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The anime series Adachi and Shimamura is based on the corresponding light novel. From October 9, 2020, to December 25, 2020, it was shown.

On May 6, 2019, news of an anime tv show adaption was released. Tezuka Productions handled the animation, Satoshi Kuwabara handled the direction, Keiichirchi handled the series design, and Shizue Kaneko created the character designs.

The music was written by Miki Sakurai, Hanae Nakamura, and Natsumi Tabuchi. Akari Kit and Miku perform “Kimi ni Aeta Hi” as their different characters for the opening theme, and Kit performs “Kimi no Tonari de” for the closing theme.

It was broadcast on TBS and BS11 from October 9 to December 25, 2020. There were 12 episodes in the series.

The show had been purchased by Funimation, which streamed it in North America, the British Isles, and Australia and New Zealand on AnimeLab.

The anime would have an English dub, Funimation announced on February 17, 2021, and the first episode would air the following day. The series was transferred to Crunchyroll after Sony bought Crunchyroll.

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LicensorsFunimation, Crunchyroll
DirectorSatoshi Kuwabara
Character DesignShizue Kaneko
StudiosTezuka Productions
Written byKeiichirou Oochi
Original networkTBS, BS11
Run datesOctober 9, 2020 – December 25, 2020
Duration24 min. per ep.
RatingPG-13 – Teens 13 or older
MusicNatsumi Tabuchi
Hanae Nakamura
Miki Sakurai
SourceLight Novel
SeasonAutumn 2020
Alternative titleAdachi to Shimamura
GenreGirls Love, Romance, Slice of Life
StoryTwo high school students named Adachi and Shimamura are best buddies for life. They like spending time together, whether it is playing table tennis, talking about their favourite TV series, or simply unwinding. One day at a time, the connection starts to evolve as Adachi’s friendship develops into a romantic attraction.
Highlights of Adachi and Shimamura Anime

Where to watch all episodes of Adachi and Shimamura for free?

The series is available on Funimation and Crunchyroll. However, you would need a subscription to watch the show. In case you want to watch this show for free then read along.

Watch the official trailer from here:

YouTube video
Adachi and Shimamura official trailer

Adachi spends her school days skipping lessons until she meets Shimamura, another juvenile offender, and the two quickly become friends. Their connection grows as they skip class together, but eventually surprising feelings start to surface.

The two girls learn about each other’s sentiments as they navigate this emotional sea without a paddle as awkwardness and bewilderment creep in.

Below is the list of episodes of Adachi and Shimamura along with a brief summary and the link from where you can watch the show for free.

Episode 1: Playing Ping-Pong in Our Uniforms

While missing class one day, Adachi ran into Shimamura on the upper floor of the gym, where they started playing ping pong. The two are forced to hide when a class walks into the gym one day as they are ditching.

Shimamura jokes that if the two of them drank milk, their skeletons would be strong enough to withstand the fall and advises them to jump out the window. Adachi remembers their first encounter as Shimamura leaves to bring them lunch.

At the bookstore, Shimamura bumps into her friends Hino and Nagafuji, and the three of them leave together. Shimamura considers how she keeps a space between herself and others in order to prevent misunderstandings when they walk. Adachi is passed by by Shimamura’s group, but neither one talks to the other.

Shimamura then reveals to her companions that Adachi is a classmate, but she makes no mention of their time spent together while ditching.

Adachi informs Shimamura that she was going home when she discovers her ditching as usual the following day. Adachi is asked if she would prefer leave after class or stay, and the two chose to take Adachi’s bike home.

Adachi reveals that Shimamura is her sole friend and that she was astonished to see that Shimamura had pals because she always ditched alone.

Later, Nagafuji and Hino come across Adachi and Shimamura enjoying a game of ping pong and make small talk over snacks. Shimamura receives an invitation from Hina to go space-fishing with her friend.

Watch episode 1 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura episode 1 Playing Ping-Pong in Our Uniforms
Adachi and Shimamura episode 1 Playing Ping-Pong in Our Uniforms

Episode 2: Adachi Question

Yashiro, a young astronaut, is introduced to Shimamura. Adachi starts to wonder how she really feels about Shimamura as the two of them decide to attend class together.

I was invited to go fishing because there was an interesting guy in Hino. There is a strange guy who calls himself Yashiro who is a self-proclaimed futurist and wears an astronaut-like outfit. The next day, I told Adachi about it, but he seemed uninterested.

