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The Aiura Manga was adapted into a television series called Aiura, which ran from April to June 2013. Developed by Liden Films, Pony Canyon, and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, the Aiura TV adaption.

Each episode of the anime is only a few minutes long and is structured as a succession of shorts.

The character designs were done by Mieko Hosoi, the writing was done by Rysuke Nakamura, and the soundtrack was done by Shsei Murai.

Between 10 April and 26 June 2013, the show began on TV Tokyo. Niconico and Crunchyroll both streamed it with English subtitles.

On August 7, 2013, the full series’ Blu-ray Disc was made available.

Source4-koma manga
Director and AuthorRyōsuke Nakamura
StudioLiden Films
Initial networkTV Tokyo, AT-X
GenreComedy, Slice of Life, Iyashikei, School Life
TimelineApr 10, 2013 to Jun 26, 2013
ProductionPony Canyon, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Episode Length4 mins per episode
MusicShūsei Murai
Opening themeKani Do-Luck!
Ending themeIchigo Ichie
Highlights of Aiura Anime

Story and Episodes Description

The Aiura anime has 12 episodes in total and began airing on Apr 10, 2013 and the show ended on Jun 26, 2013.

Following is the story on what happens in the anime listed according to each epsiode.

Episode 1: The Day Before

Ayuko Uehara goes out and about on her final day of spring break. Soon after, she runs into Saki Iwasawa and Kanaka Amaya at a taiyaki bar.

Ayuko’s ice cream is accidently knocked over by Kanaka after she accidentally brushes into her while performing some dancing acrobatics with her taiyaki for Saki. Saki accepts Kanaka’s spicy taiyaki as a gesture of apology, and they both flee.

Ayuko hears Saki say that they are starting high school the next day as she chews on her taiyaki and adds that she is, too. Ayuko muses that evening on how her dress code is a little too big for her, but she will likely grow into it.

Scene from Aiura anime
Scene from Aiura anime

Episode 2: First Day of School

Ayuko struggles to get to her shoe locker on the first day of high school. Despite the fact that Ayuko originally just remembers Saki, she is accosted by him and Kanaka, who both recognise her from the taiyaki bar.

Kanaka notices Ayuko’s predicament and kneels down to offer to be a step stool for her. Saki, who is tall enough to reach the locker to assist Ayuko, disregards Kanaka’s actions and offers to trade lockers with her in order to resolve the potentially ongoing issue.

The three girls then introduce themselves to one another as they make their way to class and start talking about nicknames once they are seated.

Episode 3: Home Room

What is Your Teacher’s Name? is one of the questions on a surprise pop quiz that Ms. Sumiko Yamashita administers to her class at the start of homeroom. Mei Yanase, the lone accurate response, is named the class spokesperson, while Kanaka, whose response, “Hikaru Jinguji,” Sumiko believes better fits her as a name, is named MVP.

After that, the girls discuss nicknames once again over lunch, and Kanaka decides to call Ayuko by the moniker “Yukon” for short. After school, Ayuko calls Ms. Yamashita by her first name, “Jinguji-sensei,” but when she doesn’t hear back, she turns to “Yamashita-sensei.”

Episode 4: Sensei

Saki becomes irate when Kanaka arrives at her house to fetch her ready for school and starts fiddling with the doorbell. Kanaka chooses to beat Saki to school but ends up to her brother’s primary high after making a false turn. Saki is at the entrance to Iroha High School when she arrives.

At the same time, Ms. Misuzu Wakatsuki is mistaken for a student by Mr. Shsaku Matsuno since she is sporting a school outfit. She struggles to defend the outfit, and Mr. Matsuno makes a concession by forcing her to cover it up with a teacher’s lab coat.

The delayed Ms. Yamashita then approaches Mr. Matsuno and makes fun of their school’s eccentric instructors.

Episode 5: Incident

On one of Kanaka’s morning calls to Saki, it sounds as though the latter is being attacked. Saki discovers Kanaka on the ground, appearing to be dead, as she heads out to school. In response, Saki claims if it was Ayuko, she would do all in her power to restore her to life.

Kanaka makes the observation that Saki is the kind of person who would disregard a “dead” friend while they travel. They drag Ayuko into the meaningless conversation at school, and Kanaka describes that she was “attacked” by a gladiator-style man but overcame him, and then Ayuko appeared and “stabbed” her.

Ayuko apologises for “killing” Kanaka and claims that she slashed Kanaka out of annoyance.

Episode 6: Younger Brother

In the vicinity of Saki’s house, Kanaka keeps acting dead, however this time, Saki binds her up. Iroha High School students are dismissed early as Testing Week gets underway, and Kanaka calls Saki and Ayuko to her home to “study”.

The girls spend time in Kanaka’s brother Souta Amaya’s room because Kanaka’s house is not particularly hospitable to visitors, much to his slight annoyance. Ayuko says after a long pause that Kanaka is “a lot of fun” when Souta asks whether she’s having any trouble with her as he introduces them.

