All characters from A Bridge to the Starry Skies anime

A Bridge to the Starry Skies

The characters from the animated adaptation of the visual novel Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi also known as A Bridge to the Starry Skies are listed below.

Main Characters of Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

Kazuma Hoshino

Kazuma Hoshino

The series’ central character and high school student is Kazuma Hoshino. He is in the second year of his school. He is an unremarkable but kindhearted teenage kid who relocates from the city to the countryside in order to protect his frail brother Ayumu. His kindness eventually wins him the admiration and perhaps the love of his female friends.

He initially had no idea that he spent a portion of his early years in Yamabaki. However, occasionally flashbacks are brought on by specific occurrences. He soon starts to feel something for Ui. He also has excellent athletic abilities because, prior to moving to the countryside, he often participated in the tennis club.

Ibuki Hinata

Ibuki Hinata

Ibuki Hinata, a second-year student, is Ui’s closest friend as well as the class representative. She excels academically, serves on the student council, and is a regular member of the archery club. She has been practising archery since middle school.

She is first wary of Kazuma, but as a result of his kindness, she eventually comes to care for him. Ibuki can be rough and challenging, but she can also be especially sensitive and reserved.

Ui Nakatsugawa

Ui Nakatsugawa

Ui Nakatsugawa, a cheerful and outgoing second-year high school student, is possibly the most well-known character in the series. Ui is a cheerful, happy person who is loved by all.

However, in comparison to her contemporaries, she is rather ignorant. Ui has a voracious appetite, which is one of her most obvious characteristics. She quickly falls in love with Kazuma.

Tsumugi Toudou

Tsumugi Toudou

Tsumugi, one of the most honourable cast members, is a 3rd year high school student. Tsumugi is a kind, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth country girl who serves as a type of middleman for everyone around her.

Tsumugi enjoys the outdoors and country living, which is reinforced by her part-time job at the Yorozuyo Inn. She is the eldest of Koyori, Kasane, and Toudou’s three sisters. Tsumugi, who wears a brassiere size F, has the biggest bust of the girl cast.

Madoka Koumoto

1st year high school student Madoka Koumoto is quiet and also works as the local Shinto shrine’s miko outside of school hours. She frequently spends her time reading to youngsters in the Yamabiko library, sweeping leaves off the sand, or, less frequently, hanging out with pals.

Madoka wears vintage clothing and has a slight androphobia due to her sheltered upbringing. She has the longest relationship with Kazuma of anyone, dating back at least ten years, having first met and played with him when he was last in Yamabiko. Madoka is talented at nage-waza, loves to write, and is in love with Kazuma.

Koyori Toudou

Koyori Toudou

The younger sister of Tsumugi and a first-year high school student, Koyori Toudou is very active. Like Ibuki, Koyori is an active, headstrong, obstinate, and frequently boisterous girl who does not embrace Kazuma with open arms.

She changes her mind, though, after he, among other things, cushions her fall from a tree. Koyori adores assisting others and values people who assist her, despite her almost feisty personality. Koyori is the shortest member of the main cast, aside from Kasane.

Hina Sakai

Hina Sakai, a 3rd year high school student, is well-known and esteemed at school for her calm and reserved demeanour, which gives her a mystic aura. She comes out of her shell as a result of meeting Kazuma and spending time with him and the group.

Hina loves anything cuddly, especially stuffed animals, which contrasts with her sophisticated exterior. She wants to attend college to study marketing and thereby support the family business because her parents operate a well-known distillery. Hina is the tallest character in the entire cast.

Other Side Characters of A Bridge to the Starry Skies

Kasane Toudou

The youngest sister of Tsumugi and Koyori is middle schooler Kasane Toudou. Kasane is a happy and jovial character who is well known for consuming local rumours and gossip, giving her the moniker “Fast ears.” Ayumu goes to the same school as Kasane, who is also a close friend of his.

Daigo Minamikokubaru

Second-year student Daigo Minamikokubaru is spirited and a little odd. He quickly becomes friends with Kazuma, a new student, and introduces him to the campus and even the details of some of the females he meets.

Envious of Kazuma’s unintended success with women, he also introduces Kazuma to the college. He frequently refers to Kazuma as “brother” out of affection for his fellow brethren. The second-year homeroom teacher’s son is Daigo.

Ayumu Hoshino

The endearing younger brother of Kazuma Hoshino is Ayumu. He is a sweet little boy who, together with Kazuma, relocates to the country due to his asthma and precarious health. He enrols in school like his older brother.

Ayumu is sociable, friendly, and selfless, much like Kazuma. Drawing is one of the numerous activities Ayumu enjoys.

Senka Yorozu 

The Yorozuyo Inn’s legal proprietor is Senka Yorozu. When Kazuma and Ayumu arrive in Yamabiko, Senka, a friend of Kazuma and Ayumu’s father, extends a warm invitation for the boys to stay with her.

Despite her generosity and consideration, Senka does not put up with any foolishness from anyone, including her visitors. However, she does have a playful side and does like drinking.

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