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Akebi’s Sailor Uniform is a manga created by Hiro, who also created the artwork for Super Cub. The manga started in Tonari no Young Jump in 2016. It had an anime adaption in the winter season of 2022.

A girl named Komichi Akebi, who resides in the country, is set to enrol at the same elementary school as her mother. Having been the sole student in her elementary school class, she has two dreams: one is to make plenty of acquaintances at her new school, and the other is to dress in a sailor uniform like her mother and favourite idol singer.

Unfortunately, Komichi soon learns that her school’s dress has switched to the more contemporary design of jackets and collared shirts despite her mother crafting a completely new sailor outfit just for her.

The principal nevertheless lets her wear her sailor outfit despite the mix-up. Komichi is determined to make as many mates as she can despite the fact that her sailor outfit makes her stick out from the other students at school.

SerializationTonari no Young Jump
ImprintYoung Jump Comics
Alternative NameAkebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
Story & ArtHiro
Country of originJapan
Published DateAug 2, 2016
StatusOngoing (as on date of this post)
AdaptationAkebi’s Sailor Uniform Anime
GenreSchool Life, All Girls School, Seinen, Comedy, Slice of life
LanguageJapanese, English (translated)
Highlights of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Manga

Story of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Manga

Komichi Akebi, a junior high school freshman, served as the main character in a youth school manga. The name of the play is based on the fact that hero Komichi is the lone student at the exclusive Roubai Gakuen Middle School, which serves as the theatre, and wears sailor clothing, which was the school’s original uniform.

With a brief pause in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2, Komichi’s growing connections with each of his colleagues essentially serve as the story’s main focus. Character motions are frequently shown in frames, and the pages typically read as one continuous image with no boundaries.

Despite her many eccentricities and wearing a uniform that is considerably different from everyone else’s, Komichi gets along well with her classmates and professors and gains their respect. Evidently, Komichi’s mother behaved in a similar manner when she was Komichi’s age.

Story of Akebi
Story of Akebi

The lessons in Akebi’s Sailor Uniform are engaging. The characters’ happiness is taken for granted, and the rain is made into an adventure. The narrative serves as a reminder of how adventure may be found all around us. As we age, we become oblivious to it.

Adventure may be found in the tiny, everyday wins and defeats as well as with friends and family. A lot of anime that promotes healing does so subtly. The concept appears to be derived from Zen teachings, which emphasise being present in each and every minute of daily life.

Living in the future, distracted by concerns and ideas, is the same as not living at all. With her constant presence in every situation, Akebi frequently personifies this philosophy. Although she has concerns and anxieties, she is not consumed by them.

Where to read the manga for free?

Akebi Komichi, a tomboyish rural girl who is tremendously eager, was just admitted to the middle school her mother attended. It’s a prestigious institution with all the trimmings, and despite being in a rural area of Japan, the classrooms will be large because it’s a renowned institution.

Komichi Akebi

However, the main perk is that the kids get to wear sailor uniforms. Like her mother, Komichi is enamoured with the prospect of donning a stunning sailor costume. This is a result of both her desire to be like her idol, Fukumoto Miki, and the fact that her mother wore one.

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Characters appearing in the manga

Following are the main characters that appear in this manga along with their description:

Komichi Akebi

The titular character is a first-year middle school student who graduated from Futaba Elementary School and was recently accepted to the prestigious all-girls Roubai Academy, which her mother Yuwa attended when she was in her early teens.

Ever since she was a young child, she has been fascinated by sailor clothing as well as sailor school uniforms. For her first day of school, she ultimately convinces her mother to sew her one that is an identical duplicate of her mother’s school uniform.

She first feels out of place when she gets to the school’s entry ceremony because of her sailor school uniform, which also seems to be Roubai Academy’s initial uniform policy from when Yuwa was a pupil there.

Akebi Chan
Akebi Chan

The other children, though, are donning school uniforms that resemble blazers. Despite the miscommunication, Komichi is delighted to receive the principal’s approval to wear the sailor uniform, giving her the sole pupil in the school and her class to do so.

She intends to meet hundreds of people while going to her new school and experiencing adolescence. She joins the school’s theatre club and immediately gains popularity at the school thanks to her outgoing nature.

Minoru Ohkuma

An enquiring young lady. Ohkuma is not a gregarious person; instead, he prefers to observe people and make notes on them in the intention of exploiting them later. She also records the different wild creatures she observes. She and Togeguchi share a dorm in the anime.

Touko Usagihara 

A cheeky student who was born in Tokyo. She becomes friends with Akebi on her first day and is Kizaki’s roommate.

Usagihara, a softball club member, is well-known among her peers for having a kitchen in her dorm room, cooking and baking for her friends, and getting bad marks. Tatsumori and she both attended the same cram school.

Neko Kamimoku

A female who tends to slumber a lot. She shares a room with Usagihara.

Tomono Kojou

A shy, reserved girl from Nagano Prefecture who wears glasses. She belongs to the literature club because she enjoys reading.

Scene from the manga
Scene from the manga

Erika Kizaki

The first person Komichi sees on her initial day of school is a girl from Tokyo who rapidly wins her over and becomes her best friend. She comes from a wealthy background because her relatives back home own and reside in a mansion.

She has a tendency of using her nail clippers to calm herself down when she feels uncomfortable or stressed, claiming that the sound is beneficial for her. Although she has learnt to play the violin, the piano, and ride horses, she eventually joins the climbing club.

Riona Shijou

A self-conscious former tennis player.

