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A Couple of Cuckoos is an anime series provided courtesy Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP. The show has been directed by Yoshiyuki Shirahata. The anime show started on April 24, 2022, on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation. Kiyoe Yoshioka, one half of the Japanese duo Ikimonogakari, is the singer of the first opening theme song, “Dekoboko,” and Sangatsu no Phantasia is the singer of the closing theme song, “Shikaku Unmei.”

Glitter” by Sumika serves as the second opening theme, and “Hello Hello Hello” by Eir Aoi serves as the second closing theme. The series is available on Crunchyroll outside of Asia. On April 28, 2022, a spin-off Kakk no Iikagen miniseries debuted on YouTube.

Crunchyroll announced on April 11, 2022, that the show will receive an English dub, which would debut on May 7.

A teaser video for the second course, which begins on July 23, was released on July 10, 2022. The brand-new closing theme song “Hello Hello Hello” will be performed by Eir Aoi.

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Below is the list of episodes along with their description and summary.

Character list of A Couple of Cuckoos
Character list of A Couple of Cuckoos

Episode 1: You’re Going to Be My Boyfriend

Two infants were mistakenly exchanged at birth sixteen years ago. Nagi Umino is about to meet his biological parents for the first time in the present. Erika Amano is about to leap off a bridge when Nagi notices her and stops her.

She explains that she was making a video for the website Inusta, where she is well-known online, to annoy her wealthy parents into releasing her from an arranged marriage. Instead, she uses extortion to force Nagi to pose as her boyfriend.

Many of Erika’s supporters try to beat Nagi for dating Erika, but Nagi defeats them and reveals his adoptive parents are ex-offenders.

Erika decides against extorting money from Nagi and simply punches her fiance. Nagi hurries to the meeting with his biological and adoptive parents, who explain that they want the kids to get married since they don’t want to lose the ones they reared.

Erika enters and is identified as the baby Nagi was switched with and is now engaged to. Erika executes her judgement and strikes him.

When Nagi gets back to school, he runs across Hiro Segawa, his crush and competition in the classroom, whom he has decided to confess to once he has outperformed her in terms of exam performance because she once told him she would only date a man brighter than herself.

Sachi, in the meantime, understands the news means they aren’t biologically linked siblings.

Episode 1: You're Going to Be My Boyfriend
Episode 1: You’re Going to Be My Boyfriend

Episode 2: I’m not going to marry you

When Erika visits Nagi at home, Nagi decides to call off their engagement. However, Erika interacts with her biological parents at their restaurant, and the plot fails. Later, Nagi’s biological father gives the two a wonderful surprise by ordering them to stay in a home of their own for the following two weeks.

Nagi learns Erika will visit their house to get to know Nagi, who is engaged to her. Erika wants to get to know Nagi. Yohei interprets Nagi’s adamant reluctance to accept this engagement as a gesture of rebellion, but Namie thinks there may be more to the refusal than first appears.

As a result, Namie insists that Erika visit, but Nagi continues to object because he has homework to complete. Namie then admits that Erika had the idea, not her. The moment both of Nagi’s parents depart, Nagi realises that Erika had been planning to marry him all along.

Sachi shows there as Erika arrives, having heard that Nagi was getting ready to respectfully decline her offer of marriage. Sachi expresses her belief that their relationship won’t succeed because of their socioeconomic disparity and her illustrious history when Nagi verifies it.

Nagi clarifies that Erika is her older sister and that it makes no difference. As a result, Sachi yells at Nagi briefly before leaving.

Episode 3: You aren’t going to beat me!!

For the next two weeks, Nagi and Erika adjust to living together in their new house. At school, however, reports of Nagi’s claim that he will beat Hiro in the tests spread during the post-break exam. This gives Hiro the fervent motivation she needs to maintain her position as the test exam winner.

Nagi, who gets panic attacks, is made to live with Erika for two weeks in the house that his biological father built for them. Then his sister Sachi texts him about his new living condition, followed by his mother.

The man in question texts him seeking to arrange a meeting because he wants to contact his real father. Erika proposes that they establish some ground rules for the length of their stay there before she goes to bed.

