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Ai Mai Mi is a Japanese Anime series which has been adapted from the manga. The plot revolves around four manga club members named Ai, Mai, Mii, and Ponoka-senpai who, when not drawing manga, may be battling terrible invaders invading Earth, competing against rivals in tournaments, or dealing with other ridiculous events.

Choborau Nyopomi is the creator of the Japanese yonkoma online manga series Ai-Mai-Mi. It has been turned into an anime TV show. On the anime’s website, a second season was revealed at the start of April. In November 2016, a third season was revealed, and it debuted in January 2017.

The narrative centres on the lives of the four girls—Ai, Mai, Mi, and Ponoka-senpai—who together make up the “Manga Club,” where they battle alien invasions, contend with ferocious rivals, and engage in all manner of wacky activities when not producing manga.

Directed byItsuki Imazaki
TV StationAT-X, TV Saitama, KBS
Show periodJanuary 3, 2013 – March 28, 2013
Number of Episodes13
ProducersAT-X, Takeshobo, Dream Creation, SPO Entertainment
GenreComedy, Gag, School Club, Short Episodes, Slice of Life, Otaku
MusicFūga Hatori
Duration3 min. per ep.
Opening Theme“Girigiri Saikyō Ai Mai Mi!” by Ai, Mai, and Mii
Internet StreamingBandai Channel, Niconico, Rakuten ShowTime
Highlights of Ai Mai Mi anime

Background on Ai Mai Mi

It was broadcast as a 5-minute short animation from January to March 2013 under the title “Choborau Nyopomi Theater Amimaimi”. Seitaro Mukai is in charge of narration and mob characters. After the broadcast ended, AT-X aired “Ura Amami Mii” featuring the main voice actor, while Nico Nico Douga and others aired the “Shiba Inuko-san Information Corner” following the previous program “Chitose Getchu!! “.

In addition, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting broadcasted “Nama Amami Mii” once a month from January to August 2013 by the voice actor in charge as a linked project.

The director Itsuki Imazaki is involved in most of the work, from the production of the material to the editing, and his style is pushed to the fore. In addition, the voice actor in charge of the DVD commercial, which was played in the same frame from the first broadcast to the end of the broadcast, has a self-deprecating narration that makes use of it.

Anime Ai Mai Mi Introduction
Anime Ai Mai Mi Introduction

The second production decision was announced on April 1, 2014, but since the production of the PV hinted at a false plan limited to April Fool ‘s Day, viewers could not judge the truth. However, on April 2nd of the same year, the Blu-ray release commemorative site was renewed to the official website for the second season, making it clear that the second season will be produced.

Broadcast from July to September of the same year under the title of ” Choborau Nyopomi Theater 2nd Act Ambiguous – Delusional Catastrophe”, and before this, “Nama ambiguous” resumed in April of the same year.

The week before the main broadcast of the anime, the publicity program “Professional His Ambiguous Mii Style” was broadcast. On Nico Nico Douga and others, “Shiba Inuko-san Information Corner” will be broadcast, and on AT-X, a live-action corner where the main voice actors will appear, “Four people will make four four-panel comics, abbreviated 444 (for four four)” will be broadcast. was done.

The third period was announced in ” Ani × Wara ” vol.6 held in November 2016, and was broadcast from January to March 2017. The title is ” Choborau Nyopomi Theater Amimaimi ~Surgical Friends~ “. In December 2016, AT-X and others broadcast “Bansen Special” to commemorate the decision of the third term.

Where to watch Ai Mai Mi anime for free?

Crunchyroll has rights to this anime and therefore you may watch the same on Crunchyroll. However, you would need a premium membership in order to watch.

Alternatively you may watch the anime all 13 episodes for free on other websites such as here or here.

The series is also available for free viewing on YouTube. Just follow the playlist below in order to watch all the episodes for free.

YouTube video
Watch Ai Mai Mi free online

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Characters appearing in Ai Mai Mi anime

Following are the major characters that appear in the anime series.


Although Ai is the only girl in the club who creates manga and is the most composed, she occasionally joins in on her companions’ mischief.

The only club member who truly wants to make manga and get extremely rich doing it is Ai. However, Mai and Mi will go above and beyond simply killing Mai and transforming her into a manga-drawing robot to prevent her from carrying out her work.

Ai Mai Mi anime characters
Ai Mai Mi anime characters


Ai’s classmate Mai and Mi’s childhood buddy Mai are related. Although she has a kind and innocent demeanour, she occasionally exhibits sadistic behaviour.

The most psychotic character in the show is certainly Mai. She has no pity for anyone and almost always takes the fall for anything. She is the character who dies the most and is also the most bizarre and difficult to understand. She also accepts all the strangeness as it is.


Ai’s classmate Mi is Mai’s childhood pal. She is responsible for most of the group’s shenanigans and even takes them to absurd extremities that nobody else would tolerate. She presents herself as courageous yet occasionally acts cowardly.

