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Buffalo 5 Girls or alternatively known as Buffalo 5-nin Musume is a manga story produced by Moyoco Anno. It is a one volume book having 10 chapters initially published by Shodensha. It is currently available on Crunchyroll.

Candy and Suzy, two women who resolve to leave the brothel in quest of freedom, are the first characters in Buffalo 5 Girls (Buffalo Gonin Musume). They will encounter other women who share their goals along the road, and together they will travel in peril to flee their pursuers and begin their trek to freedom.

In the villages that mark the dry desert, the girls were sold as prostitutes. For various reasons, each of them is made to succumb to a man’s lust, and as a result, they all fall in love.

Prostitutes have fallen in love with guys, but they aren’t allowed to choose and select the men they love. Which do you value more—love or life?” “I choose love.” “But if you’re dead, you can’t be in love.” Is it possible for these women to live in a world when lust and violence are so prevalent?

Candy and Susie escape the brothel one day in search of the liberty they can never have. “We are more powerful beings!” Follow your gut feelings and your inner voice!

AuthorMoyoco Anno
ArtMoyoco Anno
TypeManga / Graphic Novel / Comics / Full Color
PublisherCork / Shodensha
Size1 volume; 10 chapters; 354 pages
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Historical, Mature, Comedy, Josei
MagazineFeel Young
Year of Publication2013
Alternative NamesBuffalo Gonin Musume
Buffalo 5-nin Musume
Buffalo 5 Girls
Highlights of Buffalo 5 Girls manga

Story of Buffalo 5 Girls Manga

A girl named Candy was sold to a brothel. She is stuck with an elderly man on her first day of employment, and out of the blue she decides to leave! Another brothel girl named Susy is also participating in the escape, but she is fairly pessimistic since she believes that Keith and Rage, the two brothers who own the establishment, would track them down and make their lives even more miserable.

Characters in Buffalo 5 girls manga
Characters in Buffalo 5 girls manga

Susy appears to be correct because Monroe, the sheriff, is pursuing the girls quite swiftly. He tricked Candy and Susie into fleeing, but not before advising them against taking the familiar route.

Susy, on the other hand, thinks it’s a trap and resolves to flee away from Candy by herself. Candy, however, is persuaded that she wants to assist them and wants to follow her instructions.

Upon meeting three other ladies, Candy and Susie will eventually form a group of five women. Several men will pursue the main characters. Each episode will provide a brief history lesson about one of them, and as the plot progresses, other issues will arise that they must resolve in order to achieve freedom.

Despite its brief length, the comic is innovative because it tackles an uncommon subject: prostitutes as manga heroes. The Josei genre may not be appropriate for all audiences during some sequences, but the storyline and character development make it worthwhile to read.

Where to read this manga for free?

Girls sold into brothels in the harsh settlements that dot the desolate desert must endure the carnal demands of men every day. What transpires when prostitutes fall in love in a society that is rife with sex and violence? Do they have a chance of surviving?

Candy and Suzy, two working females, are willing to take personal risks in order to end the cycle and experience the freedom they have never known. These ladies on the run learn to trust their instincts after becoming stronger than they ever imagined possible.

From 1999 through 2008, Moyoco Anno wrote the manga, which Shodesha published. The manga has 10 chapters that are collected in 1 volume. The author is well-known for her marriage to Evangelion inventor and director Hideaki Anno. Her last names, which are homophones of one another but written differently, are not the same, which is curious. Only in Japanese can you tell the difference.

Scene from the manga
Scene from the manga

This manga, like all of the others by the author, belongs to the Josei genre. In 1999, Happy Mania, one of her manga, was converted to anime, and in October 2007, Hataraki Man was adapted to animation. The author has received several notable honours.

Although it is available in all areas and is available in English, the only legal way to get it is through the Crunchyroll site since no publisher outside of Japan has published it. It should be mentioned that the same platform also hosts Memoirs of Amorous, another manga by the same author.