The only restriction is that they refrain from getting engaged with one another while they are there, and Nagi is on board with this.

Despondent about his predicament, Nagi then has the realisation that he can study in peace in his room and discovers that his room has everything he’ll need to do so.

Episode 3: You aren't going to beat me!!
Episode 3: You aren’t going to beat me!!

Episode 4: Would you please go out with me…?

Hiro recounts how he knew Nagi would only date someone brighter than her after Nagi questions why he worked so hard to defeat her. Hiro points out that she has defeated him in ten exams, but he has only done so in one, and she also says she is already engaged.

Nagi and Erika agree to inform their parents how much they disliked the experience even though it is his last night of living with them. Nagi discovers, however, that his family had to relocate to a motel after a pipe burst in their house, leaving him no choice but to stay with Erika.

Given that Nagi won’t be returning home, Sachi decides to pay a visit. Sachi is technically Erika’s sister, which causes her anxiety.

Since the first encounter is awkward, Nagi insists that they prepare dinner together. Nagi ends up handling the most of the cooking because Erika lacks basic cooking skills and is uncomfortable with Sachi’s fancy kitchen equipment.

He makes the observation that Erika and Sachi behave fairly similarly at supper. Sachi only has Nagi’s hand-me-down boy clothes and her school uniform, which Erika informs her about.

She also informs Sachi that she and Nagi do not want to carry through the marriage. Sachi takes a picture with Erika before she departs.

Episode 5: Can we do our morning study sessions together…?

Erika gets expelled from her school and has to attend Nagi’s since a picture that was shown to her principal caused the expulsion. Due of Hiro’s growing friendship with Erika, problems start to surface.

On a bright, beautiful morning, Erika discovers a groggy Nagi on the couch, noting his wish to skip school. Nagi agrees to attend because Erika insisted, nevertheless.

While travelling, he admits to himself that he is too depressed to attend class because Hiro rejected him because she is engaged.

After being rejected, Nagi considers attending school for the first time as he rides a train, wondering whether Hiro was trying to tell him something.

Hiro appears to be about to vomit while he does this, frightening people nearby, but manages to restrain himself.

Hiro meets him when she arrives at the school library and remarks on how she saw his work style. This, according to Nagi, is a sign that Hiro likes him and wants to study with her, which supports one of his theories that she wants him to take her away from her fiancé.

Nagi asks Hiro a series of questions since he is so anxious, but this does not at all calm Nagi down. The books from Nagi’s bag spill onto the ground as he tries to excuse himself to use the restroom but trips over his chair.

Episode 5: Can we do our morning study sessions together...?
Episode 5: Can we do our morning study sessions together…?

Episode 6: I thought you live by yourself.

Erika agrees to assist Nagi after learning from him that he confessed to Hiro. Erika physically dresses as Cupid for their first study session, but her attempts are unsuccessful. Hiro is wary of their argument because of how close they are to one another.

Hiro requests permission to study at Erika’s house. Erika and Hiro arrive at their home as Nagi’s original estate is being renovated, despite Nagi having instructed Erika to accompany Hiro there. Nagi removes all traces of their shared living arrangement before going into hiding in his room while communicating via text.

Sadly, the crazed admirers Nagi beat up when he first met Erika discover the house and break into the garden, causing Nagi to leave his room to beat them up.

After finally leaving, Hiro invites them to study at her house the following day and reveals that her family is in charge of the neighbourhood shrine where Nagi can obtain their shrine stamp. They meet Hiro’s mother, who is not pleased to see Nagi there.

While Erika is away, Hiro explains that she meant to say that she will one day inherit the shrine when she announced she was engaged, but she phrased it that way to stop Nagi from pursuing her.

She didn’t want to put that load on him because she thought he would probably abandon his future aspirations to administer the shrine with her.

Episode 7: Is my fate going to change?

Erika persuades Nagi to go on the field trip with his class after bringing out a possibility for them to become closer. The plot goes awry when Erika allows Nagi to take pictures of her in various locations while on their field trip, which causes Nagi to develop feelings for Erika.

Nagi remembers what Hiro told him about the reality of her engagement in his room, which sends him into a frenzied and happy mood.