I made a proposal to Adachi. He asked if we could take classes together in the afternoon. Surprisingly, unexpectedly, the proposal was accepted without hesitation, but Adachi also made a proposal instead. Let’s stop by after class.

Watch episode 2 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Episode 3: Isosceles Triangle

Shimamura concerns about Adachi when she doesn’t show up for school the following day after leaving her home without warning. On a weekend night out, the two females are joined by an unexpected visitor.

I don’t know why, but Adachi ran out of my room. The next day, I couldn’t see Adachi either in the usual place or in the classroom, so I sent him a message.

But it won’t be marked as read, so let’s go home, let’s do it. I was approached by a strange stranger on the way, but somehow I arrived at the Adachi house.

When Adachi came out of the house, he seemed to be in better spirits than I expected, but he was
giving me a serious look.

Watch episode 3 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura episode 3 isosceles triangle
Adachi and Shimamura episode 3 isosceles triangle

Episode 4: High School Girls On Holiday

At the gym, Shimamura just so manages to run into Adachi’s mother, and they have a strange interaction. Shimamura later invites Adachi to sing along with Hino and Nagafuji at karaoke.

I came to the gym with my mother because I had a trial ticket. He tried the treadmill for a little while, but he was criticized for not being able to do it, so he took refuge in the pool.

There was a blond man staring at the girl in the swimming class and giggling. He left the pool and headed for the sauna, wondering what this guy was, but he got caught by an old lady he passed on the way.
It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. After a little thought, I realized.

Watch episode 4 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Episode 5: Adachi’s Question

Adachi struggles mightily to get the words out to ask Shimamura if she wants to hang out on Christmas. Shimamura is pondering why Adachi has been acting so strangely lately in the meantime.

Why don’t you spend Christmas with Shimamura somehow?
I even hate myself for thinking and simulating such things and not having the courage to take action.
At that time, when I had been following Shimamura with my eyes at school, I happened to be approached by Hino.

Will I be able to properly ask Shimamura about her plans for Christmas?

Watch episode 5 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura episode 5 Adachi's Question
Adachi and Shimamura episode 5 Adachi’s Question

Episode 6: White Album

Adachi ultimately gets to spend Christmas with Shimamura after asking Hino for assistance in finding a present for him.

I managed to get my plans for Christmas. But this time I was faced with the difficult problem of what to do with the presents to be exchanged.
At that time, Shimamura from Hino, who happened to have lunch with her, was able to hear information about her favorite tea. However, she didn’t seem to be able to remember the brand, so she suggested doing a field survey.

Hino and I went to a shopping mall together, thinking that we might be able to remember it, and I saw a certain scene there.

Watch episode 6 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Episode 7: Please Choose the Best Chocolate for Me

The girls ring in the new year while Adachi appears to be acting strangely once more. Later, she makes an attempt to inquire about spending Valentine’s Day with Shimamura.

Mid winter break. Just when I was thinking that studying at the end of the year was something I became very serious about, I got a message from Adachi asking, “Are you awake?”

After a few exchanges, I received a call from Adachi this time and spent the new year talking about trivial things.

One day in February, after the winter vacation was over, Adachi was nervous as if he wanted to say something.
Adachi invited me to go to a shopping mall, but. I see, so this was the purpose.

Watch episode 7 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura episode 7 Please Choose the Best Chocolate for Me
Adachi and Shimamura episode 7 Please Choose the Best Chocolate for Me

Episode 8: The Briar That Weaves the Past: Old Rose

Adachi looks for the best type of chocolate to gift Shimamura. The girls later visit Nagafuji’s home to play a game.

A few days before February 14th. Adachi’s appearance was more suspicious than ever.
Staring at me profusely, tying my hair. I used to eat a lot of chocolate.

One day, on the 14th, I was on my way to school feeling like I was going to be late, but I saw a familiar silhouette with light blue hair in the park on the way. I decided to skip school because I was completely absorbed in the light blue technique. When I was taking a nap at home, a chime rang.

Watch episode 8 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Episode 9: Love That Embraces the Holy Mother: Marigold

Finally, on Valentine’s Day, Adachi and Shimamura hang together as planned. However, Shimamura is the one who has something special in mind for Adachi this time.

