. Miki stumbles onto marvels she had never seen before, paving the door for her reclusive existence to change.

Midori Oono, the class representative, enters Saikoro Club, a board game shop, as Miki and Aya are on their way home.

Miki discovers the type of enjoyment she had been seeking after playing a German board game, in addition to the acquaintances and contacts she makes as a result of her discovery: playing a variety of games after school.

Let us know what you liked about this anime in the comments section.

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