Then he decides that he would take on the responsibility of managing the temple with Hiro while also committing to get to know her better and not allow her make all of the “moves”. Nagi is startled when Erika unexpectedly walks into his room.

Later, downstairs, Erika hands the field trip document that the class passed around to Nagi and explains what he needs to do with it. She also informs Nagi that due to the risk to her life posed by her illustrious history, she will not be participating in the field trip.

Nagi expresses his disinterest in going, but Erika persuades him to go by pointing out that he can become the group leader, which causes Nagi to have a realisation. Nagi invites Hiro to join his group for the forthcoming field trip the following day in the school library, and she gladly accepts.

Unbeknownst to her, Erika and another person hear this from outside the library.

Episode 7: Is my fate going to change?
Episode 7: Is my fate going to change?

Episode 8: Are you going to marry him?

The following day, Erika conducts errands, and Sachi stops by while she is gone. She claims Nagi fought with Erika because of his attitude before admitting his predicament and deciding to ask Erika who she is seeking for.

Sachi decides to move in with Nagi and Erika since she finds it difficult to study in the rental room she shares with their parents. Erika, who is happy to see Sachi, does not back Nagi’s efforts to be strict with her.

Erika confronts Sachi about her true intentions, and Sachi confesses that ever since Erika first showed there, she has been afraid that she and Nagi will get married and she will never see him again.

When Nagi hears this, she chooses to let her remain but quickly changes her mind when Sachi takes his room. When Nagi is compelled to buy Sachi’s necessities, she discovers how well-liked she is.

After finding that Sachi speaks as she sleeps, Erika is insistent on taking new family photos with Sachi and takes her into her bedroom.

In his first conversation with Erika, Nagi acknowledges that he is not yet prepared for his future to change, but that when he is, he would like to know what Erika is looking for.

Erika finds it amusing that he’s been worried, but she promises to let him know when he’s ready.

Episode 9: The Kuroshio currents beckon to me.

Later that day, Erika and Sachi spend time together at a batting cage and then a bath house. Nagi goes on a “date” with Hiro to an amusement park.

The following morning, Mr. Umino would persuade Nagi, Erika, and Sachi to join him on a fishing trip. After completing her shower, Sachi tells Nagi that it is now ready for him, but her towel promptly comes off.

Thanks to his exhaustion from studying, Nagi was sound asleep when Hiro texted him to see if he was interested in going on dates.

Erika finds Nagi dressed elegantly the following morning and inquires as to whether anything is wrong.

Erika decides to take a morning snooze on the couch before Nagi has a chance to explain his act of ignorance. In actuality, Nagi had arranged for Hiro and themselves to meet at the neighbourhood train station at 9 am.

To Nagi’s dismay, the date was only a day trip to acquire temple stamps; this considerably diminished Nagi’s enthusiasm. She apologises for being late once Hiro shows up, and Nagi finds it difficult to remain composed given Hiro’s attire.

In the end, Hiro found Nagi’s attire to be pretty odd-looking, and they continued on to their final destination—an amusement park.

Episode 9: The Kuroshio currents beckon to me.

Episode 10: Don’t treat me like your kid sister

On Mother’s Day, Erika spends time with Ritsuko, her mother. In order to acquire their mother, Namie, a gift, Sachi enlists Nagi’s assistance. They ultimately settle on an apron she can use inside the eatery. Sachi objects to Nagi’s treatment of her as a younger sibling as he pats her head for coming up with the concept.

They provide the apron but disappear afterward. Erika confides in Ritsuko that she occasionally wonders if Nagi would be happier wed to Sachi.

The following day, Erika receives a text from her father, Soichiro, and promptly pulls Nagi out shopping, eventually disclosing that she is avoiding Soichiro out of fear that he might want to take her home because he asked to visit.

When Soichiro comes, he only sees Sachi. In exchange for her telling him about Erika and Nagi, he invites her to dinner. Erika makes the decision to confront Soichiro, but Nagi decides to assist her in avoiding him instead.

Sachi acknowledges that despite their frequent disagreements, Erika and Nagi are better friends as a result. Sachi agrees to Soichiro’s offer to continue bribing her with candy in exchange for information about Erika and Nagi.