The day before February 14th, when I asked Shimamura if I had any plans for tomorrow, all I could say was, “It’s fine.” Of course, I was happy with the answer, but I was also a little uneasy somewhere.

After school on February 14th, I went to Nagoya Station with Shimamura. She arrived safely at the exchange, and when she ate the chocolate that Shimamura gave her, she felt it was particularly delicious.

When I was immersed in the afterglow of exchanging chocolates, a little shimamura came along where will it go.

Watch episode 9 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura episode 9 Love That Embraces the Holy Mother Marigold
Adachi and Shimamura episode 9 Love That Embraces the Holy Mother Marigold

Episode 10: Cherry Blossoms and Spring and Spring and the Moon

Beginning a new school year, Adachi and Shimamura are anxious to learn if they will be placed in the same class. They do end up in the same class, but obstacles prevent Adachi from approaching Shimamura.

I advanced to the second grade. Come to think of it, at this time a year ago, Adachi blatantly hated me even though we just happened to meet each other’s eyes. Unlike me, who had come to terms with the kind of bland friendships in my new class, Adachi stopped showing up in the classroom one Monday.

I was worried about Adachi, but I didn’t do anything in particular. One day, I received a phone call from Tarumi. Would you like to go play next time?

Watch episode 10 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Episode 11: The Moon and Determination, Determination and Friends

As Adachi gathers the guts to approach Shimamura once more, she makes up her mind that she desires to spend time with her.

I’m in the same class as Shimamura, but I’m not good at new environments. Feeling somewhat distant from Shimamura, who has a good relationship with him, he ran away from the classroom and was on the second floor of the gymnasium.

However, I felt that even this place was not my place, so I instinctively rushed out of the gymnasium and unconsciously found myself in the shopping mall looking for memories with Shimamura.

As I was walking while wiping away my tears, I was approached by a dubious fortune-teller.

Watch episode 11 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Adachi and Shimamura episode 11 The Moon and Determination, Determination and Friends
Adachi and Shimamura episode 11 The Moon and Determination, Determination and Friends

Episode 12: Friends and Love, Love and Cherry Blossoms

Adachi appears to be determined to stay the night at Shimamura’s home.

Hino and Nagato seem to be staying overnight. Hearing such a story, I suggested that I want to stay at Shimamura. Moreover, I would like to stay consecutive nights.

Shimamura seemed confused at first, but accepted the proposal. On the morning of the sleepover party, when I visited Shimamura’s house, it was breakfast time, and I felt a little envious of the atmosphere at Shimamura’s house at that time.

I felt that the sleepover that started like that was something very special. Since when did you feel this feeling?

Watch episode 12 of Adachi and Shimamura from here.

Characters appearing in the Adachi and Shimamura anime

Adachi Sakura

Sakura Adachi is a senior in high school. Shimamura Hougetsu discovers her one day on the gym’s second level skipping class. They started spending a great deal of time together and grew closer over time.

Adachi has collarbone-length hair that is greyish in the manga and light brown in the light novel.

Adachi always wears a traditional Chinese garment that exposes a portion of her thigh whenever she does her part-time job at the Chinese restaurant. Because she is aware that Shimamura appreciates her appearance in that attire, she later buys one for herself.

Adachi had a very reclusive attitude. No one was willing to understand her, not even her mother, because she was afraid to express her opinions or her feelings to anyone. She had never known a person she could call a friend before she met Shimamura. Adachi was rumoured to have a frigid disposition toward others, which made her feel alone and prevented her from making an effort to make friends.

Adachi is having communication difficulties from an early age, which contributed to her later social isolation.

Adachi actually yearns to be loved and treated nicely because of how chilly her home life is.

Adachi claims that her mother once inquired about her holiday wishes. Adachi’s mother rarely asked her again when she was having trouble thinking about something, and as a result, she eventually stopped believing in Santa Claus.

Her parents were evidently less than pleased when she didn’t respond to the different animals in the aquarium the way they had anticipated she would. Even though she wanted them to purchase her something from the gift store, she was too anxious to ask for it. She eventually discovered how to let go of her need for anything.

Adachi was a Girl Scout while she was in sixth grade, though it was never further explained.


Shimamura Hougetsu

High school student Hougetsu Shimamura encountered Adachi while missing class one day when Adachi unintentionally walked in on her on the second floor of the school’s gym. Over time, the two grew fond of one another and started spending lots of time together.