The worst offender is Mi. Mi will cause trouble in order for her foolishness to show because she loves making jokes more than anything. She frequently gets into problems with her comments, such as the time she told Mai that it took guts to run out in front of a moving automobile. She is, in a way, the main character because of how visible she is.


Ponoko-Senpai is a senior at the school where the group is enrolled. She uses a clay pot to solve the majority of the gang’s issues.

A recurring character that is simply plain weird in all respects is named Ponoka. From her fixation with pots to the odd nickname she gets given in each episode! The primary cast’s senpai, Ponoka, is frequently requested to assist them in an unusual circumstance. Her pots, in addition to her, have peculiar qualities like teleportation through space and time.

Anime Ai Mai Mi screenshot

Remarks on Characters

Each character only has one dimension. The plot begins with one girl, who is straight-laced and serious, trying to compose a doujinshi, and another, who is really vivacious and does a lot of silly things that don’t really mean anything. She’s just a crazy, silly person.

Normally, these two personalities would clash, but on the show, there was a third female who would joke around with the hyperactive girl, turning her silly outburst into a friendly get-together.

When it comes to club-themed shows, where the appeal relies on the characters doing foolish things, it’s actually the holy trifecta. Beyond the setup, the characters don’t really have any individuality.

Screengrab from Ai-Mai-Mi anime
Screengrab from Ai-Mai-Mi anime

Since the show immediately plunges into a vortex of emptiness, you really don’t need anything at all. The girls, who are club-themed characters, are interesting enough to hook you in with their antics, but I’m sure you’ll regret it once you discover how bizarre the programme is.

The fourth girl in the show does not contribute much. She always carries a pot with her, and the females are frequently crammed inside of it, so she brings her own brand of craziness with her. I don’t understand how it’s intended to be hilarious. Despite that skewer, she initially has a pleasant personality similar to the rest of the programme.

Reviews on Ai Mai Mi anime

One of the little three-minute comedy series this season is called Ai-Mai-Mi, and considering its short runtime, I though it would be worthwhile to watch. Where does this new programme fit in given that this format has previously produced both fantastic and absolutely terrible experiences?

Three high school ladies who share the same initials as the title and are participants in a manga club get up to outrageous antics in Ai-Mai-Mi. There isn’t much more buildup than that because the rest of the show’s events are too weird to be condensed into an introduction.

In particular, the art is delightful, mostly because it is a complete mess. Backgrounds and objects are frequently out of focus, perspective is frequently nonexistent, and the degree of detail and graphic style change drastically from scene to scene.

This is especially true of the characters, whose eyes change size from enormous to massive in different angles and whose hair highlights are done in such a strange way that they parody the ubiquitous hair highlights found in every anime.

Every episode begins or concludes with a narrator giving a brief history of the life of the original artist. Usually, Mai appears in a bizarre image, such as this one where she is covered in blood or one where she is inflating and deflating. The anime’s production studio’s office serves as the background.

Every title card features a warning that the programme is intended for viewers who are mentally 18 or older. I’d take this message seriously considering the material, which includes dismemberment, a lot of blood, and many other revolting things. comparable to that one episode where a bizarre monster breaks into the school.

Other anime recommendations

Below is a list of anime which are similar to Ai-Mai-Mi anime. They share similar characteristics or belong to same genre.

Azumanga Daioh

Chiyo, a ten-year-old genius, Sakaki, an animal lover, Tomo, an athlete, Yomi, a weight watcher, and Osaka, a dimwit, are six pals who get along well and laugh a lot in their high school homeroom.

There’s never a dull day in one of these students’ lives with terrifying (and occasionally perverse) teachers, school festivals, penguin suits, and general laughter aplenty!

Lucky Star

A schoolgirl’s life in modern Japan is never routine. Because to her otaku habits, the easily bored Konata never finds time to study, which irritates the diligent Kagami to no end.

Tsukasa, on the other hand, is calm and always able to go with the flow, whereas Miyuki is worried about maintaining her position as the local expert.

Join these four girls as they contemplate and meander through routine activities like eating chocolate cones, doing homework, playing games, and taking numerous excursions to the beach.


A tennis club at their school is made up of four pals named Kanae, Marimo, Nasuno, and Yuri. The girls always manage to have a good time, whether they’re eating pastries at a bakery, removing Yuri’s underwear from Marimo’s mouth, or playing tennis for a change.

Kill Me Baby

Although Sonya appears to be an ordinary schoolgirl, in reality she is a cunning killer who keeps to herself. Ditzy Yasuna determines that she is her buddy despite numerous cautions not to come close to her, even if it means risking having her arm broken or resulting in a chokehold each time she meets the young hitman.

And to complicate things worse, Sonya’s friend and fellow ninja girl, Agiri, studies at the same institution. Yasuna’s school life is likely to get even busier with Sonya using violence at every opportunity and Agiri flaunting her different “techniques” at every opportunity—if she manages to stay alive.

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