Soichiro goes back to his office, where he muses over the parenting techniques used by cuckoo birds and displays a photo of Ritsuko, Erika, and a boy who resembles Nagi.

Episode 11: I can’t forget that just happened

Sachi is emotionally frazzled and unhappy after a situation between Nagi and Sachi that takes place in a thunderstorm.

As a result, a chasm forms between Nagi and Sachi, and Nagi is unsure of how to mend it. Around the Umino Family Diner at night, Sachi finishes clearing a table, and her parents thank her for her assistance.

Namie offers Sachi dinner and her father wishes for her to come home, but Sachi vehemently declines on both occasions.

Sachi, though, makes a return commitment before departing. Her parents discuss how close Sachi is to her brother Nagi after Sachi leaves.

Nagi is at home folding laundry while watching a thunderstorm outside. Nagi wonders when Sachi will return home and is astonished when Erika asks for the detergent.

The two were startled as a lightning bolt suddenly struck the area, knocking out the electricity. Erika fears it’s a Martian attack and turns to her phone as a light source, but Nagi refutes her fears.

Nagi informs Erika how accustomed to power outages he is at his previous residence as the two proceed to Nagi’s room so he may retrieve his phone.

Episode 12: It’s not that I like you, yet

Nagi declines Erika’s request to accompany her shopping and says he has other arrangements instead. To make up for embarrassing himself at the theme park, he invites Hiro to study.

They are compelled to converse through notes because the public library has a no talking policy, yet this ends up being more intimate. Inviting Nagi to a kickboxing gym is Hiro.

When Erika sees them fighting, she gets angry. Erika requests Nagi take her out on a date the following day.

She claims she made him go running since she believed he enjoyed exercise since he had gone kickboxing. Nagi has to explain that because Erika has never felt envy before, it follows that she must like him.

She becomes enraged by this and says out loud, “I don’t like him yet,” before scurrying off. Nagi is perplexed by the “yet,” and he begins to consider whether he could like Erika.

Yohei’s embarrassing high school love letters to Namie are accidentally discovered when Yohei visits the restaurant run by his parents. Yohei asserts that although love makes people act in embarrassing ways, it is still worthwhile if it is genuine love.

Yohei orders him to simply sense who is in his heart since Nagi doubts he can accomplish it. Nagi does this, which causes him to become even more perplexed when he believes Sachi, Erika, and Hiro all have an equal place in his heart. Later, Nagi texts Erika to say that he doesn’t like her either, “yet.”

Episode 13: This Isn’t Going So Well

Nagi feels disappointed after failing a test for the first time ever, placing lower than second. His thoughts and sentiments about Sachi, Erika, and Hiro—all of whom he believes he has feelings for—were what led to this failure.

Nagi is asked by three pupils if he is ready for the approaching midterm exams, and he answers firmly in the affirmative. The kids are ecstatic and bet on him again after enjoying the answer.

As Nagi walks away from them, he thinks back to the instruction his father told him regarding choosing his future wife, which makes him wonder why he only loves Hiro.

Nagi often thinks about Erika and Sachi in class, which makes him stressed out and makes it difficult for him to concentrate on the test he’s taking.

As Nagi makes dinner at home, Sachi and Erika sigh with relief that their test periods are ended. Then, when Nagi is preparing dinner for them, Erika tries to order a cake to commemorate a job well done on their tests, but he refuses to let her.

Nagi also observes how much Erika has changed since they spent the day together the previous month. When Erika asks for dinner, he jerks out of that thought and instructs her and Sachi to set the table.

Episode 13: This Isn't Going So Well
Episode 13: This Isn’t Going So Well

Episode 14: Walls Are There to be Overcome!

Where to watch all the episodes of A Couple of Cuckoos

The episodes are available on Crunchyroll but you need a premium subscription in order to access the same. There are also a lot of other online distributors who provide the videos for a subscription. You can watch few excerpts of the episodes for free on YouTube.

There are a few third party sites that provide streaming video links for watching this anime for free. However, you need to note that they might be subject to copyright issues.

If you are interested then you may visit here and here.

Watch the official trailer here:

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