In both manga versions, Shimamura met Adachi first in the gym rather than the other way around. Shimamura wears two pins on the right side of her waist-length, brown-dyed hair to keep it out of her face.

She also has brown eyes. Shimamura is on the shorter side despite having played basketball in middle school. She even admits that Adachi is shorter than she is.

Shimamura is a young woman who tends to be airheaded and is a little bit lethargic. Adachi frequently questions whether her trait came from her father.

Shimamura is aware that her name is the same as the clothing company, and she finds it offensive when others refer to her by her last name. Adachi once admitted that she had trouble spelling her name and frequently considered the clothes company before she could do it right.

Adachi and Shimamura
Adachi and Shimamura

Nagafuji Taeko

High schooler Taeko Nagafuji is Shimamura Hougetsu’s friend. She and Hino Akira are introduced in Chapter 2 in a shop with Shimamura. Nagafuji has dark blue eyes and purple hair that is shoulder length.

She is depicted as being quite tall in comparison to the rest of the characters and sporting a pair of red glasses. It is said that Nagafuji has a very laid-back personality. Nevertheless, she occasionally just seems disoriented. She seemed to have some insecurities about her huge breasts.

When it comes to boomerangs, she is completely obsessed. Shimamura asks Nagafuji for advice as she is trying to decide what to get Adachi for Christmas, and the Nagafuji suggests a boomerang.

Hino Akira

High schooler and Shimamura Hougetsu’s friend Akira Hino. She first appears in Chapter 2 when visiting a store with Nagafuji and Shimamura Hougetsu.

Hino has low twintails tied into her shoulder-length hair. She is considerably shorter than Nagafuji and Shimamura. Her eyes are large as well. Hino is noted for adding sound effects whether or not they are required and for having a cheery attitude.

She’s a little uneasy and thinks her folks would be okay without her. In her family, Hino was the fifth child to be born. She claimed that when she was born, her older brother was preparing to tie the knot.

Hino would occasionally need to dress up for special occasions because her family had an inn and she would help welcome guests. Hino concluded that it would be better for her to flee because of how insecure she felt about her place in the family.

Hino’s parents agreed to let the family maid temporarily leave the house with their consent. Hino and Nagafuji would attend the same high school. They would also become friends with Shimamura Hougetsu in their first year.

Additionally, she had heard a lot of rumours about Adachi Sakura and had formed some incorrect impressions of who she is. During one of her fishing trips, she also runs into the odd alien Chikama Yashiro.

Adachi and Shimamura anime screengrab
Adachi and Shimamura anime screengrab

Chikama Yashiro

Hino Akira made a buddy in Yashiro Chikama, whom they both met while fishing. Chikama is dressed entirely in a spacesuit. Its design features, including the hearts and star patches, are cartoonish.

Yashiro claimed that because her face wasn’t prepared, she was unable to allow anyone to see her appearance without her helmet. We only get to see Chikama in human form up until the third episode of the anime. She wears a white outfit and has light blue hair and fair skin in her human form.

Light surrounds her and envelops her from head to toe. Her eyes aren’t actually real, claims Chikama. To blend in with people, she constructed them.

Yashiro enjoys sweets as much as she enjoys looking for her brethren, as evidenced by the fact that she can detect sweet scents even in the presence of obstacles (as she did when Shimamura’s hand was covered in a helmet during her first Fireworks festival).

Shimamura and her younger sister both hold her in high regard. Shimamura said that she admires Yashiro for her unselfish goodness as well as for having eyes that are so stunning they resemble space itself. She may be effervescent and odd, but she has sound judgement when it matters.

She is also discovered by Shimamura’s mother in Yashiro because of how similar Shimamura’s running gait is to her own.

Adachi and Shimamura anime trailer
Adachi and Shimamura anime trailer


Hougetsu Shimamura reconnected with her childhood friend Tarumi over the break. Because it is winter, Tarumi frequently wears a scarf and has long, brown hair throughout the anime.

Shimamura frequently compares her to Adachi because she has a kind expression on her face and gets enthusiastic fast. Tarumi, a self-described miscreant, is frequently spotted wandering the streets.

She has a flair for painting, as was demonstrated when she portrayed Shimamura in great detail over their summer break in their second year. It was later discovered that she had been practicing since she first met Shimamura in the previous winter.