As the females continue to unwind, Souta eventually sits down to focus on his own tests, all the while telling Kanaka they’re just “warming up.”

Scene from Aiura anime 2
Scene from Aiura anime

Episode 7: The Amaya Household

When Kanaka and Ayuko are still playing Jenga, Souta tries to study. When Souta attempts to move a brick during his turn inside the game with Kanaka, the tower collapses. Kanaka and Ayuko pressurise Souta to buy beverages and snacks after she lost the game.

Saki even tells him what drink she wants, proving to him that she is not actually asleep. Saki says that Souta will be to blame if she performs poorly on her tests when he arrives later with the food and beverages and they play a PSP game.

The girls return to Souta’s room the following day. He cleans Kanaka’s room out of resentment so that she might host people there, much to Kanaka’s delight.

Episode 8: Club Activities

Since Kanaka wants to be referred to as a club’s “Captain,” she tries but is unable to persuade Saki to join any group at school. When Ayuko joins them, she accepts Kanaka’s offer to try out for clubs. Kanaka informs the girls about her inability to find a good club during lunch.

Kanaka admits to Ayuko and Saki that she has no special talent, despite their efforts to determine what kind of club Kanaka might be most suitable for. Saki and Ayuko address Kanaka as “Captain” to cheer her up while she mopes.

Kanaka then chooses to pursue her goal of becoming the class representative president, despite Saki’s teasing that the administration might not permit it.

Episode 9: Dreams

Saki was disappointed that she didn’t get to crush any watermelons when Kanaka told Saki and Ayuko about a dream she had in which they were at the seashore crushing watermelons. Ayuko continues by saying that when she removed Kanaka’s left ponytail during a magic trick she was performing with her hair in her dream, an atomic explosion occurred.

Saki continues by informing them that her life’s ambition is to wed a wealthy person. When Kanaka discloses that she wants to be an idol because of the low standards of her mother and her junior high school instructor, Saki and Ayuko are in a state of disbelief. Kanaka then asks Ms. Wakatsuki how to wed into fortune, upsetting her.

Episode 10: Problem

While still donning the student uniform, Ms. Wakatsuki assumes that Mr. Matsuno just wants her to wear the lab coat, which leads her to call him a pervert, much to his surprise. Later, while concealing their eyes, Kanaka asks Ayuko, Ms. Yamashita, and Saki questions. Ms. Yamashita doesn’t recognise her, and Saki punches Kanaka in the stomach.

Later, Mei is asked what high school girls really do by Kanaka, Saki, and Ayuko. To Kanaka’s surprise, Mei replies that they study. Although Saki and Kanaka alter Ayuko’s statements to make it seem as though she has feelings of affection for them, she indicates that they likely talk about love.

Scene from Aiura anime 3
Scene from Aiura anime

Episode 11: Rain

On a gloomy morning, Saki lazily chooses to miss school and turn into a NEET, but when Kanaka asserts that becoming a NEET is below her, Saki reluctantly gets out of bed. Saki makes fun of Kanaka’s rain boots and although they keep her dry and force her to take off her own soggy socks.

Saki destroys her phone after Kanaka takes a photo of her naked legs. After that, Ms. Yamashita muses over the advantages and disadvantages of the commute before proclaiming the semester finished without imparting any knowledge to her students.

Later, Kanaka complains that all of her imaginary difficulties should be washed away by the rain. The following day, the start of Saki’s summer vacation, Kanaka keeps fiddling with her doorbell, much to her annoyance.

Episode 12: See You Tomorrow

As the start of the summer break approaches, Ayuko gets a message requesting her to meet Kanaka and Saki. After that, the girls spent the day engaging in a number of the activities Ayuko had undertaken on her own at the conclusion of spring break.

The girls then spend the remainder of the day together at the beach watching the sunset and making plans to reconnect the following day. Ayuko gazes at the starry sky as she towels her hair at the conclusion of the day.

Screengrab from Aiura anime
Screengrab from Aiura anime

Watch Aiura anime free online

Aiura anime is available to watch online on Crunchyroll. The same is available here but do note that you will need a premium subscription to watch. This is a subtitled version and videos are high quality and without any ads. Do look at the various premium options available before subscribing.

In case if you want to watch the anime for free then you may do so here or here. Do note that many of these sites have ads and quality might be low.

Watch a scene from the anime from the YouTube video here:

YouTube video

Characters from Aiura Anime

Following are the major characters that appear in the Aiura anime:

Saki Iwasawa

High school student Saki Iwasawa is the tallest of her three pals. Saki lacks motivation yet excels in games and sports.

Kanaka Amaya

High school student Kanaka Amaya is regarded as her friends’ “mood creator.” Kanaka is a joker who likes to taunt Ayuko Uehara in addition to Saki Iwasawa and anyone else within sprinting distance.