Kei Tanigawa

The leader of the class. She is relatively disliked due to her reputation as a tough, no-nonsense student, but Akebi befriends her nonetheless, leading Tanigawa to become infatuated with her. She is the top academic performer in the class and a member of the photography club.

Yuwa Akebi

Sato’s wife, Kao’s mother, and Komichi. Alumni of Roubai Girls Academy, Yuwa may be seen in an old photo with two of her classmates wearing the original sailor school uniform of Roubai Girls Academy, which encouraged Komichi to have Yuwa make her a sailor uniform of her own.

Oshizu Hebimori

A punk rock-loving young woman who lives in Togano’s apartment. Despite her love of music, she can’t read music at first, but she ultimately learns how to play the guitar.

Ayumi Tougeguchi

A recluse who shared Ohkuma’s room. Tougeguchi has significant anxiety to the point that she needs to take medication, which Akebi helps her with. She belongs to the table tennis group.

Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform

Review on Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Manga

What I can tell with certainty the fact that this manga’s popularity stems mostly from its artwork and display of beautifully rendered and adorable visuals. Many of the motion-capture segments have five or six photos of Komichi engaged in a particular activity.

A lot of the time, it’s much more expressive or athletic, yet occasionally it’s just displaying off mundane stuff like a woman putting on a shirt. Komichi moves quickly, dances, and is extremely adaptable.

The sensation is similar to that of seeing an acrobat or contortionist at a circus, when there is a feel of beauty and even pleasure at witnessing the variety of moves that the human body is capable of.

Image from Akebi's Sailor Uniform manga

That aspect of sensuality is what makes it a little unsettling. The middle school girls’ bums or curves will be the main emphasis of the manga, leaving me to wonder whether the author intended for these ladies to be viewed as sexually arousing or simply adorable. In any case, its primary purpose is to provide as eye candy.

Having a warm and engaging nature, Komichi will show interest in the things that other individuals are intrigued in and embrace them for who they are.

Their classmates kind of view her as a cross between a buddy and an idol. They simply like being around women and their enthusiasm.

It tells the narrative of how these girls get together and form friendships. Additionally, it is wonderful to observe the friendships forming among the females who are not Komichi.

Interesting Facts

  • In the anime, she is given a number of sequences that take place in the days leading up to the sports festival, although in the manga, the Drama Club President first arrives after the second session has begun.
  • While she does recognise and admire Komichi’s swimming abilities and speed, Minakami Riri is superior to Komichi in the swimming arena due of her outstanding speed. In fact, she was such a good swimmer that she competed at the national level while still in elementary school.
  • With the exception of her father’s frequent absences owing to business, Komichi leads an almost ideal existence with her mother and sister in the countryside. Naturally, there are many stunning photographs of the location.
  • The main character of the series is Komichi, who is adjusting to middle school and making her first friends who are similarly aged. Since her Sailor Fuku makes her stand out in spite of her wish to blend in, Komichi is forced to pause a few times and contemplate her entire image and the sort of person she wants to be.
  • Riri and Komichi made a wager that if Riri won, Komichi would exchange her sailor outfit for her own uniform. However, after winning the race, Riri revealed that she was kidding in order to get Komichi to take the race versus her seriously and use all of her might.
  • Countless exquisite images of various rural settings, including dense forests and shimmering lakes, can be found throughout the manga.
  • After finishing their swimming competition, Riri sincerely thanks Komichi for her swimming prowess and expresses her gratitude for the challenge she provided.
Scene from Akebi's Sailor Uniform manga
Scene from Akebi’s Sailor Uniform manga

Other similar manga recommendations

Following are some of the manga similar to Akebi’s Sailor Uniform:

Kyou no Asuka Show

Asuka is a beautiful but naive high school student who frequently acts innocently in ways that her male peers see as sexually provocative.

Kyou no Asuka Show is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a manga with a similar ecchi slice-of-life feel that focuses on a kind-hearted but naive schoolgirl.

Show Kyou no Asuka is more episodic and has a larger ensemble cast than Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku. mostly focuses on the interactions the protagonist has with other individuals and how they respond to her all-around endearing personality.

Although this comedy-heavy sitcom is arguably less pornographic than Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku. An excellent light read.

Three Leaves, Three Colors

Teru Hayama, the student body president who is meaner than she appears, and Youko Nishikawa, a previously affluent girl who really acts like a princess, are both friends of Futaba Odagiri, the vivacious transfer student.

Three totally different females who only have one thing in common: names that contain the kanji meaning leaf. It’s challenging enough juggling school and life, but what about dealing with conflicting personalities on top of that?

Tsubaki-sama does not blooming proudly

“Be chaste! Be moral! Be stunning!” Tsubaki lives by this maxim. She is adorable and makes a lot of effort, but occasionally she is simply wide open. Her dreams of becoming an elegant woman in the future collide with the facts!


Akebi Komichi and her family reside in a rural area. She has been accepted into the esteemed Roubai Academy middle school for girls, and now her sole priorities are to don the school’s sailor uniform and make one hundred friends.

Manga snapshot
Manga snapshot

It serves as a reminder of how wonderful life is and how it is filled with experiences for those of us who have grown jaded and weary from maturity. You don’t need to go via plane, skydiving, or bungee leap. A frog is found on a pavement; adventure.

A fly fluttering around a room is an adventure. On the route to work or school, it is a run. The notion that a tale must always involve a huge conflict is challenged by healing anime like Akebi’s Sailor Uniform.

They instruct without explicitly instructing, urging us to recover before realising how simple it is to live joyfully.

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