Tarumi is quite attached to Shimamura, and it is hinted that she harbours romantic feelings for her because she frequently contacts her in her leisure time.

This inference was furthered by the disappointed tone with which she spoke to Shimamura when she invited her to attend the second summer festival with her but she declined because she already had other plans with Adachi.

In contrast to the anime, Tarumi has light citrus-colored hair that is almost identical to Akira Hino’s hair color.

Reviews on Adachi and Shimamura anime

I’ll be honest; when I first decided to watch Adachi to Shimamura, I had some reservations. I wasn’t optimistic about the programme at first because I’d had a poor time with the Shoujo Ai genre in the past. It didn’t seem like it would be anything I would enjoy;

I assumed it would just be another bland Shoujo Ai anime. But as I immediately fell in love with the series, I probably couldn’t have been more mistaken.

The foundation of Adachi to Shimamura, often known as AdaShima, is the friendship between two high school classmates named, Adachi and Shimamura.

Adachi and Shimamura are shown as regular friends who only hang out together during breaks from class. They don’t seem to see each other as anything other than close friends at first, according to what we gather.

They start to understand that their connection might not be as straightforward as they once believed, though, as the space between them begins to shrink. Most of the time when I say “them,” I’m talking about Adachi. I’ll get to that shortly.

Shimamura and Adachi are, in my opinion, rather unlike. Adachi, a reclusive and introverted young woman who likes to avoid all social interaction and misses nearly all of her lessons, is one example.

To me, Adachi is without a doubt the show’s brightest star. Do not misunderstand; I also adore Shimamura, but Adachi is absolutely unique. Her relatability is arguably what gives her the most strength as a character. She may be quite reticent, timid, and gregarious.

Yes, she may be a little possessive, jealous, and clinging at times. But given her situation, pretty about everything is acceptable. Like everyone else, Adachi aspires to have a lot of friends.

She wants to converse with them, hang out with them, travel with them, and just generally have fun with them. Shimamura is the ideal person to assist her in doing it.

Another thing that makes Adachi such a remarkable character is the insightful insights into her psyche. The anime provides deeper insight into Adachi’s ideas, internal conflicts, and insecurities—or, to put it another way, Adachi herself—through these explorations.

This tremendously develops her personality and gives her depth. She gains even more appeal as a character because to her breathtakingly beautiful monologues in which she discusses herself and her feelings for Shimamura. Here, Akari Kitou, Adachi’s seiyuu, plays an undoubtedly crucial role.

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At that point, Yuu witnesses the lovely student council leader Nanami decline a suitor in such a mature manner that she is motivated to seek her assistance. Has Nanami’s shoujo romance actually started when she is the next to confess to Yuu?

Kase-san & Morning Glories

quiet, reserved Young gardener Yui Yamada is in charge of maintaining the vegetation at her high school. Yamada meets Tomoka Kase, the star of the girl’s running team, by coincidence while caring to the morning glory plants on her campus.

Despite how drastically different Yamada and Kase are from one another and how much they still have to learn about one another, as their relationship develops, their feelings start to develop into something more.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Hazumu, a meek, bashful guy who enjoys flowers, must rely on his tomboyish childhood friend Tomari to serve as his protector. The most attractive student in the class, Yasuna, avoids guys like the plague—until she meets Hazumu.

He expresses his love, which inspires him; sad, he moves to the highlands to be with his flowers. Hazumu’s day is further spoiled when he is accidently killed by an alien ship, as if his problems weren’t bad enough already.

Fortunately, there is alien technology that can bring Hazumu back to life, but it comes at a cost: Hazumu comes back to life as… a gorgeous girl?

Maria Watches Over Us

Life at the all-girls Lillian Academy moves somewhat slowly. In their failed attempt to elope during the holiday, Yumi and Sachiko instead run across some of Sachiko’s former “friends.”

Back at school, Yumi and the other members of the Lillian student council devise their latest evil plan: they will deceive Sachiko into acting as a judge at the Hanadera Academy school festival.

The story of Yumi goes on with potential petite soeurs, eerie stalkers, and even eerier kidnappers to keep her life interesting (in addition to her limited “alone time” with Sachiko). Fortunately for the pair, the difficulties they encounter make their time together even more valuable.

YouTube video
Adachi to Shimamura – I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

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