Ayuko Uehara

High school students Saki Iwasawa and Kanaka Amaya are friends with Ayuko Uehara. Kanaka Amaya regularly makes fun of Ayuko’s height. The moniker Ayuko was given changed from Ayukong to Yukkon.

Souta Amaya

The younger brother of Kanaka Amaya is Souta Amaya. Because Souta’s own room is unlivable, Kanaka Amaya and her friends frequently invade Souta’s space to hang out.

Aiura characters
Aiura characters

Mei Yanase

Mei Yanase, well known by her stage name Yananchou, is the class representative. She takes everything she does very seriously, and she is so fiercely competitive that she even takes her rivalry with Nao Manaka seriously.

Nao Manaka

Mei Yanase is friends with Nao Manaka, also known as Manax. In each exam, Nao triumphs over Mei Yanase.
Nao frequently takes pleasure in Kanaka Amaya harassing Mei.

Reviews on Aiura anime

Aiura is a short but highly enjoyable slice-of-life series. It’s a fantastic mood booster and time killer because each episode only lasts four minutes. Three females who attend high school together for one semester are the subject of the story.

It’s plainly not the goal of this show, so don’t even bother worrying about it. calming environment, good use of colour, and decent animation itself. It’s really well-made for a brief series.

People will certainly compare the aesthetic to KyoAni’s Lucky Star and Nichijou, but Ichigo Marshmallow’s presentation and execution are more reminiscent.

Three girls who are getting ready to start high school are the subject of this straightforward slice of life. Apart from the three girls growing closer to one another and navigating high school, not much happened in this show. There are various, yet quite straightforward situations like classroom chatter, house visits, studying, and that’s pretty much it.

I particularly enjoyed this show’s character design, visual aesthetic, and voice acting. particularly the lead character Kanaka Amaya’s voice acting. In contrast to the most of the other shows I’ve watched, her voice just felt incredibly distinctive and charming. Her voice alone makes it clear right away that she is a dynamic individual.

Aiura reviews
Aiura reviews

Saki Iwasasa is the following main character. She is the tallest of her group of three pals and has known Kanaka since their first year of high school. She loves games and sports and is fairly mature. She has constantly been buddies with Kanaka, therefore she frequently receives taunts from her, which, in a manner, keeps the show running.

She’s a really good character, though I wouldn’t consider her a particularly entertaining one.
Ayuko Uehara comes in last. She first appears in the first episode and seems highly motivated to enter high school.

She is also made fun of by Kanaka, primarily because she is the shortest and shorter than everyone else. She is a charming and mature character who is quite amiable. Prior to meeting Saki and Kanaka, she initially lacks friends. And it pretty much wraps up the narrative.

I believe this could be the one for you if you enjoy seeing cute girls go about their daily high school lives and don’t care short anime.

Similar Anime Recommendations

Following are some of the anime similar to Aiura. Here are the recommendations along with the synopsis:


Yui, Yukari, and Yuzuko have recently started high school and are excited to have fun. They swiftly take over as the only members of the Data Processing Club, routinely using the computers to research topics and uncover amusing videos.

These three pals will manage to have fun while doing it, no matter if they’re arguing the virtues of sauce on curry bread, wondering how some ladies manage to have enormous breasts, or dealing with the oppressive heat.


Comedy and slice-of-life anime that are set at schools include Aiura and K-ON! The humour of Aiura is reminiscent of K-ON”cute !’s girls doing cute things” style. The characters also have cute personalities.

The animation in both series is likewise excellent, seamless, and very comparable. In comparison to K-On, Aiura’s primary drawback is that it is a little bit short and lacks significant story development.

But it’s safe to assume that you shouldn’t be hesitant to attempt the other if you enjoyed seeing either of them.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

The show centres on the unique bond that develops between Suzu Nekoyama, a cat-like girl who adores dogs, and Yachiyo Inugami, a dog-like girl who adores cats, in addition to their shared behaviours.


Ayumi Nonomura, a transfer student, and Tatsuki Iizuka, a longtime resident, get lost together in the hallways at Kamizono Academy because of how big it is.

The sassy Torako Kageyama and eccentric, melancholy Suzume Saotome swiftly join the group of four as friends and allies in their fight against boredom.

There is fun for everyone at Kamizono Academy, whether it’s being a last-minute Morals Officer with the bisexual Nene or building robots with Kageyama!


A new school term approaches as spring break draws to a close. Ayuko Uehara decides to take advantage of the leftover holiday by going for a stroll through her neighbourhood and stopping by a little cafe.

Her tranquil day is suddenly interrupted by a girl who awkwardly bumps into her, though. When Ayaku runs into them again as rookies within the same high school she attends, she is even more taken aback by the experience.

The girls reveal themselves as Kanaka Amaya and Saki Iwasawa after recognising her from the store, and the three of them instantly become friends.

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