If you would like to read the colored scan copies of all the chapters of this manga then you may do so here or here. Here you can find the scanlated versions of all the chapters in high quality images.

If you would like to purchase the book then the same is available on most of the online book stores. You canfind them on Goodreads or Bookwalker. The book consists of 354 pages and single volume.

Characters appearing in Buffalo 5 Girls Manga

Give this manga a try if you want to read something unique and brief. It can be rapidly read and yet be enjoyable.

Following are the main characters that appear in this manga.


Pretty sexist and malevolent girl. At the age of 12, she was sold to a brothel, where she independently learned how to handle a rifle and protect herself.

Characters appearing in Buffalo 5 Girls Manga


Girl who is constantly positive and energetic. She appears foolish and innocent at first, but she is actually incredibly sharp and crafty.

The one who consistently keeps the girls united and is always willing to assist them is she. It appears like she stole something priceless the day she ran away from the brothel.

Characters appearing in Buffalo 5 Girls Manga


Beautiful woman residing in Snake Head, a lawless community. All the men are smitten with her, but the moment she has intercourse with one of them, they all turn on him and try to murder him. She’ll hang out with Susy and Candy.


She is the last person to join the others and Candy’s group. She is a little child whose family sold her to raise some cash. She is first quite frail and terrified, but after visiting her girls, something in her will alter.


She was a conceited and egotistical woman who quit every brothel she served in and opened her own enterprise. Everyone believes she is to blame for her because she was once engaged to Ed, who was died after taking a bad turn.


The sheriff on Candy and Susy’s trail is Monroe. Although everyone views him as a feckless man, Candy is adamant that she wants to assist them.

Scene from Buffalo 5 Girls manga
Scene from Buffalo 5 Girls manga

Keith and Rage

One of the siblings who manages the brothel is named Rage. He is vicious and harsh. Keith does have a weakness for attractive ladies and has a propensity to act impulsively.

Reviews on Buffalo 5 Girls manga

The novel is highly unique and enjoyable to read; the western backdrop is wonderful, and the way circumstances develop is carefully structured.

The main issue is that there isn’t a true conclusion; instead, the book ends with a lot of open-ended questions, as if the Year intended to continue it at some point (I doubt it will by this point, but that’s good!). I must admit that the personalities are fascinating and virtually all of them are characterised well, though a little hurriedly.

It would have been ideal if he had focused more on certain people (as he did, completely at random, with an additional chapter at the book’s end for the two rival brothers) and plot points, like “the lizard”.

Poster from the manga
Poster from the manga

There isn’t much to say about the drawings other than that I really enjoy the Year’s style and that the boards are all well-organized and lovely to look at.

I regret not having staked more money on this tale because, despite being straightforward, it was enjoyable and had the potential to be quite the find.

Because it is an one edition that can be finished in under an hour, I tried to keep my review as brief as possible. I ended by recommending it to everyone, especially sensei fans, because it does not have any significant flaws and is a manga with enough content.

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Screenshot from Buffalo 5 girls manga
Screenshot from Buffalo 5 girls manga


The edition of this manga immediately catches your attention because it is so full-bodied, affordable, and contains the dust jacket and several colour pages. Goen performed exceptionally well. As for the plot itself, it is incredibly engrossing and packed with secrets, action, and adventure.

The five females who are in some manner submissive to men and decide to rebel and fight for their rights are the true protagonists; all of the characters are well rounded, and you quickly warm up to them owing to Moyoco Anno’s exquisite illustrations. The western environment is also highly unique and successful because it is managed well.

Unfortunately, the lack of a satisfying conclusion is the work’s only shortcoming. The serialisation in the Japanese magazine CUTiE started in 1999, but the volume didn’t appear until 2013. Numerous questions remain unsolved in the final chapter.

The work should be regarded as completed in this form because I don’t believe the mangaka will ever create a sequel, but it is still admirable.

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